Cong marks 135th foundation day, says it is always 'India first' for party


NEW DELHI: The Congress on its 135th foundation day on Saturday said India has always come first for it through the ages and sacrifice for the nation stands above all else for the party. On the occasion, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi hoisted the party's flag at its headquarters here at 24, Akbar Road.


"Sacrifice for the nation stands above all else for the Congress party. From the time of our foundation, through the Indian independence movement and for all the days to come, India comes first," the party said on its official Twitter handle.


"135 years of Unity, 135 years of justice, 135 years of equality, 135 years of ahimsa, 135 years of fre m. Today we celebrate 135 years of Indian National Congress," it said.



Former prime minister Manmohan Singh, senior Congress leaders A K Antony, Motilal Vohra and Anand Sharma among others attended the event.


Sonia Gandhi and Singh also distributed sweets among children present at the ceremony.


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, in a tweet, acknowledged the selfless contribution of millions of Congress workers through the ages.


Amid raging protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), the Congress will take out marches across the country to take its "Save Constitution-Save India" message to the people.


Rahul Gandhi will address a rally in Assam's Guwahati, where he will take on the Narendra Modi go nment over the contentious new citizenship law, among other issues.


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will address party workers at Lucknow at a meeting of the Uttar Pradesh Pradesh Congress Committee (UPPCC).



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Congress should shun vote bank first approach and try to work for the development of all and to show that it really means what it says the first step is to deplore all kinds of violence and destruction of public property in protest against CAB.



Vinay Js

Nobody has anything to say about Amit Shah's million dollar son? Anyway, all those millions of people who've lost their livelihoods under the current go nment have nothing to worry.



Ramaben Patel

No. India First has never been motto for Indira Congress. Their motto has ever been Power and money.



Nageswara Rao S

I always thought Muslim Vote bank comes first b4 India to them.




It hurts to see foolish people quarrel among themselves while the country goes to the dogs. We've turned the world's fastest growing economy into what? I don't know, can't even define India now. For co ption to happen, someone must have money. When everyone begs, there can't be co ption.



Kavi Tanna

Scamgress was founded by the British in 1885. No wonder Gandhi didn't like them and asked for dissolving the party.



Sankar Narayan Varier

Only in tongue not by 'Heart'.



Harivadan Dalal

Yes, Congress Party is FIRST in mass scale CORRUPTION in country for last 70 years.




India first congress was only as long as the greats like Mahatma,Lal Bahadur Sashtri,Sardar Patel,Dr.Ambedkar were around. Once it became indira congress it turned into a family run party which continues till date.To this pseudo congress party,looting the nation and making the italian family rich is the only "first" they have in mind !




JOKE OF THE CENTURY! When their priority changed from "FAMILY FIRST" to "INDIA FIRST"??? Still cant forget D.K.Barooah's slogan their old slogan "India is Indira. Indira is India". Whom they want to make fool?



Damodar Biswal

Congress is a party of sycophants n family worshipers.Despite Rahul Gandhi's foolish statements the party has failed to take note of it.




It is a straight forward lie.This is Sonia Congress and is hardly bothered about this country and it's progress.



Giri Katakam

in what way present congress claims that it was the same congress which fought for the fre m?



Anand V

First for Looting ??



Harivadan Dalal

Yes, FIRST in co ption for last 70 years.



Damodar Biswal

Money n power is the first choice of congress.



Devidas Telakat

It should not be forgotten that Mahatma Gandhi had said in 1947 that'the Congress has achieved its purpose;let the Party be dissolved'. Very clearly he did not see any purpose left for the Party.What it has done from 1947 is to pile up co ption, scams and swindles even at the expense of national security.It has become the party of choice for all these.he party has to be banned.



H K Doshi

Sorry . In fact from past events it appears that Congress party has always first Gandhi Family and then country interest.



H K Doshi

If you feel so then why other intelligent leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Anthony , Tharoor are not getting leadership , but everywhere Rahul Gandhi is remain at front.



Amit Kumar Sahoo

There is a news feed which says that the IAF chief insisted air strikes soon after 26/11 way back then but congress did not allow. How does "India first" quote show any validity at all?

有消息称,11 / 26事件后不久,印度空军司令坚持空袭,但国大党不允许。“印度优先”这句话是如何证明其合法性的呢?



Politicians irrespective of their party can be Liers.



Ravindra K

India first for looting/Corruption,appeasement politics,dynastic,to not solve kashmir issue(went to UN),against Kashmiri Hindus,against Minority Hindus in Orissa/Bengal/Kerala states,SAY SOMETHING & ACT DIFFERENTLY.



Avnindra Baranwal

Congress worked on the lines of Mughals or British to divide India. Never allowed them to invest into science and technology to improve their lifestyle.



Rajesh Chheda

This is most ridiculous point you make. Get real, please check timeline pre-2014 and post 2014. I guess your family still goes to the well to fetch water.



Anurag Lodha

135 years of Loot and Treachery...




Subhash Chandra Bose was the Congress President for 2 years only and was removed from the leadership positions. You may serach for the reasons and persons behind this. If he would have been allowed to take lead, then the fate of our country would have been different from that of after surrendering to Mountbatten. Go and read history.

Subhash Chandra Bose只担任了两年的国大党主席,就被免去了领导职务。你可以谈论背后的原因和人。如果让他来带头,那么我们国家的命运就会不同于向蒙巴顿投降后的命运。去读读历史吧。


Sandeep Agrawal

135 years of making countrymen fool



Avnindra Baranwal

All for the lust of Power.



Rajesh Chheda

So lust for power is only with Congress? Not with Modi Shah enterprise? Not with Naveen Patnaik? Not with Jagan Reddy? Not with Mamata, Mayawati?Only Modi does not have lust for power is your mindset....



Rajesh Chheda

The amount of foolishness that has crept in Indian public since late 2012 is much more atleast 100 times more than what Congress fooled since 1947. As far as Sandeep Agarwal is concerned...he is blinded by fake propaganda and hatred seeded by BJP.



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