Unwanted guest: How a rat delayed Hyderabad-Vizag Air India flight by close to 12 hours



HYDERABAD: An early morning flight from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam was inordinately delayed by close to 12 hours on Sunday after a rat was spotted prancing around the aircraft, just before take-off. Helpless passengers on board the Air India flight, AI-952, were forced to stay put at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) all day – up to 5.30pm – till the airline staff managed to get rid of the rodent. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 6.10am.


Confirming the in dent, AI offi als said that the prolonged hold-up was because of the presence of a rat in the Airbus. They said that the staff took up fumigation to sanitise the flight, as per procedure, before it could resume its onward journey. They refrained from sharing any further details.


Incidentally, similar cases of rat menace have been reported from AI flights in the past as well. In 2017, a Delhi-San Francisco Air India flight was delayed by over nine hours after a rodent was found on board, while the aircraft was taing. There was a rat scare on an AI flight to London in 2015 too, following which the aircraft was forced to return to Mumbai and be fumigated.



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Ramesh • Bangalore

Rats in aircrafts, not a new thing. Rats in Indian Railways rail coaches, not at all a new thing. Last week I travelled in the prestigious Rajdhani Express, from Secunderabad to Bangalore. Full of rats. Sorry, full of rodents!


Senthil Nathan• 1 hour ago

You should have taken a picture and twitted it.


Antz Geo• 3 hours ago

Absolutely . Even I don''t buy food on trains.



Antz Geo • 3 hours ago

It''s a serious issue. Rats can easily eat the wiring and bring the plane down.



M.S. Gupta • 2 hours ago

Rats have always messed up Air India, the biggest being Praful Patel.



Bijay patnaik• 3 hours ago

Instead of delaying the flight, they should have allowed the to fly free. What harm could it do to any one if it was treated well in side the plane?



Dhakshina Rajni• 3 hours ago

yeah, the worry is rat will dge the inside ronics and wiring with it's teeth...



Dharam • Delhi, India • 2 hours ago

When the planes are parked these rodents sneak into the aircraft and might cut some of the critical wires endangering the lives of flyers. The catering carts are the main source of rats. This need to be plugged in.

It's just like the movie "snakes on the plane"



Partha Banerjee • 3 hours ago

Oh what a power the rat has, as the rat has the capacity to delay the flight more than 12 hours



Bharatwasi • MERA apna BHARAT • 1 hour ago

Air India should apply in Guinness book of World records.



Bchandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha • 3 hours ago

Air India.............the most notorious air line in the world !



Dravidian • Toronto • 3 hours ago

this is the reason why I don't fly in Indian origin airlines. I prefer, emirates, etihad, Cathay pacific, Singapore airlines, Mysian, , turkey, British, Lufthansa, Air Canada to name a lot fantastic airlines.



Mowgli • Jungle • 43 mins ago

If humans can travel in Air india, why not Rats ??



Shrikant Krishnarao Potnis • 2 hours ago

Thank God that the rat was trying to occupy passenger seat. If the rat would have changed the mind and thought of taking the Pilot''s seat after the plane took off then ?


Bijay • 23 mins ago

The rats have boarded the plane in search of stale food in the kitchen room. The air lines people should appoint cats to catch them. They will finish the work within half an hour .



tatkrm krm1• 43 mins ago

It is harmless creature



Pradeep • 1 hour ago

This is due to poor work by the maintenance staff. The pests and rodents must be eradicated com全pletely from the aircraft, as it is a serious safety issue.



Rewarding • 1 hour ago

wow... respect to air India... animals are also treated with respect



chowkidar Chowdhury• Durgapur • 1 hour ago

It's better these go nment companies made privatized this will save Indian economy



Dilip • 1 hour ago

Why Report only Air India every time, what about other airlines world wide


Arun • 1 hour ago

It has to be Air India. Nothing can be with this airline.


chowkidar Chowdhury• Durgapur • 1 hour ago

have you heard or seen this thing happening for other airlines



Anand Ravindran • Chennai, Tamil Nadu • 1 hour ago

Rats are common to see in air india flight... keep it aside.... Why it took 15:00 hours to remove it?


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