Bengaluru rician loses Rs 33 lakh to ‘Italian’ girlfriend



BENGALURU: The dream of leading a blissful, married life with newfound girlfriend from Italy came crashing down for this 45-year-old Chikkaballapura rician, who was also left poorer by Rs 33 lakh. The hapless man has now approached police as a victim of matrimonial fraud.


RK Muniraja of Teachers’ Colony in Chikkaballapura town, 60km from Bengaluru, has stated that tryst with the sweet-talking fraudster has landed him in de t. The rician’s story started after he divorced his wife and registered himself on a matrimonial website.


Masters in sociology, Muniraja met Daksha Patel J online on August 31. After frequent chatting, she expressed interest in him and said she wanted to marry him.

穆尼拉贾拥有社会学硕士学位,于8月31日在网上结识了Daksha Patel J。经过频繁的交谈,她对他表示有好感,并想嫁给他。

I’ve lost everything: Fraud victim


She cmed she’s rich, but had been denied the kind of love he showered on her. She told him she would convince her parents about the marriage and transfer Rs 1.5 crore to his account before relocating to India.


On September 8, she told him she was heading to India with Rs 1.5 crore in foreign currency. Later, she called him and said she has been detained at Delhi airport by customs offi als for carrying a huge amount of cash. She told Muniraja she needed to pay the customs offi als to receive a clearance certificate for the foreign currency and sought money in Indian rupees from him.


Moved by her story, Muniraja raised loans and withdrew Rs 5 lakh from his savings and transferred Rs 33 lakh to the list of bank accounts she sent him. After the money was transferred, the doors started shutting on him, and her phone numbers. He approached the branch manager of a bank who told him he had become a victim of fraud. Muniraja said he had built his dream at a huge cost: Paying Rs 1 lakh monthly interest on loans he had raised for her. He said, “Call it stupidity or greed, I’ve lost everything. I used to speak to her in broken English believing she was genuine. I appeal to all to be cautious while engaging strangers online.”



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We lost India itself to an Italian girlfriend for 10 years !



Mirza Ayaz baig•6 hours ago

Awareness program is a must. It is the service that every state should host. programs on fraud awareness is a must.,A campaign on high level is a must. The police department has a vital role to play.



sachin•18 hours ago

Somebody tried to lost whole country to a Italian wife. But now we are safe.



Stanley Austin•18 hours ago

Being an rician, he must have got a “SHOCK” of his life.



Yestee•19 hours ago

This guy is a born Idiot...



Rmurthy Venkateswaran•Bangalore India•19 hours ago

This poor rician spent Rs.33 lakhs to learn a lesson



Akshay•20 hours ago

simple English proverb - if something appears too good to be true then it probably isn't true-



N•21 hours ago

this is nothing new, similar fraud has been reported in the past also.,Awareness is required for the People not to fall prey for greed



Ramesh Sargam•Bangalore•21 hours ago

What a tragedy? How come the name "Italy" doesn''t go well with "India"?



Saurav Yadav•Gorakhpur•21 hours ago

I think it is really very bad thing happened to this rician I think cops will investigate fast and he will get his money



JAFFER SHAJI•21 hours ago

Can''t the police track down that lady thru the bank accounts in which the money was transferred



Wreck•22 hours ago

a fool and his money .......



Bonny Moraes•Goa•22 hours ago

Quite an expensive affair.



Anantha Prasanna•Unknown•22 hours ago

Another Bhakra. Wonder how an rician will be able to raise Rs 33 Lakhs? Unfortunately, many people do not read news papers, where similar articles are printed. Scamsters know the wekness of men .



Ram Bharat Charankl•22 hours ago

Is she related to Sonia Gandhi?



Guptan Veemboor•Bangalore•22 hours ago

It says that he is an rician. But his educational qualification is a Masters in Sociology.



Viswanath Shastry•BENGALURU•23 hours ago

This is really a High Voltage Electric Shock for this Electrician.



Rajeev Desai•Mumbai•23 hours ago

italian mafia ! Beware of their members...

意大利黑手党! 要小心他们的成员…

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