Which is better for parents - a daughter or a son



Elena Ledoux, Founder at MommyGO (2017-present)

Since we already had a son, my husband and I really wanted to have a baby girl. We had a name for her - Siena (after a beautiful Italian city). After we got pregnant, I went out and bought the cutest little outfits - tiniest dresses with ruffles, microscopic shoes with bows... We thought of all the activities we could have with her. An early ultrasound confirmed it was a girl. We were elated.

The next ultrasound, the technician said: “Uh, oh. It’s definitely not a girl.” Siena grew a penis. Man, I had to return all those cute outfits now! We ended up having a baby boy. With his sharp little chin, chocolate-chip eyes, and pony forehead, he is perfection. He gave us more joy that we could’ve ever imagined possible. Even so, once in a while we would joke about how he was supposed to be Siena. Or I would put tiny bows in his hair for laughs. (Honestly I did it also to my other son, my husband, and to our cat).

One day when he was three, our little boy gave me a hug. Then looked me in the eyes and asked: “Mommy, do you still love me even though I’m not a girl?” I almost broke down crying. Since then I don’t ever mention Siena, even in jest. What is better to have, a son or daughter? It’s better to have a child who loves you.





Gordon Miller, Entrepreneur and Investor

I think that depends on who answers.

I know that my wife and I have said many times that raising boys has been far easier than raising girls from what we hear from our friends that have girls. Regardless of who you ask, there is no such thing as “better”. There is only “easier” or “harder”.

I think the most difficult relationship is over “mother-daughter”. I know that my wife has great relationship with our boys and they are very protective of her if she gets harassed in public. It is nice to know that all 3 boys are well trained in martial arts and how to fire a weapon and can protect and defend each other as needed.

I think fathers always want to have a daughter to walk down the aisle one day and to help be that good example that shapes the way they will hope to be treated one day by their husbands. It is enough for me to teach our boys how to be men and how to behave as gentlemen.






Amanda Ferguson McCulloch, Painter College Educated in Science (2012-present)

I have only raised sons of my own… but when I was 14 my niece was born, and spent every night in my room. I was a virgin teen Mom, lol. It was my brothers kid. He was a kid. He worked 3rd shift. My mom managed LJS, and was there all of the time. So, I took care of the baby. It was sometimes, not fair, but my mom had passed, and she lived with me, and my two son's when she graduated high school. Her mom, unavailable for the most part. My niece is 27 now, has her own child, and just felt it necessary to be addicted like her mom. She won't face me. I think she Knows I'll be disappointed, and will not avoid the subject.

I raised my two boys also, but one passed away of congenital heart disease at age 6. The other will graduate next year. He is very anti- drug. I must say my boys were much more enjoyable. My kid isn't cheap, he costs a great deal of money, but he sure makes me proud. I would do anything to have been able to save Xanders life, Dr's error, someone dropped the ball, and it wasn't me. However, I have forgiven. I miss my son though, and I went nuts when I lost him. Boys, if you take the time to parent, discipline, and spoil, by far are more rewarding.




Keith Cooper, Retired construction manager and software designer

For me it doesn't matter, girl or boy, they are lovely either way. Your daughter is yours for the rest of your life by your son will leave when he takes a wife.

I would hate to be without my daughter who really is my best mate, we see or talk to each other every day and go for a walk together a couple of times each week. I holiday with her and her family as well.

My son was my best buddy till he went to university and found his future wife immediately afterwards. He lives 250 miles away and isn't very good at personal calls over the phone. Nevermind our bond is still strong and we can be our own world together whenever we meet.

You don't really have much choice in the matter when you and your partner make a baby. And whatever it is, when it is born you will be inextricably bonded for ever.






Inder Advani, former Teaching at Kendriya Vidyalaya (1983-2017)

People prefer a boy over a girl in my country because boys carry the family name.

I lost my younger daughter ( 21 years old ) in a road accident in 2009. After loosing her I understand how much I miss her till today.

My husband was grief - stricken and my elder daughter and her husband were literally shattered.

After some time a stranger woman came to my house, she was very gentle and kind to me and before leaving she said, “ ma'am I can understand your sorrow but please never ever neglect your elder daughter. The younger one is gone but the one who is with you should not be deprived of your love.

