How PM Modi won India's ions but paralyzed economy: Nikkei Asian Review


NEW DELHI: In its latest cover story, Japan's Nikkei Asian Review said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have won the ions but his policies have paralyzed India's economy. It focuses on how his 's thum victories in 2014 and 2019 (with a bigger mandate) have not helped in solving India's economic crisis.




Allien Baba • 3 hours ago

Reason why bjp was ved. But it further ruined economy.



Gaurav • Pune • 3 hours ago

Biased and factually defective article - anyone’s guess who promes these!



Suresh • • 3 hours ago

The ecomomy is in a slowdown a result of strategic realignment . It will picknup in 3td quarter. No need to attack Modi he is the best PM , the economy will bounce bagk. Just look at the economy in comparison it is running at a mere 2%



Pappu • 3 hours ago

We know he and his ministers did good for the nation, their deeds are with good intention..so we don't need lectures from any outside media



Venkata R Rao Bhamidi • Cumming • 3 hours ago

Then why the world economy is in a tail s? It takes time to rebound for a wrong doing by the earlier re gies.




Tvkon • 3 hours ago

Hope in next decade the main economy will be powerful.



Anant Sharma • 3 hours ago

Biased article with predetermined agenda, pure garbage!



Abhishek Tiwari • 3 hours ago

MODI full form - MODEL OF DIVIDING INDIA .........on re gious lines



Supporter • 3 hours ago

First thing is we want strong india which is possible under modiji's rule. Economy may be secondary. Everybody should bother that we are surrounded by is mic country and cunning . only modiji can tackle all of them.



Saji • 3 hours ago

Still bhakts are supporting MODI and his dumb policies. Tgill tomorrow they were boasting abt other countries praising Modi



Pramod • 3 hours ago

Wrong assesment. Truth is PM Modi has carried out far reaching much overdue structural changes in every field. The impact needs time.



aaaa bbbb • 3 hours ago

A perfect article that sums up India's current economic woes!. Attention has been completely diverted from economy to hindutva!. Demonitization was the biggest blow that dest yed India's small scale industries and rural economy. Over that adnt nature of Modi of not taking oions from experts is another thing that's not hel the country revive!. Until Modi is there, India will continue to go down economically!.







Parth Garg • 2 hours ago

It is wrong to say that NaMo paralysed the economy. He is still merrily selling dreams to the nation.



Ladle • 2 hours ago

Economics is not cup of tea for this gt. They are just diverting the issue by creating communal or some other propegenda.



Veerendra Gupta • 1 hour ago

I have never seen an international magazine commenting on internal affairs of a de ratic country. Even American economy is in doldrums and half the world reeling under recession.



Tej • 3 hours ago

Congress paid agent.



Sandeep Mandal • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

Not just economy,he has paralysed society,the nation ,international relations,and above all minds of a section



Anupam • 3 hours ago

Japan's economy has shrunk by 7 percent last year.

Is Modi responsible for that also?




Nandakumar • Bengaluru • 1 hour ago

Bakvas without any fact sheet, looks like paid article funded by congress



Ayash Pattanaik • 1 hour ago

What an malicious report n propaganda by the so called liberals... Shame on you guys



Vinod • delhi • 1 hour ago

All negative.. not a bnced article.. Paid..

都是负面评论. .不是一篇公允的文章…某些人花钱雇人写的. .


Garib • Muzaffarpur • 2 hours ago

Japan itself is suffering from economic problems that's too I think due Modi. ha ha ha ha.



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