Isro milestone: 300 satellites from 33 nations put in space in 20 years



SRIHARIKOTA: Two months after lunar lander Vikram's failure to softland on Moon, cheer was back at Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Wednesday morning when it successfully launched PSLV-C47 that placed Earth observation satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 US nanosatellites. It marked Isro's milestone of launching more than 300 satellites from 33 countries in two decades.


"I heartily congratulate the entire @isro team on yet another successful launch of PSLV-C47 carrying indigenous Cartosat-3 satellite and over a dozen nano satellites of USA. The advanced Cartosat-3 will augment our high resolution imaging capability. ISRO has once again made the nation proud!," tweeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


The 1,625kg Cartosat-3 is the first in the third-generation Earth observation satellite with a high-resolution imaging capability and the ninth in the Cartosat series. Isro chairman K Sivan said, "Cartosat-3 is the most complex and advanced earth observation satellite developed by Isro so far."

重达1625公斤的Cartosat-3是具有高分辨率成像能力的第三代地球观测卫星,也是Cartosat系列中的第九颗。Isro主席K Sivan表示:“Cartosat-3是迄今为止Isro研发的最复杂、最先进的地球观测卫星。”


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bji mahesh Krishnan • 1 day ago

from novices to BAAPS in space technology. salute efforts 17000 scientists



ayan das• 1 day ago

isro had been seving the nation and would continue



Sainath Kalpathy• 1 day ago

One of the BEST institutions that NEHRU and COngress germinated and created and EVERY other po itical power stayed STEAD FAST in supporting them and NOW we see the result ! GREAT INDIAN ACHEIEVEMENT ! JAI HIND !





Ashwani Kumar• 21 hours ago

Other good part was this institution is kept away from bureaucracy.



narasarao• 1 day ago

Well done, ISRO. Congratulations.



Deepayan Choudhury• 1 day ago

The only Gt Agency that works and performs better than most Private companies and can now be termed as a Global Leader in Space Technology. Well Done ISRO ! You Guys a like a Rock Star !



Mkb• 1 day ago

Salute to our great scientists for achieving another milestone hope Chandrayaan-3 will be a thum success this time in 2020. We all are waiting for that moment to witness.



Kedar Nath Mukherjee• 1 day ago

Congratulations! We are proud of ISRO!



Truth hurts • Truth hurts • USA • 1 day ago

Just a while back ISRO has made itself a laughing stock of the world. Indians should learn the lesson and refrain from such self-trumpeted publicity.


Krishn B • 1 day ago

idiot, you must be swee the streets in USA, for your knowledge must be equal to a bird`s brain. wonder how you got there in the first place. no one in the world laughed at INDIA when the vikram crash landed within 200 metres from the moon surface and the world acknowledged it and said INDIA will only come stronger. may be on the other hand you are a bloody paki


Truth hurts • Krishn B • USA • 1 day ago

Truth hurts. Keep living in your fantasy world.



kosopet• 1 day ago

Nehru s vision come true



Sarabtek Singh • 22 hours ago

Po iticians should not poke their nose in their job..........



Bambaikar Ismail• 1 day ago

all the credit must go to modi



S K • 1 day ago

Congratulations! Now ISRO must develop commercial arm to launch 300 nano satellites in a year.... this would make ISRO with no competition including ....




Sonu saha• 23 hours ago

India needs heavy lift rockets to compete with and US.



Karan Parwani• 1 day ago

one day this space junk will block the sun


Deepak• 23 hours ago

Only if you had studied properly, you would have understood the vastness of space!



Ordinary Citizen• 1 day ago

Well done Modiji..



Pradeep• 1 day ago

Every Indian feels proud to know the achievements of ISRO in the space technology, despite starting later than many other nations.



Bji An• 1 day ago

Great and congratulations ISRO. Can this high 30 cm high resolution camera be turned towards moon to find the status of Vikram.



I love my India • 1 day ago

For a nation who can't even make a good rifle at our own, ISRO gives its citizens a rare chance to be proud of as an Indian achievement in the field of science...



ISRO • USA • 1 day ago

ISRO is back to its old self again:boasting. bragging and overconfident.


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