I am an Indian, and I don't understand when people say "I am proud to be Indian. India is the greatest country." What exactly is it that you are proud of?




Asheesh Gupta, Indian

You are spot on..

First, let me tell you.. of all the people whom you hear saying "I am proud of being Indian, I am proud of India, I am lucky to be born in India.... " they come from 4 categories.

1.They think it is cool to say that, as they heard someone famous say that and they think it is to say that even if they are not actually proud of but they still say it because as it is commonly said, "one should be proud of what he or she is" (even if you do not know what are you to be proud of).

2.Those who are actually insecure or say ashamed of being one so to hide or cover it they would say "I am proud of being..  or I am proud of this or that

Cat 2 people are still better off than 1, as 1s are simply jerks and they don't know shit.






3.Those who actually think India is the Greatest Country in the World as that is what they hear or are taught all the time since childhood. However once they start reading around and seeing things they will gradually go to Cat 2.

4.Those who genuinely think or I would use the word, 'know' that India is great in some places and bad in some. She is doing better than most in some fields and worse than most in some.  She is best in some and worst in some.



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So... to answer your specific question..  first,, India is not the greatest country in the world, not even by a long long shot...  period.

However,, now how to feel proud of India or being Indian.  I am not going to give you links or show news of ISRO , or great Indian scientist to make you feel proud as every country has her own achievements.

Also if you think just by being in India you can decide that you should be proud of her or not, is insufficient.

You need to travel. Simple googling, or watching youtube will not help you.  I am not saying that is impossible but difficult as you will only google on the subjects you feel like India to be compared with.

So travel, study, job abroad and then you will know are you suppose to be proud of, despise India or stop looking just from a Black or White perspective.







Bharatu, Software Junkie

I am proud to be Indian , because India was the birthplace of Hinduism and free thinking !

Hinduism is the only de ratic re gion/tradition that had evolved much before the other abrahmic re gions of the west. It gives distinct clear type of reasoning and questioning , which is prohibited in other re gions.

You can even call Hinduism as a way of life , a way of moral code and deep spiritual thinking , that can give endless knowledge and thinking , trying to answer without the bounds that tie down other re gions.

Being a hindu , you can question the vedas , you can question the holy books , you can question anything !

If Americans have money , why do they flock to India in droves to spend time with gurujis ?

The tragedy of the hour is , we Indians ourself don’t know the vast spiritual wealth we possess. No other country in world can produce a Gandhi or Swami Vivekananda !

Proud to be of this country !!









Swaroop Shankar, lived in India

How about this! Would you feel proud if your son got a noble prize? Would you feel proud if your best friend became the presi nt? Would you feel proud if your village exported the world's best kind of mangoes? 

If your answer is yes, then you would have also felt something when we won the Kargil war, when India won the world cup, when we sent an unmanned aircraft to Mars. That feeling is pride.

You don't have to physically or directly involved in any decision making which resulted to an achievement. If you have the slightest relation, you feel proud. Taking credit and feeling proud are two different things.

However, if your answer is no, you need to find something to feel proud about just the way you found a something to not feel proud about. 

Feel proud that a country which you are part of has recorded Zero Polio cases this year. Feel proud that we successfully pulled off the biggest de ratic ion (6 times the size of the 2nd biggest) this year. Feel proud that our spacecraft will land on the moon later this year. Feel proud that we will be running the biggest food security program in the world pretty soon.

You became a part of the effort when you started paying your taxes. You own these achievements from the moment you ved in the ions








Kaushik Chokshi, lived in India

What you are pointing out with your question is the annoying Indian cultural habit of not being able to accept criticism, individually and and as a group. This often shows up as disportionate trumpeting of how great India or Indians are or were in certain areas (for example, the very silly question if Indians are more intelligent than Americans). Indians can tend to be ethno-centric (that is, the attitude that "what I know and am familiar with is always better"). This need for validation is rather immature and offputting.

India is a great country and there is much to be proud of. But it is not goint to get to be among the greatest nations or cultures if she or her people are not able to honestly self-examine, and accept the many areas where she can improve. A sense of humor in in self-criticism is an important part of being great.




