Is India really such a bad country?



Sanmoy Chakraborty, lived in India

I'm an Indian, so I can answer this question..

India or Indians are NOT PERFECT.

In an unbiased way I will jot down the major drawbacks and problems of India, and subsequently mention some points that are good about it qualitatively and quantitatively.




Cons first.

1.We have a problem handling and controlling population growth. We have got a grip over it over the last 20 years, but a lot remains to be done.

2.We have te rort threats and militancy in Kashmir. ists in Chattisgarh etc.

3.We have cases of female infanticide, rape, dowry, honor killing, extortion, theft, burglary, murder among other crimes.

4.We have heated debates on caste sy em, unwarranted fatwas, triple taq, reservations for backward castes, LGBT s, po itical agitation, rallies.

5.Our country as any other 3rd world ones are infested with corrupt po iticians and bureaucrats.

6.We have inequal distribution of wealth. The poor live below poverty level. There are problems of poverty, unemployment, under employment and infrastructure like road, health etc. We do have the second largest road network in the world, but only 61% is paved, so there is a lot of room for improvement.








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Now that I have given you the cons, it’s time to list down the pros.

1.Whatever your re gion is. Whatever you skin tone is. What ever your caste/creed/ethnicity is. No one here is trying to kill you, maul you or end your civilization.

2.No one is forcing a brand of nationalism or a certain interpretation of any re gion down your throat.

3.We are secular. Our country has Hindus, Mus ms,Chr tians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Zoroastrians and Jews among others. These re gions have been living together since centuries if not a whole millennium. We have the largest population of Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Baha’i population in the world

4.We are the world’s most populous de acy . We hold national, state, and municipal/Panchayat ions. Even our most disturbed state has a 64% voting percentage.

5.Our population is 1.3 billion. We have 22 offi al languages, 122 major languages and 1599 other languages, 29 states, 7 union territories. We have seven agglomerations with popuation of 53 million or more.

6.Our economy is the 7th largest by nominal GDP, 3rd by PPP.

7.We are a regional power. A nuclear power, the third largest army in the world. We have cordial foreign relations and trade relations with most of the nations in the world.

8.Our IT and pharmaceuticals are the fastest emerging ones. We have the fastest growing telecom and the 2nd fastest growing automotive industry.

9.Culturally we are the most diverse country on the planet with history spanning over 5000 years, literature spanning 4000 years, a movie industry that produces most watched cinema in the world, a cuisine that is loved around the world for it’s diversity.











In less than 70 years after independence a country this huge that inherited a feeble economy, wasn't self sufficient on food, low on foreign reserve, a nation that suffered world wars, famines, a bloody partition and had a leadership without any prior experience of governance has formed a secular republic, sustained de acy , preserved it's sovereignty, persevered through further hardships, grown through socialism, and as it's economy matured it opened up, scaled up and have become a self sufficient, formidable economy with throbbing sectors. There is no country on the face of earth that has sustained such diversity to begin with after hundreds of years of colonial exploitation.

As I mentioned, we are in no way perfect. We are a long way from achieving our goals, but is India a bad country?

well, now that you have read this answer.. decide.





Charles Lindsay Griffin, former GS-05 to GS-09 at U.S. Army (1972-1979)

I had to laugh at a couple of the answers. “Poisoning food with spices.”

I hope no one would say that, despite its progress, India has no problems. It does need to clamp down on pollution and traffic. It needs to do something about the vast amount of waste that is being created. 

However India is truly one of the most fascinating places on the earth. Its history and re gious ideas are both deep and significant to the rest of the world.

True, India has tried to kill me each of the three times I have visited, since many westerners do not have the natural immunization that growing up in India provides to those who survive childhood. But I love it anyway.

I love the people. I love the food (no matter how it treats my stomach), I love the history, the great sights, the wildlife, the mountains. It is a land of many kinds of poetry and poets, of artisans and artists. It is endlessly variable and full of surprises.

Yes, it has poverty and squalor. This seem hard to eradicate. It can be done, just visit Nawanshahr district in Punjab to see that cleanliness can be maintained with the guidance.

Anyone born elsewhere should go to India at least once in their life. Stay long enough to absorb the culture of just one place.









Vivek Dahiya, I am a proud Indian

Yes, it is a bad country.

Listen, India has never waged a war ag inst a country. How pathetic is that? It has never shown its masculinity like , Pakistan and many others had done.

India has won independence based on a non-violence movement started by a lawyer called MK Gandhi. What a shame? Wng independence without a war? It's like no balls to fight, ?

