Mumbai man fined Rs 9,000 for torturing and killing cat with screwdriver



MUMBAI: In a rare conviction under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, a 40-year-old Chembur man has been found guilty of brutally stabbing a cat to death with a screwdriver outside his home last May and fined 9,150 .


A picture of Sanjay Gade hoisting the dead cat on a stick had gone viral soon after the killing. The magistrate court did not examine any witness as Gade pleaded guilty, and sought minimum sentence. "The accused has admitted he has committed the offence by torturing and killing the cat. Therefore, he is entitled for punishment as per law," the court said. Gade had allegedly claimed that he was angry as the cat had messed up his house.



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Madhav Manikal6 hours ago

Obviously a Psychpoathic pervert - and surprisingly - unjust perverted Justice. Killing is cruel enough - Torturing a helpless animal is beyond the pale, Wonder why he should not get the Maximum prescribed punishment.




Swati Khanna2 hours ago

9000 rupees fine. for killing cat. there are no animal laws in India. people get away easily.



Crazy Genius2 hours ago

Why only fine 9000 for such cruelty? He should also be branded and jailed for at least 12 months rigorous.

这么残忍,才罚9000卢比 ?



Srinivas DhangarPune, Maharashtra2 hours ago

Its too less he should be made to pay >5 to 10 lakhs to govt,



LogicalYouTube Channel1 hours ago

The man is a Serial Killer in its initial stages. They all start thier cruelty with animals first and humans later.



LogicalYouTube Channel1 hours ago

Stupid Judicial System Laws of India...the man is a serial killer in its initial stages....all serial killers started their cruelty on animals first and then they moved on to do in on humans making them serial killers with each murder they commit.



Roshan2 hours ago

₹9150 = cat's life.



Ashutosh Gotad3 hours ago

Fined?!! Just fined?!!!!!...........this is horrendous. How can a man torture and intentionally kill an animal and just get away with a fine!

只罚款? ! ! ! ! ! ...........这太可怕了,虐杀动物,只交罚款就了事了?


Kirit58 minutes ago

Killing a Cat is crime and it is not a crime to kill thousands and millions of Goats, sheep, Cows chickens? ???



Vinit Athavale1 hours ago

This man should also get urgent Psychiatric help, otherwise he will become a monster.



Vasu1 hours ago

Drive a screwdriver through his hand/feet to let him know how it feels when he do it to others...



Dilbag RaiChandigarh1 hours ago

Such people are having brutal and a sadist approach which is most condemnable



cbkpbMumbai4 hours ago

Killing a human is easier , killing a cat is difficult due to Animal Right Activists. BUT MAN IS ALSO A KIND OF ANIMAL , SO ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS CAN PROTEST AGAINST LYNCHING......



Girija50 minutes ago

only 9000 fine is very meagre for such a crime. He must be lodged in Tihar jail along with other murderers inmates for atleast 2 years, given only the cat food.



Mohd1 hours ago

Nice judgement



Premkumar2 hours ago

everyday thousands of fishermen kill millions of fish and butchers kill millions and millions of cattle for food. what about them?



Indira2 hours ago

9000 Rs!!!! is this the value of a life????That bloody so and so should be whipped and tortured with a screwdriver.



Mukesh2 hours ago

humans will be next on his list



Alfa DogSKYFALL..1 hours ago

No other pets can be as funny and cute then CATS, only 9k fine is some kind of joke, he should serve jail for Atleast 5 year for killing harmless living being



Prasen3 hours ago

Too less.... In Europe he will end up in jail...



Noname3 hours ago

The fine amount is too little.



Munna MobileThane3 hours ago

He should have been sent to jail too.


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