Uttar Pradesh: 18-year-old girl allegedly raped by her uncle, set ablaze



ALLAHABAD: Close to the heels of Unnao rape case, an 18-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her relative at Ubhipur village of district Fatehpur, on Saturday. The girl was allegedly set ablaze by the relative after being raped.


According to SP Fetehpur, Prasant Verma, “The girl, in her statement, said that while she was alone in her home on Saturday noon, her 22-year-old uncle came and raped her”. When she started screaming, her uncle allegedly sprinkled kerosene on her and set her on fire.


“The girl has been referred to Hallet hospital in Kanpur and is undergoing treatment,” he added.


Police added that 3 teams have been formed to nab the absconding relative of the girl and the teams are raiding several places for his look out.


(The victim's identity has not been revealed to prect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)



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Manyam • Chennai • 15 hours ago

The way Country is going there is nothing wrong in Rahul calling Rapei-in - India.



Anantha Prasanna • 16 hours ago

What is wrong with UP? is it becoming rape state? Yes administration is slack as they are preventing ra of cows.





srini• 13 hours ago

It is in BJP rule.



Shakti • 14 hours ago

Women's safety is if no concern to Yogiji and the go nment.



A G R India • chennai • 15 hours ago

sick people among the family members. they deserve death. no legal support should be provided to the accused by any one.



Remo Remo • 14 hours ago

Expn this now Bhakts. Rahul gandhi is . Rapes are happening more everyday. And PM is busy about cleaning Ganga.



Prem S Gupta• 13 hours ago

Mr. Modi ji needs to address on national TV and speak ag inst ra of women. No bill is more important than passing a strictest law ag inst ra girls and women irrespective of their re gion, caste and socio-economic status.


Ru Acharya• 6 hours ago

@Prem, that is a pipe dream. Modi has never responded to rape in dents like he does for his celebrity and other social events.


intellectual khyatriya• 12 hours ago

Laws are very strict. We cant make more stricter laws.We have to implement it.We need reforms in judiciary and have to educate people .



Murugan • 14 hours ago

BJP ls implementing "Rape in India".



vipul arya• 12 hours ago

your baap rapist ? There are about 24K rapes per year in India. The number was slightly more before 2014 during UPA time. In 98% cases the rapist is someone known to victim. Thus rape is more a social issue, rape is NOT a po itical issue.



Prasanta Mishra • MP • 15 hours ago

Bahaktini,what is wrong in rahul statement?


intellectual khyatriya• 12 hours ago

Raul didn't made this statement after father of the church raped nun and still roaming freely



Razor Henry• 12 hours ago

Burning has become a norm for these rapist. Best punishment is to give them the taste of their wrong doing, by setting them on fire.



amey kapoor • 13 hours ago

These UP Bhaiyas are worse than animals.



isaacbenjaminraj• 11 hours ago

no value of human life in UP..... CM busy on Ganga boat ride & Serving cows .....shame



Jose Varghese • Location • 12 hours ago

and BJP is saying RG is wrong?



Malta • 10 hours ago

Modi and Yogi are still busy getting ver ID card for cows in UP.



Indian Hardcore • Mumbai • 11 hours ago

Rape is not the handiwork of Gt but the mentality of an Indian individual, the individual mentality/character of the person needs to be inculcated by parents/teachers & the society. Ours is a sick society with perverted mentality.



Eland Kumar • 12 hours ago

Time to raze UP to the ground and restart.. Send all UP men to a hard labor camp for 20 years.


intellectual khyatriya• 11 hours ago

It seems nobody ever raped in ur state.



Ankit Patel • 12 hours ago

why modi gt is slee?


Sk Kapoor• 11 hours ago

What do you want Modi or UP CM or police to do? People are irresponsible. A lot of time and money is spent on these.




Ashokkumar • 12 hours ago

North part of indian become more dangerous to women and their raising attitude toward hindtuva movements.



Passionate Reformer • 14 hours ago

When will the publicity conscious gt wake up to such continuous violations ??? Blame blame blame the congress and get away with EVM magic and get re-ed only to spoil the country more




Dilip • 14 hours ago

The Rapist have exceeded their limits because law is kee them alive and feeding them in jails



Prabhat • 12 hours ago

Mostly all rape and murder are happening in UP.



Natarajan D • 14 hours ago

Beast, kill him in encounter, no court cases


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