Gang-raped in Odisha, minor gives birth while mop floor in Bengaluru



BENGALURU: A 16-year-old girl, who gave birth to a child while she was mop the floor at her employers’ house in Bengaluru, has told investigators she was gang-raped in Odisha in early 2019. The child birth happened in November 2019.


The pregnant girl, who was squatting while mop the floor, was suddenly found in a pool of blood. She had a spontaneous delivery. The girl and her baby were then rushed to a go nment hospital, where they were stabilised and details of the alleged rape were revealed. The case was brought before the district Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and a police case was registered under the Prection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act.


The girl, an illiterate, told police she was gang-raped in Odisha in early 2019 and that she arrived in Bengaluru in August 2019. She lived with her cousins, who also worked as domestic helps, in an apartment complex in south Bengaluru.


CWC sent the girl and her child to an NGO and established contact with her parents in Odisha. She was reunited with her parents and she took away the newborn with her in January 2020. Committee members said the survivor not showing any pregnancy symptoms and having a spontaneous delivery was shocking.


Anjali Rnna, chairperson, CWC, told STOI the girl was stabilised along with the newborn at an NGO for over two-and-a-half months. “Her parents arrived from Odisha and were keen on taking their daughter and granddaughter home. The girl refused to give away her child for adoption and wanted to take care of her. Odisha police have registered a Pocso case and investigation is on,” Anjali said.

儿童福利委员会主席Anjali Rnna告诉STOI,这名女孩和新生儿在一家非政府组织待了两个半月,情况稳定。她的父母从奥里萨邦赶来,很想把他们的女儿和外孙女带回家。那个女孩拒绝把孩子送人领养,想要自己照顾她。奥里萨邦警方已经登记了一起Pocso案件,调查正在进行中。

The case was also brought to the notice of the labour department. The Bengaluru couple who had employed the teenager are also facing the music for hiring a minor, which is a violation as per Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, the CWC chairperson said.


Pregnancy unnoticed?


Offi als who handled the case said the girl’s employers had noticed she’d gained weight, but she apparently told them she’d started eating well after working in Bengaluru. “She cmed she hardly had access to three square meals when she was in Odisha. No one knew about her pregnancy till she delivered,” an offi al said.


According to Dr Sripada Vinekar, a city-based gynaecologist, either the girl was hiding her pregnancy or she may have been ignorant of it. “For many girls, soon after puberty, the menstrual cycle is not regular. The girl hid details about the rape. She was either ignorant about being pregnant or didn’t reveal that too. She must have experienced pain while delivering the baby,” said Dr Vinekar.

据妇科医生Sripada Vinekar称,要么这个女孩隐瞒了怀孕一事,要么她可能对此一无所知。Vinekar医生说:“对于很多女孩来说,在进入青春期后不久,月经星期期就不规律了。那个女孩隐瞒了强奸一事。她要么不知道自己怀孕了,要么隐瞒了。她在分娩时一定很痛。”


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Riyfkm • India • 4 hours ago

Make the rapist pay for child support. Also part of their property. This on top of their regular punishment


Thomas Kallukaran• 1 hour ago

@riy, nice suggestion, welcome to the country of rape


Droid• 42 mins ago

Great idea ...



Dinesh Kumar• 46 mins ago

That child should be sent to Army once he becomes adult so that he could serve the country or else he would become a beggar or live like an animal in future.



mohan b • 2 hours ago

In India rapes keep happening but NO arrest keep happening. In other countries, rapes also keep happening and also arrest keep happening. Because in India is Gadhian Country, tolerate even rape but do not compn.



Thomas Kallukaran• 1 hour ago

@mohan, perversion is a predominant trait in an Indian.



Rswami Narayanan • 2 hours ago

Please locate the rapists first before getting at the good Sritan who engaged and fed that ignorant illiterate minor girl



SUBRATA• 57 mins ago

You can see my comment also- where I told same. How could this employers know the age of a well shaped illiterate girl- THEY WERE GOOD TO FEED HER WELL, POLICE IS NOT finding rapists.



Ds • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Our incompetent judicial sy em is being raped every day by corrupt judges, criminals and advocates. Our impent judicial sy em is the cause of 50 % Problems in India as Justice delayed is denied.



ayan das

Shame ...child and women devlopememt team gt should be focussing on improving...the condition of our country women ....



Thomas Kallukaran

@ayan, its a shame on the indian society, that treat females as an object for their perverted sexual gratification, most indain men are perverts



bahadvg • 1 hour ago

Poor child and the innocent girl .Human life is dirt ch in India .... Middle class and affluent class is just mute spectators ..Look at this case , the Girl child was working till abnormal delivery and the employer was fast asleep ....Shame on our social conscious



Anthony Dinozzo Jr • 1 hour ago

I am feeling so disgusted now. Such acts show that we men are becoming sex starved monsters. Really now I feel like tying these rapists to my BMW and drag them for a mile. The mentality of us Indians, police, po iticians and lawyers who defend such imbeciles is why rapists think they will get away. They have no fear.



Rakesh Shetty • 1 hour ago

Dont just leave the matter unfinished, find out the culprits and rapits, bring them behind bars and attach their income// properties to pay for this girl's support.



Saswati • 1 hour ago

The girl should identify the relapists and they should be beaten severely and punished. Very unfortunate!



SUBRATA • 1 hour ago

Lucky that Bengaluru couple are not booked for Rape --THEIR fault is that they provided proper meal to the teenager.



Ashok • 1 hour ago

When mangoes ripe up, they drop to ground below without any injury. When girls attain woman hood, no force can stop them from sex, be it legal or illegal. But due to razor sharp and impractical laws, normal biology takes shape of Gang Rape. Our laws need to be reworked.


Mudi Ji• 1 hour ago

You sound like a rapist as well. Very typical of hindoos.


Utpal Gogoi • 1 hour ago

Why have the police sent away the girl back to her village? Now the culprits will get hold of her and kill her or silence her somehow. This case is not going anywhere.



Wiley • 21 mins ago

What a filthy country. Lawless



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