5 things about India you probably didn't know before Friday's Economic Survey


The Economic Survey 2019-20, tabled in Parliament today by FM Sitharn, revealed a host of interesting things.

西塔拉曼今日提交至议会的《2019- 2020年经济调查》揭示了许多有趣的事情。

For example, what do entrepreneurs need to learn from a Bollywood film? Or for that matter, did you know you need more approvals to open a restaurant than to buy a gun?



These, and several other little-known facts were added to the Indian Economy glossary after CEA Subrnian's Economic Survey presented today. Here we collate the top five among them.


Modi can still get the jobs he wants

There is a way Modi can find a solution to one of his most pressing problems: Jobs.



The Survey suggests that India can look to emulate a typical business model which led to the creation of 7 crore jobs in just five years. Those jobs were generated in the export-led industry. In addition to giving jobs to millions of people armed with just primary education, these master stroke also helped to become a trade superpower.


According to the Survey, Modi gt could look to sync 'Assemble in India for the world' strategy with Make in India. Apart from raising India's share in world trade, it could give India 8 crore well-paying jobs by 2030, it says.


Band Baaja Baaraat

乐队Baaja Baaraat

In his Survey presentation, Krishnamurthy Subrnian made a reference to the Bollywood movie Band Baaja Baaraat. He used the film — which is a story about an out-of-the-box entrepreneurial venture where the two protagonists start a wedding planning business — as an example of how entrepreneurship is widespread in India and not confined to just the big cities.

在他的调查报告中,苏布兰马尼提到了宝莱坞电影乐队Baaja Baaraat。他以这部电影为例,说明创业精神在印度是多么普及,并不局限于大城市。这部电影讲述了一个创业冒险故事,两位主人公在片中开始了一项婚礼策划业务。

The only way for India could be up


Subrnian's Survey highlighted that there are quite a few signals that the Indian economy may have bottomed out after the prolonged manufacturing slowdown and unsettled world trade.


If this trend holds, the only way India can go from here is upward.


Which means, there is a likelihood that growth numbers for the next fiscal could come in much better.


How students spend


This one could be a bit surprising to those accustomed with the ways of both the Indias — urban and rural.


According to the Economic Survey, a rural student spends as much as 10 per cent more on books, stationery and uniform than her urban counterpart does.


The thing about gun licences


In India, it is much easier to buy a gun than to open a restaurant.


According to the National Restaurant Association of India, as many as 36 approvals are need to open an eatery in Bengaluru, 26 in Delhi, and 22 in Mumbai. For Delhi, the number stands at 45. In stark contrast, you'll require way fewer license to procure new arms and major fireworks, at 19 and 12, respectively.



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Rajendrasingh Patil

Broiler chicken has shot from Rs 100/- to 200/- and goat mutton to more than 400/-a kg and FM is saying that non veg consumer is saving 18% on his meals. So ridiculous findings possible only in Modi re gie.




2nd last line of thr article... Delhi needs 46 approvals or 22?You have written same thing with 2 numbers.



Ban Tight Transparent Leggings

That Pakistani jehadis are masquarading as Bolyywood actors. As all bollywood stars, directors, dialogue writers, song writers are Pakistanis and their pseudo hindu assistants.



Ajit Shetty

many in this forum are doubting our talent..I'll give you an analogyindians love cricket and its a very competitive sport. but cricket is not indigenous to india but to england however we have passion for it...there are football players too however since the best talent naturally migrates to cricket football has few takers. ..the problem is not entry barrier or talent, but infrastructure. ..if go nment gives small businesses the infrastructure that , singapore provide we too will be worldclass, only matter of time.



Ban Tight Transparent Leggings

That Pakistan was not created by those that resided there, but by INDIAN MUSLIMS who resided in UP, Bihar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Deccan, etc etc. Thats why Pakistans language is not Punjabi/Baloochi/Sindhi/Pastoon etc but Hindi-Urdu. And Pakistans culture is Mughal Culture from Delhi.




