India’s Rs 1.2 lakh crore nuclear submarine project closer to realisation


NEW DELHI: India is taking a crucial step for its Rs 1.2 lakh crore project to produce future nuclear-powered submarines, with top levels of the go nment processing clearances for the detailed design phase.

The plan to build six advanced attack submarines — to be nuclear powered but armed with conventional missiles and torpedoes — is being mon ored closely and the first of the boats could roll out in a decade if things go as per plan.

Sources told ET that the initial design phase for the new boats has progressed successfully and more resources will now be deployed to move to the more complex detailed design and construction — to be undertaken by the Directorate of Naval Design (Submarine Design Group) with assistance from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).





The timing of the critical clearances coincides with the pace of current work at the Ship Building Centre (SBC) in Visakhapatnam, where the Arihant class of nucleararmed submarines are being built. Major structural work on the fourth of the class is nearing completion and the centre would be able to take on work for the next generation of vessels as early as next year, if need be. Though this is unlikely as the developmental phase will take longer.

Sources said the second of the Arihant class — the slightly bigger and better-armed INS Arighat — is expected to be commissioned this year, adding teeth to India’s nuclear deterrence. Two follow-on boats after that are likely to enter service before 2024.



This would leave SBC with adequate space and resources to commence building the next generation of nuclear-attack submarines. While the Arihant project took over two decades to fructify, the next generation submarines are likely to progress at half the given time as adequate experience is now available, both in terms of design and construction of nuclear submarines.

As reported by ET, work on the submarine project gained pace last year with a defence public sector unit working on a special metal alloy for the hull and testing of a scale model as part of the design process. The plan to build six nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) kicked off in 2015 when the NDA go nment gave a go ahead to a long-pending project for the Indian Navy.



India and Russia have also signed a $3 billion deal to lease an advanced nuclear attack submarine that will be fitted with indigenous communication sy ems and sensors. This submarine will fill in the gap and will be used for crew training before the indigenous boats are pressed into service.

Nuclear attack submarines — powered by a nuclear reactor but armed with conventional wons — will give India a significant strike and area denial capability in the region. These vessels can remain underwater for months, making them almost impossible to detect and are a big deterrence for enemy vessels. The US Navy operates over 55 nuclear attack submarines. has at least 10 in service and is rapidly expanding the fleet, including deployments in the Indian Ocean and several port calls to neighbouring nations.



The project will enter India to a s league of five nations that have such a capability. The last country to enter this club was in 1974 with its Han class boats. Details are not known but a new, more powerful nuclear reactor is being designed for the programme as well by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The INS Arihant and Chakra (on lease from Russia) are the two nuclear-powered submarines currently in service with the navy.



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Nathan Ron

has no serious business in the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Yes we must prect our sea borders with these nuclear powdered submarines.



Nikhil Manchanda

it has to be done, big Yes! it will further boost India defence export.



Rabia Javed

The question however is, have people at the helm of governance in India ever realized that attainment of its hegemonic ambitions, through massive build-upof its armed forces, is costing its downtrodden masses very dearly? Have they ever thought that the people who have been bringing them to the citadel of power, time and again, deserve a better deal than what they have always got over the past seven decades? Apparently, they haven’t.



Vatsal Singh

A pakistani should not concern itself with india's needs which is world's 5th biggest economy, it should worry about its own economy which is in de t and there PM is begging for more loans throughout the world



Office Mails

Instead of submarines, go nment should focus on completing AIIMS in Madurai. Many announced AIIMS are not completed because of budget



Shyl Som

If someone wants to get on top of hill,he must get closed to foot of hill.India deserves this robust plan in view of its present change in geopo itical scenario kee an eye to large maritime boundaries with hostile neighboring countries. Unfortunately our po itical parties are scary to make changes fast in defense parameters making it difficult to maintain timeline and are less interested to welcome any good initiative with intent to appease external forces and constant work dislocation. They enjoy it. That's painful. enjoys an exception condition due to One Party sy em to accelerate growth without any hassles.



Rabindra Kumar

let us save money by reducing useless motorcades and save public fuel. that will save lot of money to be channelized for better works. say national defence and nation building.




The technical expertise in building nuclear warships and battleships should be put to commercial use so that India can have a shipbuilding industry compared to , Japan and South Korea.



Shubham Sahai

Great news!



Himanshu K

Very Good step by the go nment of India.



Asit Basu

different types of comments are posted here. only few are relevant to the subject. ignorant people are commenting irrelevant like why we are so far behind , concern about GDP growth,solar power equipment etc.




India Need to counter , particularly till such time our border dispute is settled. You can only negotiate with position of strength. Well done MODI gt by expediting defense procurement.




Good, but we have bad record of timely commissioning in built defence hardware.



Pranav Sharma

We are spending too much on defense, especially when the GDP and economic growth is going through a bad phase.



Anand V

How is India safe when we import 75% of our pharmaceutical needs from ?



Venkatesh Shukla

The fact that Indian SSN will be approved for production even if by 2024; it will be 50 years after in 1974 (Han class).And even if it takes 10 years to launch first SSN in 2034; we will be 60 years behind not to mention US and Russia. We have a lot to catch up..Given the stakes, our Gt needs to make better allocations to MOD, especially for new capital equipment. Our defence spend must rise from 1.5% to 3% of GDP progressively to neutralise threat.



Anand V

Good that India is investing in defense.......Why not invest 20,000 cr (cost of a submarine) to built an industry to manufacture solar panel in India ??rather than depending on import ?



Ganesh R

Pls- such strategic and long term thoughts are injurious to our health!!!



Kiran Nabhan

It was about time we seriously gave a start for submarines... they are the ultimate deterrent in war and peace....



Ashutosh Khanna

These go nment agencies don't have the technical know how. Its high time they get out of these highly technical projects and let the private sector take over.



Dilip Kumar

Home made project to make Nuclear Submarine is must and within decade or so it must roll out ....




Pappu start objecting now



Lalit Palyal

I think India should increase the number of nuclear power submarine.




India needs nuclear submarines that carry nuclear ballistic missiles and cruise the seas. For defensive torpedo and conventional missiles, hybrid ric submarines are sufficient. Indian profligacy!



A Singh

Considering our water coverage area and hostile neighbors, we need at least 20 N powered submarines which can cover other battle ships and aircraft carries during a full fledged war.




Where the money will come for that man? We need to be 10 trillion dollar economy to have 20N subs.



A Singh

Stop free bees, bailing out efficient companies, wasting tax payers money of death convicts, etc then everything should be in place.




not really possible.Accounting fraud can not build wealth



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