Kids may turn man-eaters if given non-veg food from childhood: Madhya Pradesh


 BHOPAL: In a bizarre reaction to the Madhya Pradesh go nment's decision to introduce eggs in the state-run mid-day meal programme, leader of opposition (LoP) in the state assembly, Gopal Bhargava, said that if children were given non-vegetarian food from childhood, they may turn man-eaters. Congress has condemned Bhargava's statement.


"What could be expected from a malnourished go nment. They can serve eggs to the children. Those who do not eat, force them to eat. If still malnourished, serve them chicken and goat meat. But, in India's culture, eating non-vegetarian food is prohibited. If we teach them (eating non-veg) from childhood, they will eat meat and may grow up to become a man-eater," said Bhargava.


The BJP leader further said that Kl Nath-led state go nment cannot force people to change their eating habits and nobody could be forced to each eggs. Bhargava's reaction came after state woman and child development minister Imarti Devi announced on Wednesday that the Congress-led go nment has decided to introduce eggs in mid-day meals offered to children in anganwadis starting from November to tackle malnutrition.



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Neel Patil • 1 day ago

Dont expect much from BJP MPs when their leader itself is illiterate chaiw


Tushar Roy• 1 day ago

Absolutely , well said



Kojak• 1 day ago

Cows in Goa are now eating Non-veg food.



Ashutosh • 1 day ago

this is the status of knowledge of our leaders.



rn Nayagar• USA • 1 day ago

It is interesting for morons to know that there are more vegans and vegetarians in U S, Canada and The Western Europe nowadays than in India.


Anjan Kesh • Humara India • 1 day ago

Have you been living in a cave in the US, because from what I know 90% of USA eats the mother of andhbhakts, BEEF



Sandeep Mandal • Mumbai • 1 day ago

Ignorance is mother of BJP victory and pride of bhakts. 71% Indian population and 89% world population is non-veg



Mohammed Saif • 1 day ago

i eat all animal food like tiger, bear, chicken, cow, lamb, snake but i am not man eater. BJP is full of stupid BADCHALAN n BADZAAT idiots


Truth Seeker• 1 day ago

tiger meat? they are endangered....i know you are joking, but still when an animal is an endangered, it is not a joke.



Bashear • 1 day ago

how come the north Indians ved for stupid idealistic hindu cow worship fools to parliament



Abdul • 1 day ago

why then veg eaters are becoming rapist.



ranjan saxena • 1 day ago

Party is full of leaders like these.



The • skull cave • 1 day ago

"small indian brain"- now evident from the MP's words.....jai hind!!!

“印度人的大脑小”,从这位议员的话就明显可以看出……印度必胜! ! !


Yashodhan • Mumbai • 1 day ago

75% Indians eat non vegetarian, can you show how many are man eaters. ofcourse vegetarians are mainly money eaters .



Bllog Suri • NA • 1 day ago

Idiot bjp Leader. Lot of indians are bow legged indicating lack of nutrician. Eggs is a good idea. Dont give to vegetarians. Give them banana.



Frank Chitillapully • Banana Republic • 1 day ago

i just ate KFC chicken... Will I become ''maneater''??



Murugan • 1 day ago

BJP is leaders fools.and supported by fools



lakshmi Krishnamoorthy • 1 day ago

There seems no limit to the stupidity of the BJP leaders and the pity is most of these remarks are madeby Brahmins who are supposed to be intelligent.



Adityan • 1 day ago

How many man eaters are there in the world now?



John D • 1 day ago

In western countries, after a cow can no longer produce milk it is sent to the slaughter house then shot in the head with a bolt gun and turned into beef and leather.

In India where beef is illegal, After a cow can not produce milk anymore, it is no longer economical & farmers can not afford to keep feeding them. so they just release cows on to the streets and let cows eat plastic/garbage until they die a slow painful death from poisoning or they just starve to death or die from untreated ... Read More




John D • 1 day ago

In India, the Hindus smuggle cows to Pakistan to make money.



Saahil • 1 day ago

illiterate and senseless minister ...



Nilesh • 1 day ago

And we still ve for BJP



Yashodhan Muzumdar• Mumbai • 1 day ago

like Modi


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