Rajnath Singh to hold talks with French Presi nt before sortie in Rafale jet


PARIS: Defence minister Rajnath Singh will meet French Presi nt Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Tuesday and receive the first of the 36 Rafale aircraft in the French port city of Bordeaux, where he will perform 'Shastra Puja' on the occasion of Dussehra and take a sortie in the fighter jet.


"Delighted to be in France. This great nation is India's important strategic partner and our special relationship goes far beyond the realm of formal ties. My visit to France is aimed at expanding the esting strategic partnership between both the countries," Singh tweeted after his arrival in Paris on Monday.


After his talks with Macron at the Elysee Pce in the French capital, Singh will be flown to Merignac, a suburb of the south-western French town of Bordeaux, where he will participate in the offi al handover ceremony for the first Rafale combat jet acquired by the Indian Air Force (IAF).


The ceremony coincides with the foundation day of the Indian Air Force as well as the day when Dussehra will be celebrated.




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Jagdish MadanVancouver BC6 hours ago

India has finally begun to pay its defence the importance it merits - after decades of deliberate and callous indifference.



LogicalYouTube Channel6 hours ago

The initial rafale deal before 2014 was about 90,000 crores for 126 rafales with 18 ready made. and 108 made in india with technology transfer to HAL with 70% work done by them 30% by dassault to make rafales in india.

 Modi gt changed that deal with 36 rafale for 59,000 crores rs with all 36 being ready made. And NO TECH TRANSFER.No Make in india.




LogicalYouTube Channel6 hours ago

Rafale deal is a Scam.



Dr Vidyadhar YellutlaBangalore5 hours ago

Owners pride and neighbors envy Rafale is finally arriving and Pakis and Raahu supporters needed truck load of burnol.



MidhunBengaluru6 hours ago

Welcome to India Rafale. you gonna be a real boost of IAF.



RGurgaon6 hours ago

Rajnathjee will fly a Rafale and attack Pakistan single handedly.



BDD D6 hours ago

What is India going to do with just one plane? It is hard to believe France can''t give only 36 planes until 2020.




Parthadeb ChakravortyIndia5 hours ago

Some hilarious comments from Modi haters and Congis. CAG has stated the NDA gt deal is 2.9pct cher than UPA. Also the UPA deal was not even complete. If they were in power negotiation on commission and kickbacks might have continued even now. On the contrary we are now getting the fantastic and aircraft and probably will order 36 more. Our enemies are unhappy and so is the opposition.



Shersha Souri2 hours ago

what is the unit price of Rafael jet??? its my tax money 100 crore indians want to know.




Robin SIndia3 hours ago

These frauds have bought one plane for three times the original cost still many fools are praising without realizing that they are cheated.



Shobha Reddy5 hours ago

india is safe under modiji



Paul Reddi5 hours ago

india is stronger than never before.thanks to modiji.



SmokingLand of Cannabis Indica3 hours ago

Please also pray that none of those Rafales crash down during routine sorties and our Piots lives aren't lost for free.



Napota Phukan3 hours ago

I really don''t understand why India has NOT yet been able to produce fighter aircrafts without Western technology or knowhow.



UdaysinhKathiyawad4 hours ago

What a coin dence, Dassehra and IAF day is falling together, today.



NVIYAINDIA5 hours ago

Finally!!!!!!!!! Rafale will see light of the day............ Rajnathji, All the very best!!!!!!! Indian Hearts are beating.........



Dilbag RaiChandigarh4 hours ago

Rafael induction in the IAF will strengthen the muscles to the forces.


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