Corantine: Even Indians from EU, Turkey, UK barred entry



NEW DELHI: In measures aimed at containing Covid-19, the go nment on Monday extended the travel ban beyond affected countries and prohibited entry of all passengers, including Indian nationals, from the European Union, European Free Trade Association, Turkey and the UK to India with effect from March 18.


The go nment also expanded compulsory quarantine for minimum 14 days for passengers coming from or transiting through the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.


On Monday, the health ministry reported 114 confirmed positive cases of Covid-19. Of these, 13 cases are cured, whereas two patients with co-morbidities died. The total 114 positive cases include 97 Indians and 17 foreigners.


With reference to the EU, EFTA, Turkey and UK, the new travel advisory said, “No airline shall board passenger from these nations to India with effect from 1200 GMT on March 18. The airline shall enforce this at the port of initial departure.” The decision was taken after a high-level group of ministers (GoM) meeting on Monday.


A senior airline offi al said, “At this moment, given the restrictions, the option for people to travel between India and Europe/UK/Turkey include flying first to the Far East, to Thailand (Thai), Singapore (Singapore Airlines), Mysia (Mysian) or to Bangladesh (Biman to London), Colombo (Sri Lankan to London). They can also use Gulf carriers and Aeroflot (taking connections from Moscow). Some of the options will mean quarantine on return.” The options for US are non-stops of Air India and United (will announce 50% truncated network soon). A senior AI offi al said the airline will suspend its UK flights from March 18.


Last week, the go nment suspended almost all visas and even passenger traffic on several border check-posts to prect further import of infected cases from abroad. The move came in the wake of rising Covid-19 cases globally and the World Health Organization declaring it a global pandemic.



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Prashant Mishra • Bhubneshwar • 4 hours ago

Thank God it's NDA and not UPA at the Center. Critics may say whatever they want to but so far the Modi go nment has done an exceptional job in containing the spread of this vir s.



Expert Oion • 5 hours ago

Now mallya and nirav modi can say we wanted to enter India but we were barred from entering



Indian Tiger By • New Delhi • 6 hours ago

good step



Ashok Kth • Udupi • 2 hours ago

Time has changed..India seems to be in better position to handle Corona than EU and UK.

时代已经改变了. .与欧盟和英国相比,印度在控制新冠病毒方面似乎做得更好。


Rajendra • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

in mumbai , local trains must stop



Shekar Natesh • 3 hours ago

We Indians are in stage2. Within the next 15 days we will be entering stage 3 which is very bery dangerous where the vir s will spread from one human to another. If India does not wake up now it will be too late



Vishal • 2 hours ago

Now let RaGa go to Italy and then don't allow him back.



satish • Mumbai

Next step. Mandate all non-essential offices to close for 14 days or work from home.



Gobardhan It

This go nment has gone mad. How can you ban your own citizens from entering the country? Take them straight to a quarantine centre. Shameful that you ditch your own people.




Jai Hind

Current Govt is doing too much things to control vir s, I am seeing such things first time in my life. Thanks to Govt.



Surya • 6 hours ago

Around 60,000 Indian tourist are stuck in EU with their families. No hels are allowing them to check in and thousands have no money to continue to live there. Go nment should be hel them instead of ditching them. Feku should send his private jet and also private jet of Gujarat CM as they are lying idle as both are hiding in their house.



Raja • 6 hours ago

Now Indian Gujju bhai's can stay back in USA and keep shouting "Donald Trump, Donald Trump". First time in history that a country bans it's own country by its go nment instead of hel them.



Hsf • 6 hours ago

All the figures are from major cities, what's about tens of thousands of villages ? Who is looking after villagers ?



Samir Pandya • 39 mins ago

How can India ban its own citizen entering the country. This is inhuman., hope some wise men will guide the go nment to correct this wrong decesion.




Mahesh • Bhopal • 2 hours ago

How can we prevent our own people from entering country? On one hand we are bringing people from affected countries and at the same time preventing other citizens.



Dkm • 2 hours ago

how much do these people think about India



Bengaluru • 1 hour ago

Is it Indians or India passport holders as well. There will be a problem here. India passport holders abroad on tourist visas cannot overstate and have to return. What about them?



Pradeep • 51 mins ago

Tough decisions will help in containing the spread of the corona vir s in India.



Sundar Sundar • 2 hours ago

Why such ban is not for US where there are close to 5000 confirmed cases? Is it because of fear no ban imposed?





This is a stupid thing to do bar your own Indian national to enter their own country, other developed counties are taking extra care of their returning nationals, a selfish act by the NDA no doubt.



Ninja • 1 hour ago

All opportunists who fleed India for greener pastures abroad now trying to come back due to the way Europe has handled the crisis.....



Dilbag Rai • Chandigarh • 38 mins ago

Nownobody should be allowed from EU, Turkey and .Let they be treated there for caronavir s



Priya Saxena • 1 hour ago

People shouldn't be allowed to fly out in the first place. Everyone better remain where they are. That is better than coming to ur destination n then getting quarantined.



Jagdish Madan • Vancouver BC • 1 hour ago

No amount of precautions can ever be enough! Since Covid 19 is an imported vir s, it is necessary to check its spread by curtailing all incoming foreign personnel. Good measure by a proactive go nment.


由于Covid 19是一种输入性病毒,我们有必要通过限制外来人员入境来阻止其传播。印度政府很积极主动,做得好。


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