Indian economy on a shaky ground: Nobel awardee Abhijit Banerjee



KOLKATA: Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee, who on Monday won the 2019 Nobel Economics Prize, said Indian economy is on a shaky ground.


The data currently available do not hold any assurance for the country's economic revival anytime soon, he stated.


"The condition of Indian economy is on a shaky ground. After witnessing the present (growth) data, just can't be sure about it (revival of economy in near future).


Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer win 2019 Nobel Economics Prize


The 58-year-old economist, who bagged the coveted prize jointly with his wife Esther Duflo and another economist Michael Kremer for his "experimental approach to alleviating global poverty", said he never thought he would get a Nobel so early in his career.


"I have been doing this research for the last twenty years. We have tried offering solutions towards alleviation of poverty," Banerjee, who is currently the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said.



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Biju Varriar - 16 hours ago

Just because he got a Nobel prize does not mean he knows Economics... after all he is a friend of Mr. Amritya Sen... who has enough inflence to give NOBEL to a friend... Joke is for whatever this man has been given NOBEL that model has not worked anywhere in the World..for 20 years what has he been develo and on what grounds has the NOBEL prize been given to him..



Gaana User - 16 hours ago -Follow

Looks like another Amarthya Sen in the making....enough of such foreign sponsored opinion givers.....leave the country to the politically elected leaders ...they will lead India to a better tomorrow ...



Gaana User - 16 hours ago -Follow

Those who won’t dont know, this is the same guy who gave suggestion to NYAY scheme to Rahul Gandhi. Ring the bell?



Indian Abroad - 15 hours ago -Follow

Here comes one more Amratya Sen!



Bharat - 15 hours ago -Follow

Mr. Abhijit, are you not aware of the box office collection on Indian film industry?



Krishan Kumar Totlani - Jaipur - 15 hours ago -Follow

So this Nobel laureate has started barking about indian economy, was he waiting for Nobel Prize? He was the person who justified NYAY scheme of Rahul & said NYAY will be funded by High Taxes & High inflation.



Vinay - 16 hours ago -Follow

Don't be next Amartya .



Ramesh - Bangalore - 15 hours ago -Follow

On a shaky ground. Yes, everyone knows. Give solution to come over it. Wng Nobel alone is not enough. Being an Indian origin, take some responsibility and suggest something to improve Indian economy. Meanwhile, Congratulations for wng the Nobel.



Premkumar - 15 hours ago -Follow

Nobel prize winners from West Bengal have this tendency of speaking against Indian economy. I think Nobel prize on economics are always awarded on shaky grounds.



Nayyar Arvind - YAMUNA NAGAR - 15 hours ago -Follow

Now everyone will listen to you with noble prize in hand.But diagnosing a problem is easier than treating where is that treatment?



Doraiswamy - 15 hours ago -Follow

He was one of the advisor to the Congress , along with Raghuram Rajan.

Do you expect him to say good things about Modi, and his policies.

Modi is our PM and we as Indians should support him in his efforts to revive the economy.





Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 15 hours ago -Follow

First Amartya Send and now this guy! They give up India for their own personal prosperity. Yet continue to get mileage by researching Indian poverty TELESCOPICALLY. Shun them!




Shashi Patil - 15 hours ago -Follow

Paid by Congii''s, Abhijit Banerjee starts singing..



Karthik S - 15 hours ago -Follow

He got nobel prize for alleviating proverty. OK. Indian economy is in shaky ground and lot needs to be done on poverty.




only facts - 15 hours ago -Follow

His knowledge on economy is worse than Historian who heads the RBI.Simply put u dont need a economist a Historian is good enough.Anyway things have slowed down but services sector and IT Sector in particular will revive demand.Just help the farmer out and we should grow



Manjunathan - 15 hours ago -Follow

This great educacted people's don't give any solutions, they simply bark



Muralidharamk11 - 14 hours ago -Follow

now I know why he was given Nobel prize



Drsiddharth - Bhopal - 14 hours ago -Follow

Ford foundation employee ....what else to expect ....



Rop Hod - 15 hours ago -Follow

Most World economies, including those of Europe, North and South America, and Japan have been on shaky ground for the last 3 years and remain so. Indian economy has been doing much better and much more money is spent on people at the lowest rung.



Virendra - 14 hours ago -Follow

He is a stooge of Pappu



Santosh Avadhani - 10 hours ago -Follow

Now BJP will say Banerjee is Congress man!


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