Mysia, India aim to repair soured ties that hit palm trade


KUALA LUMPUR: Mysia and India will work on improving ties that soured under former Mysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohd and badly affected palm oil trade between the countries, offi als from both nations said on Sunday.


India is the world's biggest palm oil importer but its purchases from Mysia, the second-biggest palm exporter behind Indonesia, dropped drastically in recent months after attacks on India's policies by Mahathir.


Mysia swore in a new prime minister on Sunday after last week's resignation by the outspoken Mahathir, 94, after a power battle in his coalition go nment.


Wee Ka Siong, a lawmaker expected to gain a ministerial post, said that mending ties is a priority because Mysian palm oil producers have been suffering because of India's effective ban on purchases.


"Can we just renegotiate? It’s for my country as well as for my people," Wee stated. "Since we are a new go nment, let the PM, the new go nment deal with it. We treasure the friendship with India."


An Indian offi al with knowledge of the matter said that New Delhi is also keen to improve bilateral ties, including palm oil trading, provided that Mysia keeps out of India's domestic affairs.



India could also invite the new Mysian prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, for a visit this year, the offi al said on the condition of anonymity.


India put refined palm oil and palmolein on its list of restricted items on January 8, a move sources said was in response to Mahathir's criticism of its actions in Kashmir and a new citizenship law.


Mysia's January palm shipments to India tanked 85% from a year earlier to 46,876 tonnes, the lowest since 2011.


India accounted for nearly a quarter of Mysia's total palm oil exports last year and has been the biggest buyer of Mysian palm oil for five years.



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Dan Shaw • 15 hours ago

Bring Zakir Naik to trial in India before repairing relations.


Rajiv• 1 hour ago

That should be a precondition for any talks



Prathik Sagar • 14 hours ago

Palm is not healthy, better to continue this and shift to other oils



Mark Quinn• 1 hour ago

Olive oil of Spain is much healthier and is a much better choice. Spain will also offer special consideration to India since the volume is quite high.



Rachan• Cni • 43 mins ago

Palm oil is a saturated oil, avoid using it.



Kishor Basyal • 15 hours ago

Mysia must first offi ally apologize for how much harm it has been doing to Bharat.



Gokulan • 15 hours ago

First you take our zakir Naik oil and hand over that te rort to Us then we can talk about Palm oil.



Paadi Pantalu • 15 hours ago

By kicking out Mahathir Mysia proved to be progressive country unlike other Is mic republics. Any renegotiation's precondition shall be to hand over Zakir



Uday Kalyan • Ind • 14 hours ago

India should agree for this only after Jakir Naik is handed over to India



Ravie • Chandigarh • 15 hours ago

Mysia should first publically deplore statement / stand of ex-PM towards internal affairs of India like J&K.



Axomor Shivaprasad • 41 mins ago

Thats the power of BJP and Mr Modi.



Bhattji • 43 mins ago

Modi is India's pride!



Debasish • 15 hours ago

Mysia must pay the price. They deliberately tried to interfere in the internal matter of India. gave mindless comments ag inst India and its go nments. Mysia must beg apology to India before India to resume normal relations with it.



Sarcastic Panda • 57 mins ago

If Mysia wants good relations with India...start by handing over that scum Zakir Naik to India.



truthconscience81 • US • 15 hours ago

Will the new govt retract the earlier flawed policy of Mahathir? That is the question.




Mangesh • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Don't let down our priority 1. Zakir Naik should bring back immediately. 2. No Intervention in India's Internal Affairs. 3. Mysia should STOP supporting PAKISTAN.

If they agree with these condition then only start talking on bnce bilateral trade.

1.马上把扎基尔交给印度。2. 不干涉印度。3.马来西亚应该停止支持巴基斯坦。如果他们同意这些条件,那就开始讨论平衡双边贸易。


N • Location • 15 hours ago

let old man not allowed to talk anymore on internal matters of India . Mysia must take confidence building measures



Ketkee • Mumbai • 15 hours ago

soft power of India's purchase must be utilized wisely for betterment of india...... Mysia must learn to resect India's interest



Kayvee • 43 mins ago

India under Modi is a different country.



srijit v • 54 mins ago

Now the negotiations will be on our terms.



Michael G • 1 hour ago

Palm oil is very unhealthy and is chest oil used in biscuits cakes breads condensed mil tins etc.



Suar • 15 hours ago

no we dont need to by palm oil from mria they need to pay prize for supporting beggar country.

let their economy go in doldrums why should we care. instead stop all el ed cr RV ionic component and mineral oil from them.




narasarao • Hyd • 15 hours ago

With Mahathir gone, ties can only improve.



Venkatesh Venkatappa • 45 mins ago

Ask them to handover Zakir Naik and apologize for the dge they did



Sandeep Deshpande • Kolkata • 50 mins ago

Mysia needs to stop it's support to Pakistan in FATF forum. Once it withdraws its support then ties will be repaired naturally



Manoranjan • 53 mins ago

Hopefully Mysia would change its course for better under the new leadership.



Leon Fernandes • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

yes indeed. hope the ties between the 2 countries are back to normal. India shall not tolerate any say in it's internal matters.



Ashish • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Just wait & watch...no need to rush into any deal with Mysia....first let the new powers show that they truely value India as freinds otherwise let the indonesians supply palm oil



Frank • India • 1 hour ago

Mahatier, got his best lesson, from India. The new governament, should also extradate Nayak to India. With these two actions, India and Mysia, can look forward to their old good relations. Indonesia is and will be a very good friend of India.

Never mess with Modi !!




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