After 15-year wait, troops to get new assault rifles



NEW DELHI: Indian soldiers deployed on the borders with Pakistan and are now finally getting new assault rifles almost 15 years after the Army first demanded them. These US-origin rifles with “a longer kill range” are meant only for frontline soldiers, with the bulk of the 1.3-million force slated to get Russian Kshnikov rifles at a later stage.


Sources on Wednesday said the Army has received 10,000 of the 72,400 rifles ordered from US firm SiG Sauer for Rs 638 crore in February this year under the fast-track procurement (FTP) route for critical operational requirements.

消息人士周三表示,今年2月,印度陆军收到了耗资63.8亿卢比从美国SiG Sauer公司订购的7.24万支步枪中的1万支。

“The delivery of all these 7.62x51mm caliber rifles, with an effective range of 500-metre, will be completed by early-2020. The Army will get 66,400 of these SiG-716 rifles, while 4,000 are for the Indian Air Force and 2,000 for Navy. These guns are compact, modern in technology and easy to maintain in field conditions,” said a source.


The Korwa ordnance factory in Uttar Pradesh, in turn, will progressively manufacture 7,45,000 Kshnikov AK-203 rifles in a joint venture with Russia, which could eventually be worth over Rs 12,000 crore with even the demands of police forces being met. The 7.62x39mm caliber AK-203 rifle, a derivative of the iconic AK-47, has “an effective range” of 300-metre.


“While Army will get a little over 7 lakh of these Kshnikov rifles, the Indian Air Force will get 29,000 and Navy 13,600. The final contract with Russia should be inked early next year,” said the source.



Rai Saheb • 14 hours ago

Congress govt ignored defense preparedness to appease Indian Mus ms to get their ves.



Ajit • 12 hours ago

It is zing how Modi managing finance for all such critical procurement even during so called sluggish economic growth. While Manmohan Singh and Anthony had no money. This shows amount of curb on co ption by this Govt



ashish patel• 7 hours ago

But this stalled procurement of previous gov is burden on modi gov.



Db Huf • 13 hours ago

Hope khangress never comes back to power. Else they will collect these rifles from the troops and sell it to their sl ves, i.e., kashmiri militants, jehadis, te rorts and naxalites.



Dilip • 13 hours ago

This Go nment is just too good for this country.



proud Indians • cow land • 15 hours ago

India must buy rifles from US and Russia to be a superpower. So proud.



Vikr M • 12 hours ago

To be appreciated Modi govt. for this !!



Patriot • 12 hours ago

Bureaucracy and co ption are root cause of many

problems in defense equipment procurement.Many of them we have inherited from Congress rule of 62 years for which Hindus were responsible to ve for them



Neo The One • 14 hours ago

Use these to first shoot the Assam prestors


Indian Snakecharmer• 7 hours ago

Sounds like a good idea !


Shekhar Japati• 7 hours ago

More than 35% people are non Assamese, certainly they are instigating violence. But why Assamese allowed and silent when that huge illegal immigrants entered and settled there ?



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 13 hours ago

With neighbors like and Pakistan, it is very important to strengthen the defense.



Sanjoy Pandey • cow land • 11 hours ago

By buying foreign arms, wons and even rifles? Against ?




Bhotaar• 5 hours ago

By begging from others?



rajendran nair • 8 hours ago

The previous CONgress go nment not only ignored the preparedness of the defense forces to please Hindustani Mus ms but also set an agenda to please Pakistan & .



Arjun • 9 hours ago

Except on economy Modi is doing wonderful works..



JhunJhun • 11 hours ago

Thanks to Modi



Bhotaar• 4 hours ago

You Hindu-rats failed in moon-landing as well.



Ravendra • 9 hours ago

The Modi go nment is taking admirable steps in modernisation of armed forces. It will take few more years to fulfill all requirements of armed forces because earlier Congress go nment was ignorant and were busy filling their coffers.

Jai Hind




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