Mumbai man unzips, touches woman on BEST bus



MUMBAI: A 22-year-old man was arrested for allegedly unzip his pants on a crowded BEST bus and touching a woman inappropriately on Friday.


The accused, Rajendra Patil, a resi nt of Lal Dongar in Chembur has been sent to police custody, said an offi al from Marine Drive police station.


The police said that the woman, who was standing in the aisle, has stated that she initially thought that she was getting pushed as the bus was crowded. "She did not pay any heed to the person standing behind her. But eventually, as the crowd in the bus eased out, the man still moved behind her and that is when she realised that he was getting too close and almost leaning towards her," said a police officer.


The officer said that the woman then realised that the man's push was "inappropriate". "When she turned around, she saw that he had a haversack slung over his shoulders in the front and he had unzipped," said the officer, adding that the woman slapped him and alerted others on board.


Caught red-handed, the man immediately started zip his pants, said the officer.


Other commuters on the bus asked the driver to take the bus to Marine Drive police station where the accused was handed over to the police offi als.


Patil has been booked under sections that deal with outraging a woman's modesty and sexual harassment, said an officer.



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t k

cant believe people can actually do that in a bus....indian men can achieve heights of being sex maniacs



Daenerys9 hours ago

please release him, he is a hindu and the son of the soil. he is innocent. it was too hot that's why he unzipped his pants to let the breeze come in



MayankSh6 hours ago

How come a marathi is doing this? It should be a guy from UP or Bihar.




Abdul RawoofShimoga8 hours ago

This fellow may be a very active member of BJP



BhaijanIndia6 hours ago

That women might have put a false compnt ,this days whatever women say is takem at face value. We need CCTV in buses. Secondly how come noone saw him doing this and stopped him this raises suspicion in womens version of story.




Sana Shariff9 hours ago

Basic education to respect women should be implimented in schools ......



NationOthers8 hours ago

Overpopulation is the reason for which peoples have to board passenger vehicles like animals.



Sourav Mukherjee7 hours ago

I was of the idea that these normally happen in Delhi due to its uncultured crowd from UP, Bihar, Haryana...



AIndia7 hours ago

Most Maharashtrians would want the strictest punishment for this guy



Ali4 hours ago

Next BJP candidate



SameerPune6 hours ago

Bhakts can you not blame this on the Congress?



Kiran PatelEarth7 hours ago

She should have kicked him on his crown jewels.



Beef Nihari9 hours ago

Item Number culture is reducing Indian men to maniacs. No wonder India is ranked the world''s most dangerous country for women- not Iraq or Aghanistan.



Justin why?8 hours ago

Waiting for a Marathi to come in comment section and blame Up and Bihari for this.



Gxy8 hours ago

one more master stroke by Modi goverment



vinay d11 hours ago

Put him in Jail for 6 Month''s.. Other''s who have such intensions will change their mind. Simple..



Bchandramenon VengasserryAlappuzha7 hours ago

In such cases police case is time consuming. It is better 2 or 3 passengers properly deal this dirty idiot so that he won''t repeat such acts in his life time.



Srinivasa Raghavan3 hours ago

Its better to legalize prostituition in india. Though many wont agree, sexual desire is natural. All animals have it. Instead of doing all these things in open and troubling others they can satisfy themselves with a prostitute



Anis Shaikh7 hours ago

Drinking too much alcohol is making a person worse than animal.



Qader A8 hours ago

What a development during Modi''s go nment rule, since 2014 the rise in Rape, lynching, murder, molest ration increased.



Karan10 hours ago

new india...



Hites Gupta11 hours ago

this guy is day dreaming porn movies watched @ night


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