Tom Thomas, Someone with good taste in history

I am from India, from one of its southern states. India's ancient culture may be one of the greatest of all civilizations. The books, especially the upanishads, vedas, and scriptures contain a great collection of knowledge. As they say, the ancient set of Indian knowledge might have developed as bigger as the modern day scientific advancement achieved by the Europeans.

But sadly, the present day Indians, the so called descendents of the great parents are just vociferous when they are to talk about India's modern day scientific and economic growth. They just try to find reason-less answers and pseudo-scientific justifications when their age old rituals and traditions face criticism. In short, I feel the present generation does not deserve such a great ancestry of the Vedic age




Samina Hossain

According to me only one word is sufficient to answer your question. Patriotism.

Patriotism basically means love for one's country. And pride more often than not stems from love. You cant be proud of something you don't love and and it is very difficult to love something you are not proud of.

When you love something or someone, you love it not only for its good, you love it despite its bad.

So maybe India is not as great as it used to be or maybe it is. It doesn't really matter in the eyes of someone who loves it.

People who say they are proud to be Indian or that they are proud of India say so because they love India.

One might wonder about the reason for this love, well, it is primarily the same reason one loves their mother. Because your born to it.








Chaitanya Vardhan Reddy, Forever Student, Half-Medic

I like being rational. But irony is that my rationality paradocally and continuously questions my rationality. So in attempt of being at my best rational self, I have following reasons.

1.Anything that helps sustenance deserves respect.

2.Superlatives are the baddest adjectives. Their usage in most cases is to emphasise the oion expressed therewith, but do not have any substantia.

3.Oions, in my oion are the things that least matter in the real world, but they just help setting up the psychological environment our ID,PSYCH,EGO and SUPEREGO dwell in.

4.A murderer's son would still love his dad and say his dad is the greatest dad as long as his dad is good to him . This doesn't make him the best person. On the other side of the discussion, his dad might have murdered a goon trying to kill an old lady, thus disrupting the whole argument.

“ Perspectives aren't rational, but, Interpretations are”








Shrabani Sarkar Baksi, works at Self-Employment

Yes we are proud to be Indian .There is nothing specific in compare to other developed countries.Yes we do have rich culture and heritage and of course family life which is missing in other countries.There is only man and woman relation up there and family life is totally ruptured.



Swarup Somanna, studied at Air Force School Hebbal

Many people feel proud because India has achieved something and something.Ok, India sent an unmanned spacecraft to mars, what about this- most of the brilliant minds of India join NASA, Why?? India still can't afford to encourage and provide enough facilities to do research work. Proud of that??  You will find more examples like this.

We can only develop our country and bring it to the top only when we stop barking that we are proud and actually work towards develo our country and then tell we are proud to be Indians when India has become a developed country. This is the attitude we Indians must have to bring our country forward




Rahul Sharma, MA Po itical Science (M Fan), Treneur, Crypto Guy!!

Dear Mr. Whoever,

In your humble oion you say india was in the past a country to be proud about.

I wanna answer you by questioning you because I'm from Haryana.

1.Why do you think india had a glorious past?

2.What makes you think we must be proud of ancient india?

3.When you talk about the old, to be proud of india, what era are you referring to?

4.And finally, why are you not proud of India now? What prevents you from it? What is wrong with my country and if there is anything wrong who should correct it??









Ekaf, life have plans for you . Playing my part .

Consider it like this .There is a poor family ag inst all odds the son/daughter of that family is able to score 60% in his/her high school board exam . The family is proud of this achivement .Similarly being a develo nation and country where poverty is high every achivement makes me proud .Not considering the past or the culture things that the OP decided to neglect.

India is not great But it is not the worst . We should be proud of our history work hard in the present so that in future our people cant ask this question on quora : )




Mounika Pochampally, studied at JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad

Yes.. I'm very proud to be an Indian.

Not only because of the usual reasons, but

1.I'm very proud of the fact that we never dropped atom bombs on any country.

2.I don't think we invented something like "White man's burden"

3.In spite of the era of developed countries, we are able to make our points. (Bali Summit)

是的. .作为一个印度人,我很自豪。





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