Indian-American Sikh police officer shot in Texas



NEW DELHI: Sandeep Dhaliwal, an Indian-American Sikh police officer who grabbed news headlines when he was permitted to grow a beard and wear a turban on the job in the US, was shot on Friday during a mid-day traffic stop, authorities said. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he succumbed.


The 41-year-old cop, originally from Dhaliwal in Punjab’s Kapurthala district, was a 10-year veteran of the Harris county sheriff’s office and became its first-ever Sikh deputy in January 6, 2015. He was gunned down while conducting a mid-day routine traffic stop in Houston, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. “He wore the turban, he represented his community with integrity, respect and pride and he was respected by all,” Gonzalez said at a press conference on Friday night.


According to Major Mike Lee of the sheriff’s office, “The dashboard camera video showed Dhaliwal and the suspect, Robert Solis, 47, still in his car, having a conversation with no sign of confrontation. A few seconds after Dhaliwal returned to his squad car, the suspect ran up and shot him in the head multiple times.” Solis was charged late Friday with capital murder.


A woman who heard the shot also saw Solis run to a getaway car. Lee said the suspect then went to a store nearby. After a brief search, authorities detained Solis, who has a criminal record that includes convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated kidnapping and driving while intoxicated.



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Dhiru in USA

Too many guns in wrong people''s hands. Very sad incident. Prayers for the family.



Anna Lakhe

Why is he called an Indian even after fled from India?



Jagdish MadanVancouver BC5 hours ago

A good man lost to mindless hatred! Rest in peace Dhaliwal!




Bibhash Goswami3 hours ago

Stop this news now. Ok tell me why i should be proud for him.



Apinder Pal SinghHYDERABAD4 hours ago

The PM should also put out a tweet in condolence of the fallen Sikh.



sankepally rajainder reddy5 hours ago

RIP. it was racial hatred crime



Ashish2 hours ago

Americans will remain racists forever , Trump is no friend of India



Siva K3 hours ago

The Government of United States must revoke the right to bear arms guaranteed in US constitution.



Kumar2 hours ago

Displaying religion identify in public services not good practice, why wear such headgear, beard in police military etc? humanity is above all religious faith, be human first which solves many issues, it's mostly the shooter mistook him as one terrorist




NationOthers4 hours ago

Why a death of an police officer in duty in USA is highlighted in India as there is no angle of racial attack? Identity politics?



Rewarding2 hours ago

RIP indian born foreign officer



Saran Roy2 hours ago

Dhaliwal was a brave police officer. The culprit who killed him must be hanged.



Manish R SinhaMumbai, India3 hours ago

That is why guns should not be distributed as prasad... too many guns are creating nusaince in US.



JayantMumbai4 hours ago

Rest In Peace dear Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhariwal........my HEARTFELT Condolences for the bereaved family. The TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL



ParveenBattlefield60 minutes ago

RIP bro..



A1 hours ago

Why has the perpetrator been named ? It is always hushed up. Ohh, it was not a pi$$ful !




pramLocation1 hours ago

Officer got killed in line of duty in US. Probably because of his turban and beard, Probably, Murderer took him as a Muslim.



Sajjan Singh Shaktawat2 hours ago

Very sad. US Govt should regulate weapons



EkdesiUSA3 hours ago

Suspect already has a criminal record that includes convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated kidnapping and driving while intoxicated. So, it is unlikely a racial killing.



NationcomesfirstMother INDIA3 hours ago

This looks like a premeditated killing. Eventhough the man pulled trigger, it seems to be it was carried out with direct instructions from someone else ( political party?).It should be investigated thoroughly and get to the bottom..RIP officer. My prayers are with you and Ur grieving family members..



ManoharNagpur3 hours ago

God bless you and your family. RIP Sandeep !!



Ram Bharat Charankamal4 hours ago




Dreet4 hours ago

Just a few days after the Houston extravaganza a few miles away



Melania MorphJahanabad5 hours ago

These type of Indian-American sixers must die like this .. excellent news !!!


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