In the same way I would like to say that whether it's a daughter or son both should be loved and cared. There is no comparison. Both are good and close to the parents' heart.

Today my husband and I have a great bonding with our daughter and her family.








Tom Stagliano, Two sons 27 & 28. Work with young athletes


Parents, loving and caring parents,love their children no matter what.

Granted, I only had a brother and my wife had only four sisters, so we both approached children differently. I had been a youth, high school and college soccer referee for 20 years prior to the birth of our first son.

I knew how to deal with Older children, and my wife knew about female children.

I quickly learned that they must be Nurtured and aren’t born at age 13.

She quickly learned that two boys 15 months apart can be wonderful, but will most of the time be Velociraptors. They will be very playful and unintentionally rough. We still refer to them (from ages 2 to 10) as our little Velociraptors…..

And for those who never saw Jurassic Park: 

Boys and girls are Different. Vive La Difference!!!!








男孩和女孩是不同的。区别万岁! ! ! !


Louise Kidner, Teacher at Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (2004-present)

You can’t compare that way. If you are in a society that still values one gender above the other than it might make a big difference but here in Australia it really doesn’t matter in my experience.

It’s not like that - they are both children with their own personalities and characters. Some stages a girl might be ‘easier to deal with and a boy a bit more difficult but other stages it switches and a girl can become a lot more difficult apparently. My 3 chidren are all under 5 so I have no idea what they will be like when they are older but I already know each has their own unique personalites which means each has moments that are more difficult to deal with than the others.

There doesn’t seem to be a real difference yet between my son and my daughters but he is only just 1 so he’s not walking around and talking yet. But the 2 girls are very different and at times the oldest is very difficult then the other girl is more difficult with certain things so it changes and I couldn’t say one is better than the other.





Ashleigh Chapman, Stay at Home Mom of 2 (2010-present)

Originally Answered: Which is better, a son or daughter?

I have one of each. I don't think one is better than another. They're different, yes, but not better or worse. I get to do all the girly stuff with my daughter, like hair and dress up. She also loves firetrucks and aircraft. My son is the one who asks all kinds of questions and I love answering them. Once, in kindergarten, he asked about how water can be a solid liquid and gas. That line of questioning led to talking about air pressure and eventually oxygen deprivation and altitude sickness. So to answer the question, neither and both. It's their individual personalities I love, not their genders




Amber Woods, Volunteer at Elementary School and Elementary Schools (2016-present)

I've heard a lot of people say that raising a son is easier. But I think honestly they both have their pros and cons. When I have kids I want one of each. A girl because I can dress her up in adorable outfits. And a boy because then me and him could play catch or him and his father could play sports. I can also do that with a girl. But girls do tend to get more expensive.

So they both have their pros and cons. I don't think a parent whose has a son and daughter will tell you which is better. Maybe easier to raise. But not better.




Ana Maria Jones

I love little boys. No matter how cheeky. Or grubby. Or rowdy. I just love little boys. And little boy names.

Never wanted a daughter, my last child, was a girl. And i had no idea of a name.

But i got used to a baby girl. And grew to love Penny.

But if asked. Sons are awesome. Sons are wonderful. I guess I would say boys.

But Penny is a lovely young lady now.







Ekta Sehra

Sir the child who makes you proud and happy is the better one. Daughter or son you can't choose but you can upbring them to be a better personality. Who will never hurt you. And you will always support them whenever they need it the most. No other person should be allowed to come into your dynamic. You will solve all your misunderstanding between yourselves only. Love them and confront them also when needed. This is what I think.



Tim Riggins

According to Dennis Rainey the greatest honor is to raise a daughter. Mind you that he has three sons as well so that makes you wonder how his sons feel about that.

According to Alan Symth who My Prized Possession his daughter is his prized gift. He also has a son so I guess he did not make the cut.

It seems in American Christiandom your only important child is your daughter

根据Dennis Rainey的说法,最大的荣幸是能够抚养一个女儿。注意,他还有三个儿子,这让你很好奇他的儿子们是怎么想的。

Alan Symth说他女儿是他最珍贵的礼物。他还有一个儿子,所以我猜他没有入选。


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