Army chopper crashes in Bhutan, both pilots killed



NEW DELHI: A Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Army crashed in eastern Bhutan Friday afternoon, killing both the pilots, offi al sources said.


The single-engine helicopter was on its way from Khirmu in A Pradesh to Yonphula in Bhutan and went out of radio and visual contact soon after 1 pm.


Both the pilots - one Indian and the other from Royal Bhutanese Army - were killed, they said.


Ground search and rescue operation was launched immediately and the wreckage of the helicopter has been located, the sources said, adding the crash took place around 1 pm near Yonphula.



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Please change this cheetah helicopters and MIG -21 Fighters as soon as possible. They are the killer of our forces



Mithilesh Gupta

It is very sad. Off late, in dents of crashing MIGs or helicopters have increased. The matter requires utmost attention because not only a costly fly...



Evans Sumitra

A very sad in dent. May the souls of the IAF pilots RIP. Condolences to the bereaved families and friends.



Hena20 hours ago

It seems might be using some Electro Magnetic high impulse won on India,s Choppers and other Air Planes to jam ronics circuits of the planes as there have been a number of that kind crashes in recent years.



Rajesh Singh17 hours ago

Cheetah is not supposed to fly. Change the name to falcon or something.



Lumteeng• 8 hours ago

BIackies must blame Imran Khan for this crash.



Millan• 13 hours ago

getting bored by daily reading same news.... kuch to change karo yaar.



Srinivas Dhangar• Pune, Maharashtra • 13 hours ago

Sad rip



Tara• 13 hours ago

How long these old machine will be used. They are proving liabilities now. Stop them immediately Modi ji.



Somesh Sahu• Pune • 14 hours ago




Indian• India • 14 hours ago

It is interesting to see that armed force aviation losing their planes in the A and Bhutan whereas civil aviation planes are unharmed. I see some foul play in the bordering areas.



Hardik Mathur• 15 hours ago

Extremely sad,May their soul rest in peace



Raybond• 15 hours ago

have invented an equipment which jams ronic signals and fries circuit boards. This is modern warfare adopted by .



John George• Kuwait • 15 hours ago

Something seriously wrong in the Indian Airforce esepecially . Loss of life and equipment is perhaps the highest in the world during peace time. Same goes with the Indian Navy too



Anna• 15 hours ago

Chopper, MIG, SUKHOI and now Raffle is coming for Indian monkeys.



Hiten Indie• Delhi • 15 hours ago

On an average, there is one air crash every month involving IAF aircraft. Shouldn''t air chief marshal and defence minister provide some answers? Is it aging machines or inadequate training? Chal kya raha hai is desh me? Netas are busy banging girls while enemy is drop arms using drones, pilots keep on dying in crashes.....



Hiten Indie• Delhi • 15 hours ago

Single engine helicopter for army use, that also in mountain terrain? That''s quite zing. Will defence ever transport a VIP or VVIP in single engine helicopter? Answer is NO, as you are well aware of risks involved. This clearly shows how much defence big wigs care about our pilots and jawaans.

军用单引擎直升机,能飞越山地?那很了不起。国防部是否会用单引擎直升机接送VIP ?



Smarty• 15 hours ago

Tragic.,Condolences to the near and dear ones.



Ritchie• NYC • 15 hours ago

Bery unfortinate in dent. RIP. This is death due to co ption in this country



Pradeep Bhatia• 15 hours ago

Most of the crashes are of aircraft made in India. This is the 21st century and we continue to produce poor quality equipment, be it aircraft, warships, INSAS rifle, Arjun t k. The maintenance is also substandard. We are not only putting are soldiers at risk but the whole national security. Only the netas and babus are to be blamed.



Goutham• 16 hours ago

Feeling sorry for their loss. Hope their soul rest in peace and new technology based chopper to be developed to prevent accidents



Ayub• 16 hours ago

It has become common in Indian air force . Every other day we will read such stories.



Vasai • 16 hours ago



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