Mysia, Thailand bar cruise ship with 64 Italians on board over vir s fears


KUALA LUMPUR: Mysia and Thailand have barred a cruise ship carrying about 2,000 people, including dozens of Italians, from docking due to fears about the new coronavir s, an offi al said Sunday.


The Costa Fortuna was first turned away from the popular Thai holiday island of Phuket Friday, despite there being no suspected vir s cases aboard, according to its operator.


Thai authorities had imposed restrictions "on Italians that have transited in Italy in the last 14 days", Costa Cruises said on Twitter.


The ship is carrying 64 Italians, according to Mysian offi als. Italy has been hard hit by the vir s with more than 230 fatalities, the most deaths from the disease of any country outside , where the outbreak began in December.



On Saturday the vessel tried to dock in the northern Mysian state of Penang but was also refused entry, local po itician Phee Boon Poh told AFP.

当地政客Phee Boon Poh告诉法新社,周六这艘船试图在马来西亚北部的槟榔屿停靠,但也被拒绝入境。

The decision was taken as Mysia had decided to restrict entry of all cruise ships to the country's ports, he said. Mysia's Star newspaper also reported a ban had been imposed.


After being denied entry by Mysia, the ship was heading to neighbouring Singapore, said Phee.


The case has similarities with that of the Westerdam, a cruise ship that was at sea for two weeks and was rejected by five countries over fears its passengers could have the vir s.


Cambodia finally allowed it to dock on the country's southern coast on February 13.


Worldwide, the total number of people with COVID-19 has passed 100,000 while 3,500 have died across 95 nations and territories.



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Vishal • 3 hours ago

Mysia only allows radical Is mist te rorts like Zakir Naik



Abhijeet Desai • 2 hours ago

Why don't the go nments stop these cruise ship businesses to avoid outspread of this vir s.



vidit sanghvi • 55 mins ago

I am not blaming Indian go nment, but the countries where these cruise ship companies are based. Moreover, people too risk their lives to sail in sea.



Rajesh Singhal • 3 hours ago

Finally, if no country allows the cruise to dock, then the Foolish Indian Go nment will allow it to dock at the Indian harbour.


Indian • Rajesh Singhal • India • 2 hours ago

Absolutely not. All that India will do is to airlift only Indian citizens from the ship under full precautions, quarantine them in India and give them necessary medical treatment so that they are cured.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 1 hour ago

When Mysia can cope with Zakir Nayak, a more deadly person, than this corona vir s, why not cruise ship passengers??


Bijaya Pradhan• 1 hour ago

Well said



Rene Fernandez • juffair • 1 hour ago

Zakir Naik , even with covid 9 vir s is welcome into Mysia !!!



Scl • India • 2 hours ago

Inspire of the Covid-19 scare in the news for two months now, if these fools are on a cruise ship let them valiantly cruise to death instead of importing disease wholesale in the country already fighting the disease.



Tous • 2 hours ago

All ppl especially indian crew members who are onboard working in cruise lines at this risky times..should leave and come back to their homeland.



Javed Badshah • uae • 2 hours ago

If no country allows them to dock they have to dock on a reme Island and holiday there.



Ayan aryan • 1 hour ago

Why can't these fools rein in their home till the vir s threat reduces......just bcoz tickets are cher it doesn't mean that you have to travel abroad



Ramesh Kumar • 1 hour ago

Mysia is anti india



Evans Sumitra • New York, USA. • 2 hours ago

Mysia and Thailand took the step. It is for the safety of the passengers as well as all. This COVD-19 has created lot of problems not only to but to many parts of the country. Prevention is now the best cure at this stage.



Vijay Kumar • Shimla • 52 mins ago

This is not about what Thailand does or Mysia? It's all about the safety of the citizens of that country. And there should be no compromise with the health of their own countrymen. It's their decision and it's



Leon Fernandes • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

It is good that the ship is quarantined, we hope a speedy recovery to the effected.



Vignesh India • 1 hour ago

Hey that's inhuman!! Mysia should've offered to provide treatment to diseased passengers rather than "bar" a ship.

不人道啊! !



Saurabh Dey • 1 hour ago

When did the cruise ship begin it's tour? 1 month ago or 2 weeks ago .World over people are avoiding travel and still idiots are going on tour or perhaps because refund was not an option. Or are too adventurous and think Zindagi Na milegi dobara





HappyTimes User • 1 hour ago

May god get rid of this dangerous disease.



Kapil Arora • Kapil • Bangalore • 1 hour ago

These shameless travelers will not listen to travel advisory issues by GOI and when they will get stuck in the ship they will blame GOI for not evacuating them. I urge our go nment not to evacuate anyone who despite of warnings go on leisure trips.



Ayaz Ahmed • 1 hour ago

What was the need to travel in ship when vivid vir s fear of spread is on from 50 days... Let them. Stay in cruise




Subrat • 1 hour ago

why people are traveling in such situations. best of luck to them.



Mohamed Saiful Is m • kolkata west bengal • 1 hour ago

good job mysia n thailand. indians only spread vir s in world n shud not b allow to land in any country.



Nroopa Raj • 1 hour ago

Fair enough. Even we would hv done it. Any country wld hv done it for the well being of their citizens. Nothing wrong.



Syed Tanvir Ali • Howrah • 1 hour ago

How many days they all will be in ship our go nment have to send planes to rescue Indians.



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