RBI cuts repo rate to 9-year low, growth estimate to 7-year low



MUMBAI: As expected, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lowered its key policy rate yet again on Friday -- the fifth successive time this year that it has done so in a bid to spur slowing economic growth. The latest cut, by a quarter percentage point, brought the benchmark repo rate (the rate at which RBI lends to banks) to a nine-year low of 5.15%. But the news was overshadowed by the RBI's announcement that it was sharply reducing India's growth forecast for the fiscal year to 6.1% from 6.9% earlier. Spooked investors promptly went into selling mode, resulting in the Sensex falling 434 points to 37,673.




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Ali Mir - Sur - 6 days ago -Follow

This Govt is miserably failed even in managing economy and trying to cover disastrous performances by raking issues which has no significance to country development rather diverting from mainstream issues. Now I’m repenting supporting this Govt in 2019 ion



Mudi - Gujriot - 6 days ago -Follow

Haramiiii Modi! All my shares are down thanks to the policies of this idiot!!



F C - 6 days ago -Follow

India learn a lesson from this , voting for a monkey will get us peanuts.



BJPBandar - 6 days ago -Follow

Tadipar Taklu and Fekuji can never match MMS. God save India from Bhakt brigade.



Rahul Sc - Mumbai - 6 days ago -Follow

Growth forecast slashed from 6.9 to 6.1%! That is huge!




Logical - YouTube Channel - 6 days ago -Follow

Bhktards are still busy licking testis of dic-tor modi



ayan das - 6 days ago -Follow

Expected.....to go down further...



Kuldip Singh - 6 days ago -Follow

Constraction not slow down, Indian economy is in minus.



Rajkumar - 6 days ago -Follow

What about retired old man like me. My FD deposited in banks. Intrest rate drop continues. From 10.5%, 10 yrs back, it is now less than 7 %.



Honey Nod - delhi - 6 days ago -Follow

Modi a self centric person and dont have anything to do with common man he just want his name and his ego ahead of everything.



Abdulhaq Syed - 6 days ago -Follow

So the growth rate has been reduced to 6.1% from about 7%. Thanks Modi ! You are doing all you can to destroy India. Thanks again .




Vande Matram - Earth - 6 days ago -Follow

We are already in a recession, so don''t let RBI tell you that we are growing at 6.1%, because we are not. We are actually contracting and therefore, our growth is negative.



Beef Nihari - 6 days ago -Follow

Yeh toh hona hi Tha. India ved for a Chaiwalla PM, and kicked out an Economist PM. India appointed History postgraduate RBI Governor and kicked out IMF Chief Economist Rajan. So India gets exactly what it deserves.



Beef Nihari - 6 days ago -Follow

Modi Ji gave 45 Year Unemployment in 1st term. People loved and ved for him again. Now Modi Ji''s Target is 70 Year Record Unemployment.



ymous Delhite - Delhi - 6 days ago -Follow

Time for another trip for PM. He should do another "Howdy Modi" event in Europe or Africa.



Karna M - Mars - 6 days ago -Follow

Demonitisation was an economical suicide. For God sake stop blaming Congress for everything though they are no better.



modi fake - modi temple - 6 days ago

Even 6.1 is faked figure jacked up by Modi and his associates



K Gopkrishna - 6 days ago -Follow

Our economy which was spoiled by demonitisation



Vasaikars M - Vasai - 6 days ago -Follow

No worries!! Soon we will have 8 percent gdp growth by nirm’s revised method of calculation.

不用担心! !



Aaaa - 6 days ago -Follow

modiji ki picture Abhi baki hai.....they will take India to multiple level low and then blame Congress.



Pritam - 6 days ago -Follow

Change FM she doesn't understand Commerce



Indian - 6 days ago -Follow

This is just a trailer, picture abhi baaki hai. Just wait and see how the country is sold.


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