Corona: Qatar temporarily suspends entry of 14 nationalities, including Indians


NEW DELHI: Qatar has temporarily suspended entry for travellers from 14 countries, including India, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The decision affects all individuals intending to enter from these countries, including visas upon arrival, those with a residence or work permit, and temporary visitors. The State of Qatar has urged all citizens and residents to avoid all but essential travel at this time.



The Qatar go nment said in a statement on Sunday: “In addition to Qatar Airways announcement regarding flights to and from Italy, entry to the State of Qatar is temporarily suspended for all those intending to travel from certain countries, as of March 9, 2020. This decision comes as a preventive measure due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide. The decision includes the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria and Thailand.”

卡塔尔政府在周日的一份声明中表示:“ 从2020年3月9日起,所有打算从部分国家前往卡塔尔的人都将被暂时禁止入境。” 鉴于冠状病毒在世界范围内传播,因而决定采取这一预防措施,涉及以下国家:孟加拉国、中国、埃及、印度、伊朗、伊拉克、黎巴嫩、尼泊尔、巴基斯坦、菲律宾、韩国、斯里兰卡、叙利亚和泰国。”

In a tweet IndiGo said, "Doha Alert: Due to temporary restriction to operate to Doha issued by the State of Qatar, as a preventive measure in view of Coronavirus, flights to/from Doha are impacted."


“This step comes in line with the State of Qatar’s efforts to take all necessary preventive measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus. These precautionary measures may be subject to further updates based on the latest guidance of the national health authorities and international organisations on the spread of Coronavirus, in order to ensure the safety of all residents of the State of Qatar,” it added.



Neighbouring Kuwait had also last Friday stopped flights to and from seven countries including India and Bangladesh for a week. It has also prohibited entry of foreigners who were in these seven countries, including India, in past two weeks. Only citizens of Kuwait will be allowed to enter subject to quarantine.


Kuwait’s low cost carrier Jazeera Airways had last weekend tweeted: “As per the Health Authorities directive, incoming flights to/from Kuwait are temporarily suspended for following countries (Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt) starting from March 7,2020 until one week.”

科威特的廉价航空公司半岛航空上周末在推特上写道:“ 根据卫生当局的指示,从2020年3月7日起,以下国家(孟加拉国、菲律宾、印度、斯里兰卡、叙利亚、黎巴嫩、埃及)往返科威特的航班将暂停一周。”


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Prashant Mishra • Bhubneshwar

No bar on entry of Italians , Germans and US nationals ?


Ayyub Khan

U r right, people take Indians lightly.

We don't have that reputation and respect as European and American has.

It's really time, we need to stop fighting with each other on silly and foolish matter and care our nation first.

Let's make India best in the world.

We all must proud to be an Indian first.

Jai hind




nilesh harke

Italy banned before these 14 countries.



H K Doshi

In fact more corona case and casualties are in Italy , USA, China and S Korea. But this Muslim country suspend visa of India where only 40 cases and no casualties. India should reciprocate similarly for Qatar rcitizens.



Roopa Saryu

Ban Qatar. Do not allow anyone from Qatar to enter India.




they wont stop flyers from USA where the cases are more than India. Politics is always above anything else.



Leon Fernandes • Mumbai

entry for whites only. they are not vulnerable to the virus. whites are welcome everywhere.



Dev • 2 hours ago

GCC will come to standstill without whites.



Kero Mal • 5 hours ago

Qatar should Ban Italy main but endup suspending other countries.



Mohamed Saiful Islam • kolkata west bengal • 5 hours ago

may ALLAH (swt) destroy racist qataris. why they didnt ban italians?? italy is full of corona virus cases.




Sheikh Abdullah• 5 hours ago

Good done Qatar. Dont let endians in our countries if they cant let our brothers in their country by passing caa act. Allah is almighty.



Kero Mal • 5 hours ago

Qatar cant Suspend American hahaha



James Alvares • 2 hours ago

Kuwait is little political in nature..as it allows Italt, South Korea, china and apkistan..but ban India...It doesn't make sense



chanakya • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

India should ban entry of all nationals of arab countries



Jagdip Vaishnav • Mumbai

Qatar Airline is popular for its customer service, In flight service



Shankarnarayan Sarma • Ghaziabad(UP) • 2 hours ago

Shortly say Qatar's decision is a racist one. Where there is more Corona Virus and deaths they are most welcomed in Qatar. A biased decision by Qatar against India.



DharmamSatyamNyayam • 3 hours ago

it's time India too banned alll these ISIS from mid east comming to India.



H K Doshi • 3 hours ago

Just like Saudi Arabia and its allies has boycotted Qatar , India should follow them.



Mahendra Vir Saxena • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

Funnily, entry of national from China and Italy are not banned.



Aaaa • 3 hours ago

lol... More deaths in Italy, USA, france and german and more number of people infected in other eurupean countries. But no ban on them. These bar seems to be racist in nature...



Mithilesh Kumar • 4 hours ago

Qatar can not survive without the presence of Indians.



Partha Banerjee • 4 hours ago

for these 2 months, no need to visit any countries except in case of any emergencies. Also try to avoid gathering of people and we should follow strict advisory declared by the go nment of India.



Lost Indian • Aberdeen • 4 hours ago

India should boycott Qatar and their LNG..



Ritesh Sahu • 4 hours ago

Biased decision against India by Qatar. Not at all acceptable



Anonymous • bangalore • 5 hours ago

Corona virus has bought the whole world to stand still



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