Indian economy currently facing challenges, says Sitharn



NEW DELHI: Finance minister Nirm Sitharn on Sunday unveiled a book on global finance, and said it suggests solution for challenges that the world and Indian economy is currently facing. Launching the book titled 'The Rise of Finance: Causes, Consequences and Cure', she said it will help "understand the current economic situation facing both the world and Indian economy".


The book is co-authored by V Anantha Nageswaran and Gulzar Natarajan.

该书由V Anantha Nageswaran和Gulzar Natarajan合著。

Nageswaran is dean of IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea University. Natarajan is senior managing director at Global Innovation Fund.


"As a textbook, I am sure it will become very popular and more importantly, this will be a book that is very relevant to those of us, sitting on the policy making table. Secondly, its relevance and the timing of the launch of the book in India. We are currently facing a challenging time," the minister said.



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Simply Indian • Dubai, United Arab Emira • 14 hours ago

Dr. MMS took India smoothly through the worst global recession from 2007 to 2012. He even increased the GDP to 8%. BJP was given an excellent economy 6 years ago. They have reduced the GDP to almost 5% and they''re not even prepared for the recession.


Surinder Gujjar• Haryana • 11 hours ago

Were you even in India then? Life was miserable during that period in spite of the fact that India had little impact from that global recession. Govt spending was uncontrolled and freebies were being doled out one after another. The highest black money accumulation in history took place during that period.


Vijay Desikan• USA • 5 hours ago

Indians suffered much less than Americans and European citizens during that period. MMS very skillfully kept India out of that recession



Souvik Ghosh • Kolkata • 15 hours ago

not in challenge but in a super meltdown. I fear that our GDP instead of becoming 5 trillion may slip back to 1.5 trillion by 2024.


Vande Matram• Earth • 5 hours ago

Modi will cook up all the data to make India a $5Tn economy.



A Singh • 17 hours ago

Her every statement is laughable



Vande Matram• Earth • 5 hours ago

she is totally clueless about the economy.


Sandeep • Delhi • 17 hours ago

True... and the biggest challange is the FM herself



sam mm • 13 hours ago

Till last week there was no problem , u were giving lectures abroad saying India is fine everything is fine, how things changed post ion results??



Sanjay Mehta• 16 hours ago

Not indian economy its your identity as FM are under challange. Reduce income tax slabs until then i will nit spend and demand would not go up and economy will not revive.....HAHAHAHA



Antony Jose • 15 hours ago

These ministers don''t have any knowledge of things what is happening in india.



Krego Rocks • 15 hours ago

Correct you are that challenge



Vasaikars M • Vasai • 12 hours ago

It is easy. Just blame it on Nehru.



Sarma V S • 13 hours ago

The challenges that we are facing today are Modi made.



Tukaram • 16 hours ago

Invest in warehouses for farmers to store their products prected from rain and decay. Invest in canned food for exports to Europe and America. . Come-on do it.



Strategic Speaking • 6 hours ago

It took her so many days to understand this fact. A real tube light



Pradeep• 8 hours ago

What wrong with Modi, his team is even more incompetent than Rahul Gandhi. RSS please find someone who knows basic mathematics and make them finance minister.



Jesu Raj • 9 hours ago

Choukidar and his gang has no idea what to do with the struggling economy.. but keep talking all the nonsense.



Another View • Mumbai • 8 hours ago

All top economists have left BJP leaving all sycophants in the sy em. Has BJP analyzed the core cause ? Can anyone muster the courage to spell out the cause ?




Vasaikars M • Vasai • 6 hours ago

Simple solution, just use the revise method of gdp calculation. That will make gdp growth 10prrcent.



Chetak • Bangalore • 8 hours ago

Wow, as if no one was aware of the fact that Indian economy is facing challenges...



Frequent Flyer • Bhubaneshwar • 9 hours ago

Dont repeat what everyone knows



Sanmesh p • vadodara • 13 hours ago

So Who is responsible for it MAM??



Saravanan • 13 hours ago

finally govt accepts it...



Arjan • 4 hours ago

thanks God finally she accepted


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