India has never said no to an invading country to come here and loot them for over 1000 years by the likes of Mughals, British and many more. What a shame? They never revolted.

India has sent many satellites and became one of the chosen countries in the world to successfully sent a mission to Mars in its first attempt. What rubbish, they must have bluffed to the whole world!

India has become the fastest growing economies in the world in only 70 years of its independence. What? It's a sham. Nobody has done it and this must be a lie perpetrated by India.

India has never got a permanent seat in the UN security council due to and some more nations propaganda ag inst them. Still India manages to be the safest and most growing nations in the world. This is an absolute lie. No propaganda ag inst India. They just don't deserve it, ?

And yet, India is termed as one of the best countries in the world. Of course, it has also its share of bad stuff like co ption and what not. But, recently Prime Minister Modi is trying to change all that. Some people won't like that to happen. What a shame,



印度通过一场非运动赢得了独立,这场运动是由一位名叫MK Gandhi的律师发起的。太丢脸了?不通过战争就赢得独立?就像没胆子打仗一样,对吧?







Aria Diehl

India isn't a bad country at all. It's just been screwed over by history repeatedly.

Indian civilization has been rather geographically blessed. It's in a very fertile yet somewhat isolated place.

The real time India started getting screwed over was the Is mic raids and invasions. The Is mic conquest introduced a lot of repressive ideas into society that would stain India till this day. This is where many of the bad cultural practices like sati and strict caste sy em began to take root. Over this time India would continue to decline in world GDP share but still pull more than its own weight.

The real problems started with the British. When the British took over India they basically made Indians a sl ve race. And transported them around the world to do ch labour. They also diminished India's wealth and culture. This leads to India's modern poverty and dirt problems.

So a lot of the bad things about India ( pollution, poverty, disrespect for women, etc). Can really be attributed to outside influences on the subcontinent rather than India and its culture itself.

So India isn't such a bad place. The crime isn't as bad as TV and media portray it isn't as terrible and broken and unpleasant as shown on the media. India has a lot of beautiful places and nice people.

India has just gone through a lot of unfortunate situations that have led to many bad problems it has to go through now.









Chander Kanta Gariyali, works at Indian Administrative Service Officers

India is the most wonderful country, it is zing, it is great and I love it. I will never leave it and I would like to die here but I can also say why it is bad:

1.it is over populated

2.It is overcrowded

3.It's pollution levels are high

4.It's roads are always traffick jammed

5.The teaching at the go nment schools is dismal and in tribal schools 75% teachers missing

6.It's rural health services are an eyewash with most of the doctors and nurses paying occasional visits

7.It has pockets of extreme poverty

8.It has highest unemployment rate

9.It's resources are not uninformally distributed

10.It is ridden with caste, community and the re gious squabbles

It has many po iticians who are not sincere

11.It's public service employees are lethargic hence always looking for speed money

12.It is dirty with people urinating and defecating everywhere
















Sommer Shiels, Director/Producer at Curate Media Group (2018-present)

Not at all! In fact, its my number one! People keep asking me these questions, when clearly I adore India.

It’s really a shame that a few isolated in dents really give people that have never visited a place the wrong impression.

I thought I had seen the world. I had traveled to more than 50 countries and walked through more than 100 cities in my 31 years. I didn’t know why I waited so long to travel to India. India had shown me that I had seen nothing. I knew nothing.

This thought may seem daunting to some, not to me, to me this thought was comforting. I had previously thought the world to be a very small place. India had shown, a seasoned and experienced traveler, that the world was a huge place and we are incredibly small.


一点也不!事实上,她在我心目中是No. 1,当我说我喜爱印度的时候,人们总是问我这些问题。





Jivrajsingh Sandhu, Bharat is my motherland. Proud of being a Bhartiya.

We as a culture has always tried to move beyond the materialistic world, so while the modern world is gaga over the latest gizmos and gadgets, our rishis or the ancient scientists chose to deliberate on what happens after death. The concept of life and death - rather life after death and how to make death a celebration is well enunciated in our epics, culture and theology.

India is a bad country for anybody who wants to keep away from spirituality, who wants to prome vanity, enmity and violence. The environment is not conducive to divisive forces. People here are taught to worship nature as GOD and live in utmost harmony. So any tendency which tries to create rift between people or categories stand to lose out ultimately - for this nation thrives on Satyamev Jayte - the eternal moto.

Country is bad for selfish people for it promes service before self, giving back to society and restricting the enjoyment of wordly pleasures to a specific phase of life - after enjoying everything, it prepares people to learn how to detach and move out with grace.




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