India may slap trade curbs on Malaysia for its J&K, CAA stand



NEW DELHI: Looking to flex its trade muscles, an option India has not often resorted to, the Modi go nment is reviewing its economic engagement with Malaysia and may impose formal checks on shipment of palm oil and electronic goods in retaliation to Kuala Lumpur's stance on Kashmir and Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.


"We are looking at some curbs on refined and crude palm oil as well as electronics. Various ministries are involved in the exercise," a source in the go nment told TOI. It is perhaps the first such trade retaliation that India has used against a partner country.


India has run out of patience with what it sees as provocative statements by Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad on subjects like abrogation of J&K's special status, Citizenship (Amendment) Act and controversial preacher Zakir Naik, who is facing a probe by the NIA and the ED.



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Kaz Traveler • 8 hours ago

About time!! Mahatir is 93, he is less concerned about the real world and more worried about his 72 virgins. Time he was brought back to the real world and made to realize actions have consequences!!

是时候采取措施了! 马哈蒂尔已经93岁了,要让他意识到后果!!

Star Man• 2 hours ago

Even at this age, he will be concerned with marriage and reproduction...



lonleytom • 8 hours ago

Tough action is needed. Modi has to impose sanctions on Malaysia.


Nallamuthu Naa• 4 hours ago

Go and check your GDP which is COMA in ICU LOL.



Ram Pal Panwar • 7 hours ago

Malaysia must remember that ancient malaysian and indian relation are very deep. Malaysia’s present Islamic reality shouldnot forget that her ancestery. Blood is thicker than water, malaysia should remember.



king• 6 hours ago

tell modi if he has the guts to do it to UN, CHINA, PAKISTAN, USA, KUWAIT and other GULF countries...lol



Rationalist Atheist Hindutva• 4 hours ago

Saudi, Qatar have been wagging their tails before Modi..They have given him their highest civilian award lol lol. They are begging Modi to buy oil because they know US and Russia will start selling oil cheaper than them soon and desert bedouins only know 2 things - selling oil and slaughtering others in the name of Allah



apps team • 3 hours ago

It's not for Modi. Its for India .



Prashant Gandhi • 8 hours ago

India must become the boss.



Bhattji • 7 hours ago

I wish Modi wins 3th, 4th, & even 5th term. After that there will be no pakistan, or tukde tukde gang, or any Islamic countries pointing fingers at India.


king• 6 hours ago

are you sure you not sick and dont need a doctor.



paarth • 8 hours ago

Trade is a good instrument of policy like Trump has shown. India is showing now the guts to impose it. Malaysia can't have it both ways - be blind to Indian concerns and a sl ve to Pak concerns while yet at the same time enriching themselves on Indian trade.



Harish Patel • 7 hours ago

Good move all imports needs to be banned from Malaysia other countries are willing to get their products into India.



king• 6 hours ago

UN, CHINA, PAKISTAN, USA, KUWAIT and other GULF countries also included if he has the guts..



Hsf • 7 hours ago

Mr Modi, Even Indonesia is fed up of this thug. Mahathir has slapped in the face of India, how you can tolerate such behavior from a lowly thug ?



Deceptive Happiness • 6 hours ago

So Malaysia needs to be taught a lesson for not minding its own business and making statements that do not concern it.



truthconscience81 • 41 mins ago

Everything will be paid in full To Malyasia with time.



sanc India • modi land • 7 hours ago

India must outdo the USA: impose sanctions to any country unfriendly to India.


king• 6 hours ago

then UN, CHINA, PAKISTAN, USA, KUWAIT and other GULF countries ..lets see ...lol...morons


Gaana User• 2 hours ago

Who told you UN is country?



Gagan Gajabaharia• 7 hours ago

India should also declare a formal travel advisory on travel to Malaysia to affect its tourism business and income from it. India can make up any valid reason - such as disease related concerns or some other intelligence reports about safety to Indians. Then Malaysia will fall in line.


Priyanjan Kumar • 1 hour ago

Malasia is now offering Visa Free for 15 days for Indian tourists starting jan 2020.



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