Hot & humid? It just might be saving India from coronavirus’s worst


KOLKATA: India’s weather may have been acting as a shield against Covid-19, which has already taken more than 2,600 lives across Asia, believe a section of experts. But they have not ruled out the possibility of a ‘silent transmission’ of nCoV in the country, which might have disastrous consequences.


The experts have pointed out that although India has a high population density, and a large section of Indians do not have access to proper hygienic practices — factors ideal for the fast transmission of contagion — viral outbreaks that have wreaked havoc in neighbouring countries in recent years have failed to have significant effects in the country.


MERS, SARS, Ebola and yellow fever outbreaks, which caused thousands of deaths across Asia, America and Africa in the last decade, had a minimal impact in India. The high temperature and humidity could be making it difficult for viruses to survive and remain potent, said K K Aggarwal, president, Heart Care Foundation of India. “Viruses thrive in lower temperatures, which is why nCoV has spread fast to south-east Asian countries that are cooler and less humid than India. South Korea and Japan have seen rapid transmission while India, despite receiving a patient from in early February, seems to have averted an outbreak. Transmission, though, could be happening without detection, which could be dangerous,” said Aggarwal, a former president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

中东呼吸综合征(MERS)、非典(SARS)、埃博拉(Ebola)和黄热病对印度的影响微乎其微。过去10年,这些疾病在亚洲、美洲和非洲造成数千人死亡。印度心脏保健基金会主席K K Aggarwal称,高温和潮湿可能使病毒难以存活。“病毒在较低的温度下繁殖旺盛,这就是为什么新冠病毒会迅速传播到比印度更凉爽、更湿润的东南亚国家的原因。韩国和日本出现了快速传播,而印度尽管在2月初从接收了一名患者,不过避免了疫情的爆发。然而,传播可能在没有检测的情况下发生,这是危险的,”印度医学协会(IMA)前主席Aggarwal说到。


Particular regions tend to be more vulnerable to certain infections, according to RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) critical care head Souren Panja. “Certain regions are prone to viral attacks, and the reasons remain unexplained. But weather is definitely a deterrent in India. The geographical spread of nCoV suggests that it has so far been restricted to cooler climates,” said Panja.

根据RN泰戈尔国际心脏科学研究所(RTIICS)重症监护负责人Souren Panja的说法,特定区域更容易受到感染。某些地区容易受到病毒袭击,其原因仍然不明。但在印度,天气绝对是一个屏障。新冠病毒蔓延的地理分布表明,迄今为止,它只局限于气候更凉爽的地区。”

Internal medicine consultant Arindam Biswas agreed. “Spread of a virus depends on three factors: the agent or the virus itself, the host and the environment. While the virus and the host were present in India, nCoV perhaps didn’t get the ideal weather conditions to proliferate. Awareness, too, played a part in checking the spread and the government of India has so far done an excellent job of containing the disease,” he said.

内科顾问Arindam Biswas赞同上述说法。“病毒的传播取决于三个因素:病原体或病毒本身、宿主和环境。当病毒和宿主存在于印度时,新冠病毒可能没有理想的天气条件来繁殖。人们的意识也起到了一定的作用,遏制了疾病的蔓延,迄今为止,印度的政府在控制这种疾病方面做得很好。”


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murthy krishna • 1 hour ago

God saved India...God has given heat and Humid to save India from nasty virus ....



Nk • 3 hours ago

So far so good. Hope it do not spread more.



Pream• 56 mins ago

Lets pray so that the hot weather comes fast in India to avoid this virus. North is still little cold.



Pradnya Joshi

immune to everything from corruption to virus



Spider • New Delhi

Let's pray almighty that India is spared



Frank Chitillapully • Banana Republic

‘Premature’ to assume heat will stop COVID-19



Indra Prabha • faridabad

May be so.But the only way to save us is precautions and prevention.



Bishnu Sahu • Hyderabad

Modi has started Clean India. Cleanliness has improved in India Since Modi came to power. It has prevented spreading the Covid-19. Thanks to Modi again.



Karan • Smoke Weed and Fly • 1 hour ago

Another good reason for turning in to a Vegan...Or at least Vegetarian.

Eating habits play a major role. The should have realised it before.

The meat processing industry in India works in a worst possible way with hardly any hygienic of safety standards. Not to mention those roadside corner shops.

It is for now..It may be India in future.



Husna Alam• 26 mins ago

Man has been a meat eater since the dawn of mankind. Such diseases were not heard of before.



Napota Phukan • 1 hour ago

Dubai should be as hot as Delhi as far as temperatures are concerned. I think there have been cases of corona virus in other UAE countries . but not Dubai. I don't think high temperatures are better or worse. There are other countries with low temps with no incidences (Russia I think, and Bhutan etc).



Krishna Kumar • Bengaluru • 1 hour ago

May be the climate or may be our DNA has built-in immunity to this Virus.



G Pradeep • 1 hour ago

Indian (BHARATH)geography is well situated in such a way thats its protected ...



Butel Bolriyala• 25 mins ago

When you get the corona virus, try to get cured using herbs. Don't come to a hospital to get treated.



paarth• 1 hour ago

Do you really believe that with your spiritual practise if you go to Wuhan for a week you will be immune? I think not. Stop throwing stuff at people who are already very superstitious. Such ignorance can cause great harm.




Abhijit Dey • Agartala • 1 hour ago

Do u mean Corona virus will not effect in Srilanka.!!! Actual story is Indian polluted environment has already developed several antigen/antibody to fight against upcoming virus as well!!

这么说新冠病毒不会影响斯里兰卡? !!



Rishi • 45 mins ago

This is a warning from mother earth, new viruses may come in later, urbanization in India is nothing but more pollution, more garbage. We need population control policy immediately to avoid excessive exploiting of our earth resources.



Sundaram • 59 mins ago

If it is true then with the onset of summer in India the electricity usage will be less and ac units manufacturers' inventory will be piled up....



Lost Indian • Aberdeen • 37 mins ago

India is known as clean country where inhabitants take high degree of responsibility in taking care of the environment around you.



Gaana User • 38 mins ago

People of the Indian subcontinent seem to have a high immunity to viral diseases. Even if infected, they fare better in fighting off the viruses without falling prey to it. Even HIV failed to have any significant impact, although it was being predicted that millions of Indians would be wiped out. Maybe the answer lies in the genetic makeup.



Mowgli • Jungle • 40 mins ago

Mamta banerjee is dangerous than Coronavirus.



Venu • India • 42 mins ago

First time in my life, I am ho that Summer would be very hot and humid. In the meantime, authorities would do well to have everything in place for prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment of the infection.



Always Sach • 44 mins ago

India is taking this very lightly, there is no such proof that the virus wont spread in hot and humid conditions. I am not sure if our Health Minister is having plan for any out break. Lets hope India is safe and stays that way....



Rahul Roy • 59 mins ago

Only weather can save us.



Amarendra • delhi • 1 hour ago

Personal hygiene and unnecessary travel should be the best way to avoid Corona. All private taxes and public transport should be sprayed with disinfectant.



RAJESH D P • 1 hour ago

We have had 6 cases so far, hope the numbers don't go beyond here.



Satish • Mumbai • 44 mins ago

Why is Singapore getting the brunt? Hotter and more humid than India. Fake news just to make feel people feel better.



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