Ajit Shetty

many are is reffering to ease of doing business and CPI ie, co ption perception index ranking or our rank 80 compared to rest of world...if someone invests in some idea even on a small scale they are taking risk by credit borrowing and participating into a competitive marketplace. ..if next go nment is congress coalition, this incomplete work will be passedonto them.



Ban Tight Transparent Leggings

India will have worlds largest mus m population by few years surpassing Indonesia. Their percentage will become 25 percent, and forty percent for those below 5 years of age. Some parts like Bengal etc will become majority. Probably we will see Pakistan part II



Anil Majmudar

It might come as a surprise the Population growth of Bangladesh is 2.1 and India's 2.8.




that is accurate.What is the solution?



Sk Kapoor

Indians by nature are not hard working or risk takers; everybody is happy with status quo of his/her life but wants freebies without working.



Antonio Barbosa

Did Modi purposely not create jobs in 6 years? Now he will. Confusions and nothing else.



Nagar Jadav

What is new in today's economic survey?8crores job by 2030.Who will wait for 10 years?Remember promises of 2014 to provide 2 crores job every year.Why it has been related to film?



Shiv Sharma

The jobs have shifted to .For example BATA imports shoes whereas the item could be manufactured in the country. The landed cost may be double the cost if the item was made in India.Until and unless the Go nment sheds its ego and stops blaming the legacy it will never understand the problem and come to the solution. Indian domestic market is large enough to be independent of the world economy provided suitable steps are taken to nurture it, make it self reliant and export the surplus with reasonable incentives.




ego is something modi and his ministers have lots of.



Rajesh T

hearing the same story since 2004




New India



Thomas Sequera

The problem is not the number of go nment rules in doing business, but the hardcore corrupt go nment offi als who make it almost impossible for us to do business without giving them bribes, taking bribe in India is like their birth, my personal feeling is India's growth is being strangulated by the corrupt and greedy go nment offi als in every department, our country cannot become a Super power until co ption is totally eliminated. JAI HIND.




and don't even talk about courts,registry office,tehsil office.On other hand,i found out,paying money is far better than fighting with these scoundrels.



Shumir Abraham

10% of more spending by rural students compared to urban ones is basis what ... their parents sry?. and the inference you draw is they spend more...they are given everything free by the Gt...i guess



Nachiket Katha

One of the most ignorant survey seen in recent times. And this trickle down effect of wealth creation has not worked anywhere. In USA inequalities only increased with largest transfer of wealth from middle class to 1 per cent of 1 per cent where assymetric risk rewards. Crony capi ism helps no country. Only investment in education and healthcare and free market economy can solve problems of this country. USA all top 5 companies are tech company's which have nothing to do with go nment policies. So also 3 companies out of top 3 in (Rest are go nment owned).




Telling truth at this time is useless.Bhaktas are now pseudo americans and want to replicate every failed american policy in india,alongwith some of failed congress policies



Prabhas Ghosh

The Economic survey from its days where it made sense of the long term trend of the Indian economy vs the challenges it foresees in the years to come, has been merely reduced to some stupid time wasting and abrogant exercise of killing the economy, without focusing on the problems



N GNileshwar

But this too is another legacy issue raised in the 6th year of PM. Let us wait for the Budget and thereafter.




After doctoring the indicators, now left with no positive numbers, this go nment is showing all sorts of non sense and showing film without any road map or strategy. PM and his ministers have no time for economy / farmers/ unemployment etc but have all the time in dividing the country and for giving hate . God save india.



Ananth Ram

A foolish thought. Please ne in a country like India where organized data collection is limited, the economic growth is primarily expected from unorganized sector. That also implies people looking for jobs must be prepared to take more risks. Hire & Fire will be the future norms for job seekers. Don't expect jobs dangling with pension.




6 yrs of full majority but no collection of data,only fudging of data.You need correct data to rule nation.Indian gt has statistics dept.They collect data.All ministries collect data.How can you say there is no data?Always blame on congress,commies etc




Yesterday only FM realised that need more approvals to open a restaurant than to buy a gun?



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