Huawei cleared for 5G trials as govt brushes aside US concerns


NEW DELHI: Controversial Chinese telecom equipment provider Huawei has been allowed to participate in the 5G trials slated for the early part of next year, despite question marks and censures against the company in some countries in the West – particularly the US — over security and other concerns.


Huawei will now be able to join other global equipment makers such as Sweden’s Ericsson, Finland’s Nokia, US’s Cisco and South Korea’s Samsung in rolling out 5G use cases in India which are expected to lay the foundation of the country’s next-gen telecom ecosystem before an eventual launch around the end of 2021.


Ending months of speculation on participation of Huawei and other Chinese makers such as ZTE, telecommunications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the go nment has not restricted any company from being part of the trials.


However, there is still no clarity on whether Huawei will be allowed to sell its equipment when 5G technology will start getting deployed.


The age of 5G is coming... We have taken a decision to give 5G spectrum for trials to all the players,” telecom and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Monday, adding that an in-principle decision has been taken on the matter. Asked specifically about the status of Huawei, the minister said, “All players means all players”. Prasad said the telecom department would start work on kickstarting the trials. “I would like new innovations by Indian players in 5G. 5G is the future, it is speed. Therefore, we will encourage new innovations in 5G,” the minister said.

印度电信和信息技术部长拉维•尚卡尔•普拉萨德周一表示:“5G时代即将到来……我们已经决定让所有公司参与5G试验。已就此事做出决定。” 普拉萨德称,电信部门将开始着手启动这些试验。“我希望印度公司在5G领域有新的创新。5G代表未来,代表速度。因此,我们将鼓励5G方面的新创新。”



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Propat • 4 hours ago

Chinese should never be allowed for security reasons and being a friend if enemy



Girish• USA • 59 mins ago

India is making a BLUNDER here !!!



World Traveller • 4 hours ago

Don’t allow Huawei. Don’t trust chinese technology.


Abilash • world traveller • India • 10 mins ago

Do not travel to China, Do not eat Chinese food? Can you...??? Stop your double standard.....! Can you feed poor Indian people?


你能做到吗? ? ?




Ramaswamy Ranganathan• 4 hours ago

Why should we go to war with China? Fighting poverty is their only religion.




Wkr • 5 hours ago

India is a mama country have no guts to say no to China



From Kolkata • 5 hours ago

This is ploy of USA and India to see the real workings of Huawei in a test bed !!! And Find the details ..



Guest • 4 hours ago

Sad to see India being blackmailed by China. This is a dangerous move for the security of the nation.



Lashtam Pashtam • 2 hours ago

Huawei's 5G technology must not be used. Chinese are dirty cunning double faced bars tards!



Puspendra Mathaaru • 2 hours ago

Worst decision by Modi Govt. China will steal all public data.



sureshachar • Bangalore • 2 hours ago

Congress had never allowed Chinese company but Modi gave them statue of unity order and telecom etc height of co ption and anti national


saket shanker• 1 hour ago

Kuch bhi... Congress had never allowed Chinese company...lol...are you a fan of Raga?



Suresh • Hong Kong • 3 hours ago

These are just trials to shows India is fair to all and and in all probability Samsung stands a good chance to pip the race. Govt is wise not to give an enemy country reins to run a strategic industry and risk national security



Vinod Raina • 35 mins ago

This is a good move, not bowing to US pressure



Krishan Kumar Totlani • Jaipur • 54 mins ago

So India has finally ignored US warning & allowed 5G trials with Chinese Telecommunication Giant” Huawei”.



Sumit • 1 hour ago

we can't follow any nation blindly..we have to go for best at best price..we will evaluate and take right call for safety also..keep going.



Nami • 3 hours ago

they should have banned Huawei like USA.



Smoking • Smoke Weed and Fly • 3 hours ago

As of now it only allowed Huawei for 5G trials as go nment wants to show a fair playground for all the players.

But I think Samsubg stands a good chance above all.




Citizen • 4 hours ago

Good move!



Hitesh • 28 mins ago

Wrong decision, may be suicidal decision.



Hsb • 29 mins ago

China will steal all private data of indians. Not a good step.



Youtube • 1 hour ago

China is Pakistan's friend. We should boycott Chinese products.



Ajit • 2 hours ago

good. we should not buckle down under usa pressure



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