Quizzed over wife ‘abusing girls, using sex toys’, AP man kills self



VIJAYAWADA: A 47-year-old Andhra Pradesh man on Friday jumped to his death from the top of a three-storey building while being questioned by police about his wife allegedly dressing up as a male and abusing minor girls using an assortment of sex toys.


The deceased, a resi nt of Ongole town, ran up the stairs and jumped off the terrace soon after a police team raided the house and found a large bag containing sex toys. He was moved to a hospital, where he died in the evening.


Police identified him as the third husband of the accused, a 32-year-old woman whom at least one of her alleged victims mistook for a male because of her cropped hair and attire. The case came to light after the 17-year-old girl filed a compnt with the SP’s office in Prakasam, alleging that she had been sexually abused by a man named Krishna Kishore Reddy.


When Prakasam SP Sidharth Kaushal ordered an inquiry, investigators discovered that Krishna Kishore was actually a woman masquerading as a man. Ongole DSP B Ravi Chandra told TOI that the accused would befriend minor girls and either lure or coerce them into starting an intimate relationship with her. The woman has been arrested and booked under the Pocso Act.



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Chm Devalla• Hyderabad • 16 hours ago

it's a crazy and mad world,sex is overtaking mankind.men and women are equally responsible for all the worst happening.decline of joint families is also a reason for the disturbing acts.



narasarao• Hyd • 16 hours ago

Sex and money.



narasarao• Hyd • 15 hours ago

It is an isolated in dent.



Jagdish Chandra • Debai UP • 16 hours ago

It is unfortunate that innocent person lost his life under sense of shame


JAI VISWA ROOPAM• 12 hours ago

How do u know ? May be he was an accomplice. Didn''t know anything about his wife''s modus operandi ? Doubtful



Paadi Pantalu• 16 hours ago

Killing is not a solution . He should have divorced her and move on. There are many mistresses in the world.



Natarajan D • 13 hours ago

Third husband for the dirty lady at the age of 32. But what the courts will do. She will be out on bail shortly. The case will go on for years and the crime continues


Tanay Saha• 8 hours ago

She will also be backed by the women of our country , the so called feminist nonsense .



Kuldeep Singh 12 hours ago

Yes, she will get bail easily being a women despite of being charged in posco case. And will find another husband to continue his/her play. Don''t understand why she spoiled the life of three husbands, she could have better stayed unmarried and enjoyed her life.



Honest • 12 hours ago

Now let us see the National Commission for Women take up this case.



Sandeep Kumar • 12 hours ago

pervert women



Harsh • 14 hours ago

Such is our sy em that a hubby can not divorce a lunatic/ criminal/nimph/idiot wife easily . There is no alternative but commit suicide.


Kuldeep Singh• 13 hours ago

Agreed. Our judicial sy em is full of loopholes and primary reason being lack of planning, funds to fill vacant posts in various courts.



nami• 14 hours ago

is this modi's mistake?



Amit Pal • 12 hours ago

Very sad that the person had to commit suicide for no fault of his.



Ramesh Kumar • 13 hours ago

Every andhrite is more or less deviant male or female.



Kuldeep Singh• 12 hours ago

Well said, police should have filed the fir ag inst the real accused, that is, the wife of this unfortunate husband instead of torturing the husband.



Sundarv • Chennai • 11 hours ago

He should have killed the woman instead of committing suicide himself.



Proud • Mumbai • 13 hours ago

Unfortunate, but why are the real names not being mentioned.



Kinnu • BLR • 13 hours ago

Mentally unstable woman somehow managed to marry three times and all of them deserted her.but why did the man commit sus ide was he part of the crime? Or was his guilt and shame that drove him to the extreme step. Anyhow it’s unfortunate.



Vedantham Sheshashar • Bangalore • 8 hours ago

And, he is her third husband. What about the two earlier husbands??? Nothing is mentioned in this article.


Vedantham Sheshashar • 7 hours ago

All must have suicided.



Mungy Fellow• Bengaluru • 7 hours ago

Now she is available yet again.


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