Sundar Pichai will run Google & parent, A to Z



NEW DELHI: Sundar Pichai — who grew up in a two-room apartment in Chennai’s middle-class neighborhood, Ashok Nagar, in the 1970s and 1980s — is taking over as the CEO of one of the world’s most cash-rich companies, Alphabet, the parent company of search engine giant Google.


In a move that marks the end of an era, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google in 1998, are step down from their executive roles at Alphabet. Page and Brin, both Stanford graduates, have been two of the technology industry’s most influential figures, considered on a par with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple founder Steve Jobs.


Pichai, 47, has been the face of the tech giant as CEO of the main business since 2015. He takes charge of Alphabet + at a challenging time, as it faces increased regulatory scrutiny of large digital companies and internal employee unrest, while battling to stay at the forefront of technological change. Pichai’s elevation was announced after market hours on Tuesday in the US, with Page giving up his role as Alphabet CEO and Brin quitting as presi nt.

现年47岁的皮查伊自2015年起担任谷歌CEO。他在一个充满挑战的时期执掌Alphabet ,公司面临着对大型数字公司越来越多的监管审查和内部员工的不满,同时还要努力保持在技术变革的前沿。皮查伊的升职消息是在周二美国股市收盘后宣布的,佩奇辞去了Alphabet首席执行官一职,布林辞去了总裁一职。

Google sits on a cash pile of $128 billion, second only to Microsoft’s $137 billion, as per Factset. But Brin and Page, who are each worth over $50 billion, have stayed away from most of the day-today management and public appearances, including internal all-hands meetings, for the last few years.


Pichai tweeted that he was “excited about his new role”. He also wre to employees, “In my 15+ years with Google, the only constant I’ve seen is change….. I first met Larry and Sergey back in 2004 and have been benefiting from their guidance and insights ever since. The good news is I’ll continue to work with them — although in different roles for them and me.”


Since Pichai became Google CEO, the share price of the company has doubled, giving it a market capitalisation of $894 billion at the close of trade on Tuesday. Besides leading revenue growth and product development, Pichai has also faced a regulatory backlash ag inst tech on issues like privacy and po itical bias in the US including testimony to the US Congress in December 2018.


Even as Page and Brin leave management roles at Alphabet, they will continue to hold voting shares of over 50% in the company giving them a say in any major decisions.



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murthy krishna • 1 day ago

God is great ....Luckily Sunder went to USA and making India proud ...If he would have continued in India he might have been crushed under quota sy em...



Tran Le Minh Duc • Vietnam • 1 day ago

I'm from Vietnam. And this news just spreading entire the world and top headline in Vietnam. Congrats! Indians are extremely intelligent




Logical • 1 day ago

Hi Pichai , can you tie up with Indian Go nment for creating facility of online voting in ions ?


Anilk Khan• 16 hours ago

If we had voting on line the criminal Neta/Babu ruling class that has kept India a cesspool would find it easier to steal ions.



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 1 day ago

Good God that the brilliance of Sundar Pichai has not been crushed under the reservation sy em of India.



GSK • Hyderabad • 1 day ago

Hearty congratulations Mr. Pichai, proud moment for Indians.


Naresh Goyle• 22 hours ago

As if he cares for Indians.



Partha Banerjee • 1 day ago

All Indians should be proud of Mr. Sundar Pichai and it has been proved multiple times that what talent and hard working can do. But in India we are really unlucky as we are all trapped under reservation - which is only for the sake of ve bank of all the po itical parties of India.




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi • Mumbai • 1 day ago

Great man -good you left India and contributing to Industry and the people across the world . I would like people to stop calling Indian origin -it is no more a feather incap



Manoj Dubey • 23 hours ago

US takes the deserved ones and india is happy with the reserved ones.



Narendra • HINDUstan • 1 day ago

Good for him Good for Google.

Its not at all achievement for India at all , so just don't be in a false aura of patriotism on seeing this message.




Rchandran Krishnan • 1 day ago

As A Compllcated Reservation Policy Most Of Our Talented People Moving Away From India & Inspite Of These Problems Our Digital India Moving Ahead In All Sphears , Competing With Other Western Nation In All Aspects Esp Since 2014 Jai Bharath Mhan / Jai Hind



Ajit Nair • Ahmedabad • 22 hours ago

Reservation based on caste should be removed. Hope Modi sarkar 2.0 does some thing.



Mokkapati Prabhakara Rao • India • 23 hours ago

Sad that India is losing many merit candidates, as merit is not given the importance. Many still forcing the Govt for reservations in promotions also. The quota sy em must be reduced gradually ,like fuel subsidies.



Aravinda Upadhya• 1 day ago

Had he joined any similar Indian tech giants, whether his recognition could be so??



Navratan Agrawal • Jaipur • 1 day ago

India have the proud over Sundar Pichai become Head of Google 7 its parent company,However the Country brain is crashed by reservation po itical & social tool.



Sufal Mehrotra • 1 day ago

Proud moments for all of us Indeed. we INDIANS will rock the world.



Dilbag Rai• 1 day ago

Nice to see Indian born and educated Sundar Pichai to be the overall Guardian of Google



Truth Is Bitter• 1 day ago

Congrats ... Why Indians with Brain leaving India ????


Rahul Kemani• 1 day ago

due to reservation



Casey Ram• 1 day ago

Proud of you Sundar!



Spaceman • Earth • 23 hours ago

Man earns Rs 5 cr A DAY! Unbelievable



Mowgli• 1 day ago

Sundar Pichai should run BJP in future.


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