Coronavirus spreads in three continents; $5 trillion wiped off markets



GENEVA/BEIG: Countries on three continents reported their first cases of the coronavirus on Friday as the world prepared for a pandemic and investors dumped equities in expectation of a global recession.

日内瓦/: 周五,三大洲均有国家报告了首例新冠病毒感染病例,全世界都在为应对该病毒做准备,预计全球经济将陷入衰退,投资者纷纷抛售股票。

Coronavirus panic sent world share markets crashing again, compounding their worst week since the 2008 global financial crisis and bringing the wipeout to $5 trillion.


Hopes that the epidemic that started in late last year would be over in months, and that economic activity would quickly return to normal, have been shattered as the number of international cases have spiralled.


"Investors are trying to price in the worst-case scenario and the biggest risk is what happens now in the United States and other major countries outside of Asia," said SEI Investments Head of Asian Equities John Lau.

SEI亚洲股票投资主管John Lau表示:“投资者试图反应最坏的情况,而最大的风险是美国和亚洲以外的其他主要国家目前的情况。”

"These are highly uncertain times, no one really knows the answer and the markets are really panicking."


But as the outbreak eases in it is surging elsewhere.


Four more countries reported their first cases, taking the number of countries and territories outside with infections to 55, with more than 4,200 cases killing about 70 people.


Countries other than now account for about three-quarters of new infections.



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B Indian • Mumbai • 18 hours ago

Ban IPL. It will become the single largest spreading center of the virus and will spread it PAN INDIA in no time.


Sunil Agrawal• 18 hours ago

Agreed!!! In fact IPL is a virus in itself.

同意! ! !



Swapnil • 18 hours ago

Killing Eating Animals is a Sin. Had World Adopted Sanatan Dharma Hinduism Buddhism Jainism Nonviolence way of life such a catastrophy wouldn't have happened. Proper hygiene handwashing, Mask now extremely necessary



Jay • 18 hours ago

Gift from to the world... Coronavirus..



Ramesh • Bangalore • 18 hours ago

This Corona virus has not only affected people's health but many nations wealth. Kee in mind people's health and many nations wealth, a combined action by all nations in controlling the spread of virus has to take place.



chanakya • Mumbai • 17 hours ago

Most of the viral diseases comes from eating animals. AIDS came from eating monkeys. Avoid eating non-veg guys. If you cannot control your tongue, then eat only well-cooked non-veg, not like who eat even raw animal flesh



N • Location • 17 hours ago

revenge by nature , irrespective of any cause. must be held accountable .



Rise India • 18 hours ago

please check rahul when he returns. he is out of town. he probably gone to Bangkok or Italy, both badly affected by coronavirus



Nationalist • Mumbai • 17 hours ago

Modi ji can only do something now. He is the man who born to save the world



djneem13 • 17 hours ago

I agree with B Indian. Ban the IPL matches which might turn out to be a major source of mass epidemic spread. One infected person is enough to spread to thousands. Precaution is better than cure.



Guest • 18 hours ago

doomsday nearing,human greed plundered this earth ,it's pay back time,, nature taking its revenge,5 trillion is a trickle in it's account books,,,this Earth was priceless



HappyTimes User • 18 hours ago

it is something that obviously we should be concerned about as it is bound to affect the entire global market



Bhushan • 16 hours ago

japan should cancel June 2020 Olympic. Spread of Corona Virus has become pandemic. It will take world at least 1 year to wipe out this virus. With air travel ban in many countries, how can June Olympic be conducted. June 2020 Olympics are doomed.



Himanshu • Location • 17 hours ago

Even bigger problem with CORONA CIRUS is that many countries would be HIDING the real figures of infected people...For Business reasons.



Deepak Soni • 17 hours ago

Cancel Japan Olympic July 2020.



Arijit • 17 hours ago

World and media is more concerned about transient loss in value of share price than dloss of lives.,



Wiley • 18 hours ago

Lol. Its just another flu... before it damages India. The harsh summer would kill the virus anyway



Rikin Shah • Mumbai • 20 hours ago

Where is the vaccine to stop the deaths from this deadly virus. Lastly we heard it has been developed by an Inidannin Australia. So was




Balachandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha • 18 hours ago

Story of wi off 5 trillion $ in stock markets has another side. If we look at positively, smart retail investors can harvest good quality blue chip stocks. Hope they will utilise this golden opportunity.



Keerthi • Bengaluru • 18 hours ago

...Just because some stupid people thought eating endangered animals is fun and cures human ailments..wiped off more people than it can save.



narasarao • Hyd • 7 hours ago

More pain to follow.



Narendra Mertia • Jodhpur • 17 hours ago

is certainly making good efforts in controlling of corona virus spread in but this virus had already spread in three continents and effect of this spread would be much more dangerous.



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