Anil Ambani dragged to court for $680 million unpaid loan


Three banks are suing the brother of Asia’s richest man in a London court for failing to pay back $680 million in defaulted loans.

The Industrial & Commercial Bank of Ltd., Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of agreed to loan $925.2 million to Anil Ambani’s firm Reliance Communications Ltd. in 2012 on condition that he provide a personal guarantee, ICBC’s lawyer Bankim Thanki told the court. Some repayments were made by the wireless carrier but in February 2017, it defaulted on its payment obligations.

The embattled Indian tycoon says that while he agreed to give a non-binding “personal comfort letter,” he never gave a guarantee tied to his personal assets. He’s the brother of Mukesh Ambani, who’s worth $56 billion and is the wealthiest man in Asia and 14th richest in the world. Anil, on the other hand, has seen his personal fortune dwindle over recent years, losing his billionaire status.


工商银行的律师Bankim Thanki在法庭上表示,2012年,工商银行、国家开发银行和进出口银行同意向安尼尔的企业信实电信发放9.252亿美金的贷款,由其提供个人担保。这家无线运营商偿付了部分贷款,但2017年2月,其未能继续履行偿付义务。



Anil Ambani was chairman of Reliance Communications, which fell into administration earlier this year. His wider telecommunications-to-infrastructure empire Reliance Group has continued to struggle under a mountain of de t. As of July, four of its biggest units, excluding the phone company, had about 939 billion rupees ($13.2 billion) of de t, Bloomberg reported in September.

Anil Ambani was caught up in a similar case earlier this year, when India’s Supreme Court threatened him with prison after Reliance Communications failed to pay to pay 5.5 billion rupees to Ericsson AB’s Indian unit. The judges gave him a month to find the funds, and his brother, Mukesh, stepped in to make the payment.

The brothers’ relationship has been fraught since their father’s death left behind a vast empire that was split between them. While Mukesh’s oil & petrochemicals businesses have flourished, Anil’s assets dwindled.

According to a court filing, Anil went to in the winter of 2011 to negotiate the loan with ICBC’s former Chairman Jiang Jianqing directly. The lenders sought a share pledge before granting the loans, but the legal dispute centers on whether Ambani or one of his associates went on to provide a personal guarantee as security.





Hasit Shukla, Reliance’s commercial & treasury head, signed a personal guarantee on Ambani’s behalf by power of attorney when the loan was set up seven years ago, Thanki said. But Ambani didn’t give Shukla the authority to sign for him, making the guarantee non-binding, his lawyer Robert Howe said in written submissions.

Industrial & Commercial Bank is the sole cmant in the London case, and is representing itself and the other two lenders.

In Thursday’s court hearing, ICBC’s lawyers asked Judge David Waksman for an early ruling or a conditional order requiring Ambani to pay into court the unpaid sum and interest under the facility agreement. Ambani has declined to give any evidence of his wealth, they said.

Thanki称,七年前申请贷款时,信实商业及财务主管Hasit Shukla代表安巴尼签署了一份个人保证书。但安巴尼的律师罗伯特·豪在书面文件中说,安巴尼没有授权舒克拉为他签字,因此这份担保没有约束力。




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This time the Family bonding is valued at 680 billion . Will Mukesh again extend the same brotherly affection based on Family Values and rise to the occasion to bail out Anil, if the verdict is adverse. Need to Wait and Watch




There is no need for any billionaires in India one less is a good thing others should be taxed into being millionaires




i ly dont respect ambanis.



Shivam Garg

Anil is getting even farther from being presented as a businessman , leave that ,he is now fighting for survival



Sheelukkk Kumar

Mr Mukesh ambani may or will bail Mr Anil ambani from lender also as was the case with Ericsson..



S K Mandal

Mr. Anil Amvbani''s focus from the very begng has been to ''beat Mukesh'' in making money and not managing his money or businesses for effective growth. May be luck has not been in his favour, but it is not luck alone that works. Hard and intellegent work does.....



Anoop Aggarwal

Mukesh Ambani helped Anil Ambani by buying his assets when probably there were no buyers. It was not a gift or loan



Anoop Aggarwal

Anil Ambani''s bad time is continuing....



Narendra Agarwal

Where is all this money? A forensic audit has to be carried out by Enforcement Directorate to check if this money found it''s route to some tax heaven countries where Mr. Anil may be having some accounts.



Jagdip Vaishnav

All companies of Anil Ambani are facing serious crisis.




First time Indian has fooled .



Surendra Sachdeva

Mukesh will save him .No one can touch Anil



Jai Bharat

The favorite person of modi.....



Ranjan Kar

A very very sneaky person. Now Harsit Shukla may cm it was a mistake on his part to have signed the personal guarantee on Anil''s behalf, and may be compensated with a few million USD for accepting imprisonment instead of Anil Ambani. Anil must know that are very very tenacious and cannot be controlled by NaMo to help him

这是一个非常非常狡猾的人。现在,Harsit Shukla可能会声称,他代表安尼尔签署了个人担保是个错误,并可能得到数百万美元的补偿,因为他代替安尼尔被监禁了。安尼尔必须知道是非常非常顽强的,莫迪控制不了。



Jail seems to be his final destination. He should ask Rahul Gandhi how he should take out Rs.28,000 crore that Modi has put in his pocket.



Dave Malhotra

Why isn''t Rahul asking Anil Ambani to pay the $680 million unpaid loan from the thousands of crores of Rs. PM Modi put in his pocket from Rafale deal.



Ranjan Kar

The Ragale final judgement coming in a few days I think.




Looks like matter will go to international court and eventually mukesh will have to sell his pants to pay off.



Ranjan Kar

Mukesh us not going to perpetually bail out his playboy bro



Savitha Kl

pls take Anil Ambani wiyh you and save HAL.We want india to be free of clutches of these gujaratis




Very good he should be jailed for betraying the trust of millions of shareholders by his dubious character of alleged womaniser and for syphoning off billions overseas. I hope the banks drag him to International courts.




will recm Anil Amb and take him and his family to . He will be converted to a sl ve.



Venkatesh Babu B

with out security they provide millions of loan but providing all security still banks in India harassing SME small businesses for lower turnover achieved due to market slowdown.



R P Gupta

I have records wherein, I had advised Development Bank of the likely default. Even though CDB acknowledged my communication, no effort was made to recover the money at that time. The basic principle of financial management is to recover the money at the inception stage of financial stress at which time the borrower, while trying to save his goodwill pays back the money but subsequently the defaults get so big that he becomes used to default & does not pay. CDC did not follow such simple financial management principle. I wonder that they are the bank.


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