Amid slump, 63 ultra-luxury Mumbai flats sold for Rs 1,800 crore in 6 months


MUMBAI: Builders are finding few takers for large, luxury apartments, but there is still a sliver of high net worth buyers quietly picking up high-end properties in Mumbai.


Over the past six months, 63 upscale apartments worth roughly Rs 1,800 crore were sold in south and central Mumbai. These ultra-luxury homes, including duplexes and penthouses, fetched prices as high as Rs 50 crore-Rs 78 crore.



Information gleaned from the stamp duty office, where property transactions are registered, shows the costliest was a 9,200 sq ft duplex in Indiabulls Blu at Lower Parel that sold for Rs 78.38 crore last November.

从房产交易登记办公室收集的信息显示,最贵的是去年11月售出的位于Indiabulls Blu的一套9200平方英尺的复式公寓,售价7.838亿卢比。

Bishops Gate, a luxury tower opposite the Breach Candy Club, registered the sale of two five-BHK duplexes, each worth over Rs 66 crore. The project is developed by Peninsula Land. At Worli, five apartments, each over Rs 55 crore, were sold at Oberoi Realty's high-end resi ntial tower, 360 West.

Breach Candy Club对面的豪华楼盘Bishops Gate,备案了两套价值超过6.6亿卢比的复式公寓。该项目由半岛地产开发。在渥里市,奥贝罗伊房地产公司位于西360号的高端住宅楼售出了五套公寓,每套售价超过5.5亿卢比。

At Breach Candy, a new upscale building, Ashford Pzzo by Ashford Developers, registered the sale of a 2,168 sq ft flat on the 12th floor for Rs 23 crore at more than Rs 1 lakh a sq ft.

阿什福德开发商在Ashford Pzzo新高档楼盘Breach Candy,位于12层的一套2168平方英尺的公寓以每平方英尺逾10万卢比的价格售出,售价为2.3亿卢比。

In Tardeo, two apartment sales were registered at The Imperial Edge, a luxury skyscraper developed jointly by Shapoorji Pallonji and Dilip Thacker Group (S D Corporation). They fetched the builder Rs 20 crore each at a rate of over Rs 1.30 lakh a sq ft.

在塔德奥,Imperial Edge登记售出了2套公寓,Imperial Edge是Shapoorji Pallonji和Dilip Thacker集团, S D Corporation联合开发的一座豪华大楼,以每平方英尺13万多卢比的价格售出,一套2亿卢比。

A new tower, The Residence, at Mbar Hill got two buyers: one for a 5,684 sq ft apartment that sold for Rs 51 crore, and the other (4,750 sq ft) for Rs 43 crore.

位于Mbar Hill的一座新楼盘“The Residence”,成交2套:一套是5684平方英尺的公寓,卖了5.1亿卢比,另一套4750平方英尺,卖了4.3亿卢比。

Experts say these sales do not reflect the market because there is an oversupply. Data from Liases Foras, a real estate research firm, shows that in the island city, flats costing over Rs 8 crore sell 350 units annually. However, the unsold stock is 3,300 units valued at Rs 62,000 crore.

房地产研究公司Liases Foras的数据显示,在孟买,价值超过8000万卢比的公寓每年卖出350套。然而,未售出的存量为3300套,价值6200亿卢比。




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Chaudry Ji

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are.not impacted.



Anthony Dinozzo Jr

If someone is making 1-2 million dollars a year in New York, then with that kind of money, anyone can buy such an expensive flat in Mumbai. But sadly, if incomes do not rise, then affording shelter is gonna be a distant dream. And this is what happens in India. Prices rise but incomes dont.



Jagdish Madan • Vancouver BC

Never mind sale of these high end expensive apartments, there is still an unsold inventory of over 3000 flats kee the real estate market in Mumbai low. The year ahead will see further correction in prices of apartments in Mumbai.



Mohamed Saiful Is m • kolkata west bengal • 4 hours ago

most of the buyer r BADCHALAN gujjus or marwaris or punjabis who r CHOR ppl n have earn this money thru DHOKHA n black money . all GUJJUS, PUNJABIS n MARWARIS must b ban from business n their woman shud b married to other comunity people



narasarao • Hyd • 4 hours ago

Some stupid neta will now ask - where is the slow down in economy?



UP w • 5 hours ago

I bet majority of buyers are Gujjus



Revanna Bl • 3 hours ago

Who are these buying so expensive flats ? What is their income and Tax credentials ??




Expert Oion • 4 hours ago

Most of them might be influential enterpreneur or celebrities.



B Indian • Mumbai • 5 hours ago

Nice advertisement. Those in real estate tell the real story. No ome is buying now.



Steevan Lewis • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Now the Gt will say Economy is doing well



Rakesh Shetty • 1 hour ago

How many of they pay tax, accurately and honestly?



BitterTruth • 4 hours ago

Is there anyway for us to gather the list of owners and scrutinize their returns?



ivanshika reddy kandakatla • 4 hours ago

Thanks to modiji and amit bhai shah india is growing rich and safe.longlive modiji the best prime minister of india



Donald Moss • 8 mins ago

The rich get richer , and the poor get children!!



chanakya • Mumbai • 18 mins ago

Recent reports says that there are only 6,000 ulta-high net worth individuals in India. If this is true, how so many high cost flats are sold in mumbai alone?



Abhijit Dey • Agart • 1 hour ago

The world must see how rich Indian are!!



Leon Fernandes • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

it's true only the super rich can afford it.



Anonymous • bangalore • 1 hour ago

How about the general affordable housing segment ..



Biranchi Narayan Acharya • Cuttack • 2 hours ago

Unmovable assets never affected by economy slowdown or such other financial crisis. Thus those are always good investments.



Munna Bhai • Delhi • 2 hours ago

All the people who brought the flats should directly be audited by Income Tax department.



Anand gautam • 2 hours ago

Recession has impacted middle class more. Situation of poor in India have obviously improved.



Pravin • Mumbai • 2 hours ago

Super rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.



Ash • 2 hours ago

The poor are becoming poorer while the rich are becoming richer.



Jaspreet Singh Oberoi • Delhi • 2 hours ago

I hope all these HNIs pay taxes and are honest businessmen



Naresh Kumar • 2 hours ago

So Modi Gt and their ministers will say Hence proved no recession and GDP growing country is No 1 in world..



Rikin Shah • Mumbai • 3 hours ago

Rich class are not impacted by market as they thelmselves run the market.



Arun Choudhary • 3 hours ago

Very good for our economy



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