California: Kidnapped Indian-American tech millionaire found dead in a car



WASHINGTON: A tech executive of Indian-origin was kidnapped from his home on the Pacific Ocean front in California on Tuesday and was found dead hours later in a case that has shocked the tech world and the Indian-American community.


Tushar Atre, 50, CEO of a digital marketing firm called AtreNet Inc., was taken from his ocean-front home at 3 am, bundled into white BMW belonging to a female friend, and driven away, according to the Santa Cruz police who responded to a 911 call from the property.

现年50岁的图沙尔·阿特雷是一家名为AtreNet Inc.的数字营销公司CEO。圣克鲁兹警方在接到该公司的911报警电话后表示,阿特雷于凌晨3点被人从海景房中带走,塞进其女性朋友的白色宝马车里,然后被带走。

Police immediately put out a look out notice but announced a few hours later that a car and a body, believed to be his, was found some 14 miles from his home, which is an hour south of Silicon Valley.


“We have some unfortunate news. We have found the car associated with this case along with a deceased person,” authorities said in a post, later identifying the body as that of Atre. The cause of death has not been ascertained as yet.


A graduate of New York University, Atre, according to his social media profile, studied literature but gravitated to the tech world, starting his career in a Silicon Valley company in the 1990s. He founded his own company focusing on web designs for other businesses, and according to postings online by his friends and critics, he was a hard-working and driven executive who had his share of critics and enemies.


Atre’s social media profile depicted an adventurous life of a “Surfer. Mushroom forager. Always on the go.” According to some accounts, he started a marijuana or cannabis enterprise a year ago, and one acquaintance told a local tv station that he may have been unfamiliar with the rules of the business.


Authorities said Atre was taken away from his home by more than one person and they were investigating all aspects of his life.



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Some techie in US dies and this happens to be headline news here in India, grow up guys the police in US will take care of such things why are we jum so much just because he happens to be of Indi...




You r what you sow. True.



T Man - 1 day ago -Follow

America is much safer than Ker.



Sangram Singh - New Delhi - 1 day ago -Follow

Going by the reviews of his employees, seems like the man was a tyrant. Plus the marijuana angle sent him to destination fuckkedd.



Sanjeev Sharma - El Segundo, California - 1 day ago -Follow

For those who hate NRI''s, last year NRI''s remitted some 80 Billion dollars to India.



Anmol Apte - Mumbai - 1 day ago

Such CEOs better killed.These are the true spammers of Silicon valley of US and many such ch executives mostly from India.He deserved to be killed.RIP you are not earthly material who can make money on the cost of others pain.I''m happy such CEO was killed.one less burden from the stressful society.



Rickshaw Driver - 1 day ago -Follow

He sold Marijuana, made some gangs angry, and was beaten to death. Bhakt Cheutiyas will follow him shortly.



T Man - 1 day ago -Follow

Tushar Atre was an immoral dirty man. He abandoned his mother and motherland. He never married and settled.



K - New Delhi - 1 day ago -Follow

No body shouts for these killing in America. Do we know how many Indians beside others have been killed there but nobody talk about law and order there.

Had it happened here all the prestitudes would have been barking like mad dog beside sold opposition.

Shame on double standards of India media.



Frank - India - 1 day ago -Follow

It is a sad news indeed !!. US Go nment should go to the bottom of the story and punishthe culprits. I am sure, they do. It might be having international, connections. It is sad that US lost a hard working, intellegent enterpenure. Our condolenses to their family.



Sainath Kalpathy - Vijayawada - 1 day ago -Follow

Whats this to do with INDIA ? this man has left INDIA for good and its NOT supposed to be a headline and an internal matter of USA ! Does US papers report some INDIAN dying in UP or Bihar ? lets concern ourselves with what matters to us and INDIA !




Ashish - 1 day ago -Follow

kidnapped in a female friend BMW at 3 am, seems case of love triangle and drugs



Mukesh Shah - 1 day ago -Follow

Too much greed end up in to death . A literature guy jumped in yo digital techie and then started business of marijuana and csnnabis it is the wrong track where drug trafficking guys are the gangsters and anything may happen !!



Arun Choudhary - 1 day ago -Follow

Very unfortunate news ,,,,



Sandeep Kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

A flood hit state with more then 70 deaths didn''t became a main new

But this one did. What is wrong with our county.



Glktsatya - Rajhendravaram - 1 day ago -Follow

Success breeds enemies also some times. Very unfortunate . His well intended business drive has costed his life. I have seen many successful ,persons maintaining low profile to avoid being noticed and watched ultimately .



Ashwani Kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

Gun culture and crime is part of US culture. Hope police will find the culprit.



Straight Talk - 1 day ago -Follow

A hard taskmaster and in drugs business! Enough to make many foes! But killing him is not





Frank - India - 1 day ago -Follow

Seems, some people are envious of Indian success story in USA


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