Isro’s PSLV turns money-sner: Forex earnings rise by Rs 90 crore in ’18-19



NEW DELHI: Indian Space Research Organisation’s PSLV has turned into a money-sner for the space agency as forex brought by the country’s mainstay rocket increased by Rs 90 crore from Rs 232.56 crore in 2017-18 to Rs 324 crore in 2018-19 fiscal year.


Isro has earned Rs 1,245 crore during the last five years by launching foreign satellites from 26 countries. Key contracts with 10 countries — the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Singapore, The Netherlands, Japan, Mysia, Algeria and France — were signed in the last five years under commercial arrangements.


Since May 26, 1999, when the first foreign satellite was launched by India, PSLV has till now launched 319 foreign satellites. Of the 319 satellites, which did not weigh more than 445kg, around 279 were launched in the last five years.



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K Mohan • Hyderabad • 7 hours ago

This proves that under Modi Gt such things become a reality and going



Dr. Rishav sinha • 3 hours ago

Slap on face of fake intellectuals who cried on television that india is wasting money on space missions despite poverty....this is just the begng...space launches can earn billions.



Varun Sharma • 6 hours ago

Thanks to NEHRU'S vision for modern India.



Mohan M• 4 hours ago

Space research was ridiculed as waste of money, but ISRO now has started earning for the country



Sld Consultancy• 4 hours ago

Thanks to Modi



vipul arya• 30 mins ago

pandit Nehru baastaardo was a disaster for India



Anand Kumar • Bengaluru • 3 hours ago

If an Organization is EMPOWERED TO ACT INDEPENDENTLY without the curse of RESERVATION and where TALENT is the only criterion,such things are bound to take place.Hats off to TEAM ISRO. @narendramodi

如果一个机构不实行预留制,而是任人唯贤,[email protected]


Ram Mishra • 4 hours ago

Isro credit should be given for hard work scientist at isro . It credit nether should go to BJP nor Congress. Ask Congress or Bjp , who want credit of other loss making company such as Air india, BSNL etc.



Vyshnavi M B • 2 hours ago

Work for reusable rocket...



Pradeep • 3 hours ago

Look at the customers' list of ISRO! Every India has a good reason to be proud with the achievements of ISRO.




Sid • Mosquito Nation • 2 hours ago

90 crore earnings vs 1000 crore spending for moon landing mission


Vijay Raghavan• 1 hour ago

This is what happens when you don't read the news completely. It increased the earnings by 90 crores. It has more than 1000 Crs in the last 5 years. Read the complete news.



Pankaj Patel • 3 hours ago

MOdi hai to mumkin hai. Keep going ISRO.



Surendra • 3 hours ago

Kudos! Our Scientists are capable to invent anything.




Asok Datta • 4 hours ago

In this time of generalised gloom the only silver lining is our ISRO set up by Nehru



Db Huf • 6 hours ago

ISRO is a shining star among PSU’s. Wish DRDO and other def units turn profitable too and earn foreign exchange



Ashok Gupta • BHOPAL • 3 hours ago

Great achievement of Modi Gt. era .



Sanjoy Pandey • Chennai • 6 hours ago

ISRO must remain essentially a research organisation rather than a business proposal for earning foreign exchange.


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