Uttar Pradesh: At least 13 killed as cylinder blast triggers building col pse in Mau, several trapped



VARANASI: At least 13 people were killed while six others suffered injuries when two buildings col psed in Validpur area in Mau district in Uttar Pradesh following a blast in an LPG cylinder early on Monday. Offi als said the building belonged to one Chhotu Badhai.

瓦拉纳西: 星期一早些时候,印度北方邦Mau区瓦利德普尔地区发生液化石油气罐爆炸,导致楼房倒塌,造成至少13人死亡,6人受伤。

District magistrate Mau, Gyan Prakash Tripathi, who was present at the spot where the in dent took place said that 12 bodies had reached the mortuary and six injured had been admitted to a hospital.

赶赴事发现场的Mau区行政长官Gyan Prakash Tripathi表示,已将12具尸体运达停尸房,6名伤者已被送往医院

Later in the day, the toll rose to 13.


The in dent occurred when a woman tried to ignite an LPG stove in one of the kitchens in the building leading to a fire in the gas cylinder.


On seeing the fire spreading rapidly, some people present at a tea kiosk in the neighbourhood rushed into the building to douse the flames.


Before they could succeed in their bit, the cylinder exploded and the three-storey building col psed. Apart from six women and girls of Badhai's family, all the persons who entered the building got trapped under the debris.


Upon hearing the sound of explosion, hundreds of locals started rescue operation even before the police arrived.



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shivprakash gupta3 hours ago

LPG has reached many house hold,, but training on safely using the LPG stove & cylinder is not...every LPG user should be given proper safety and precaution trainig before handing over the connection to avoid such tragedy...May the lost lives rest in peace...



Devinder SoniGurugram3 hours ago

Is it for a CM to offer lip sympthy on every mishap ?



Om OneBharat3 hours ago

RIP this highlights are old problem Safety compliance of the Building as Well as cylinder. When there is earthquake at Scale of around 4.3 still We will find our buildings going down.



NLocation3 hours ago

shocking in dent . R I P for victims and condolences to bereaved families .

the way delivery men and other labours handle cylinders will stop hearts . horror of horrors . companies must conduct random checks




SeshadrinathanBengaluru3 hours ago

donot have knowledge about preliminary usages.



Proud Indian2 hours ago

How ch is life of people in our country there is nothing called safety and security of people



Subhendu Panda2 hours ago

proper and regular training and checking by the LPG supplier is to be mandatory. Sometime casual approach by people invite such type of tragedies.



TaraNew Delhi3 hours ago

People are careless in habdling LPG gas. Loose connection, wornout tube faulty stove and crumbliing space make it dangerous.



HappyTimes Userkolkata3 hours ago




Manish Gupta4 hours ago

Very sad in dent, RIP



Hindu yodhaNG1 hours ago

every one must know, if you use cylider, keep window open at least partially.



PS Kumar2 hours ago

In India, the cooking gas coming inside a cylinder which is like a bomb. People are not trained to handle any immediate situation. The cylinder if caught fire, there is a way to immediately douse it, but no one knows, and with fear people just run away.



HappyTimes User3 hours ago

So sad



Ali3 hours ago

All were BJP supporters



Evans SumitraNew York, USA.3 hours ago

A very sad in dent. May the souls of the deceased RIP. May those trapped in the col psed building are rescued as soon as possible.



Subhankar Bose4 hours ago

Death is inevitable. May they go to ...



Nilendu SarkarDurgapur19 minutes ago

The services of India is need to training people''s how to use case and how to do the time of emergency. Because of gas cylinder blast it takes many lives in year in with having pertaining the people understand and they will be there to get rid of it so please bring people how much you can.



Bchandramenon VengasserryAlappuzha1 hours ago

Gt shall strictly direct gas agencies to impart proper training on safety measures for users of LPG related equipments.



Ash D2 hours ago

Very unfortunate in dent but Yogi will for sure blame the Congress for it since the house was built in those era



Subhendu Panda2 hours ago

RIP for the departed souls.



DravidianToronto2 hours ago

all strange things happen only in north india



Roushan S2 hours ago

I hope the PM condoles the deaths in the same way he did for the deaths in Japan!



PriBangalore3 hours ago

People will get killed to bce the ecology. Simply issue standard norms to pay 5 LAKHS per death and 20K for injured.


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