Why Karnataka villagers barred entry of a Dalit BJP MP



BENGALURU: BJP MP from Chitradurga, A Narayanaswamy, was barred from visiting a village in his constituency as he is a Dalit, with villagers arguing the entry of an “untouchable” would bring misfortune upon them. The minister, accompanied by officials, had gone to Pemmanahalli, about 150km from Bengaluru, on Monday to begin development work in the region.

班加罗尔: 来自Chitradurga的人民党议员纳拉亚纳斯瓦米是一名达利特。就因为其达利特身份,他所在选区的一个村庄禁止其进村,村民们认为“贱民”的进入会给他们带来不幸。周一,这名部长在官员陪同下前往距离班加罗尔约150公里的彭马纳哈里,开始该地区的调研工作。

Though stunned by the village’s resistance, the MP said he would not lodge a police complaint. “FIRs are not answers to social evils. We need to educate them,” he said.


It was on such a mission that Narayanaswamy went to Pemmanahalli in Pavagada, among the most backward taluks in Tumakuru district, on Monday evening. At the entrance of the Golla (Yadav) village, he was stopped and told that as a Madiga, an untouchable, he could not proceed further. Representatives of some NGOs, including Narayana Hrudayalaya Foundation, and others accompanying the MP were allowed to enter.

正是出于这样的使命,纳拉亚纳斯瓦米于周一晚上前往帕瓦加达的彭马纳哈里,这是图马库鲁地区最落后的乡村之一。在戈拉(亚达夫阶层)村的入口处,有人拦住他,告诉他,作为一名贱民,他不能再往前走了。一些非政府组织的代表,包括Narayana Hrudayalaya基金会和其他人员陪同该议员进村。

For decades, the village, comprising 150 Golla families, has been barring Dalits in the belief that their entry will bring harm to them. Ironically, Narayanaswamy polled a majority of the Golla votes in the Lok Sabha elections in May.


Taken aback, the MP reasoned with the villagers, mostly priests of the community, then protested that discrimination against a caste would attract punishment. Villagers did not budge even when threatened with legal action and maintained that no Dalit has ever entered the village. Policemen and officials with the MP watched as the faceoff continued for about half an hour. Narayanswamy left in a huff. A video of the conversation went viral and the state government ordered an inquiry.



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Prabhakar Naidu•2663•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Prabhakar Naidu•3 hours ago •Follow

This caste based discrimination a still kept alive by most of the Hindus, this is pathetic and deplorable.



Avtaar Guru•1164•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Avtaar•Earthling•2 hours ago

True color of BJP showing up slowly...regressive country is BJP mantra..



Karthik Balakrishnan•2347•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Karthik Balakrishnan•4 hours ago

THis is pathetic and disgusting. I am quick taken back by the calm and dignified position of the MP. Thats the real character. Whats surprising is the Narayana Hrudayala and other NGO workers were alllowed. If I was there, I would have stormed out along with the MP.

可悲,恶心。我被这位议员冷静而威严的立场所折服,这才是真正的人物。令人惊讶的是,Narayana Hrudayala和其他非政府组织的工作人员却被允许进村。如果我在那里,我一定会和这位议员一起愤然离开。


sandesh kumar•30• Sandesh•4 hours ago

I saw the video clip.... I appreciate the MP's composure through out the incidents..... these practices of discrimination should soon come to an end...



Mohan Tvm•Influencer Wordsmith News King • sandesh kumar•tvm•2 hours ago

It may be a drama staged by the benami paid media just for getting a video clip for the SICKular election campaign. The BJP MP behaved with composure through out the incidents and avoided a major controversy.



BIJOY BANERJI•5492•Influencer Wordsmith News King • BIJOY BANERJI•ODISHA•2 hours ago

Our Lord Ram Tought us Love is Greter Than Caste by eating half eaten Fruit of a Dalit . I am a Brahmin . I am True follower of Ram . In my School life , When a Dalit Friend Bite the Small Chocolate to make it two, & give me give one half , I ate it .Because my Lord Ram Tought me that . My that Friend is also So Called Untouchable . In modern day , Caste have No Value


Satheesh Kumar•100•Member • BIJOY BANERJI•2 hours ago

True word. Now a days caste is no value. Let us join hands together to abolish the importance of the caste.



RADHAKRISHNAN PATTATH•1300•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • RADHAKRISHNAN PATTATH•3 hours ago

The MP has no say in this. These culprits are to be arrested and put in a jail where cooking is done by Dalits and no other food is allowed. These idiots are to be made to clean their own latrines in shifts for a month.



Partha Mondal•1793•Wordsmith News King Member • Partha Mondal•4 hours ago

Just think if a minister is treated in this manner, how a common man will be treated. BJP must speak out against untouchability.



Mohan Tvm•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Partha Mondal•tvm•2 hours ago

This is called the WHITE RACISM. It started after the British arrived here in India



Vydhyaraja Vellala•5931•Influencer Wordsmith Inboxer • Vydhyaraja•Bangalore•2 hours ago

whoever has done it , they dont deserve to be called human beings .



Sayeed Ahmed .V•421• Sayeed•4 hours ago

Dalit BJP MP should respect the sentiment of upper caste and avoid unnecessary controversy.


KN Srinivasan•20• Sayeed Ahmed .V•3 hours ago

you are a fox trying to fish the troubled water



Charan Alemada•277•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Charan•Bangalore, India•2 hours ago

all because of Congress style politics, even now people follow untouchability


Indian First• Charan Alemada•Bangalore•1 hour ago

Blind Bhakt , it's ur BJPee which is involved in caste politics not Congress ...

stop blaming cong for ur own shortcomings ..

Even if some day street lights are not on, U idiots say Nehru is responsible for it ..



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