Howdy, Modi: White House confirms Donald Trump will attend PM Modi rally in US



WASHINGTON: The White House has formally confirmed that US Presi nt Donald Trump will participate in the “Howdy, Modi” rally in Houston, Texas, on September 22 leading up to the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to the US next week. The joint appearance at such a large rally will be an unprecedented event in the annals of US-India relations, and indeed US ties with any country.


“The event, 'Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, B Futures,' is expected to draw tens of thousands of people. It will be a great opportunity to emphasize the strong ties between the people of the United States and India, to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the world’s oldest and largest democracies, and to discuss ways to deepen their energy and trade relationship,” the White House said in an announcement of the event, first reported in Times of India on Sunday


Following the “Howdy, Modi” rally in Texas, the White House said Trump will travel to Wapakoneta, Ohio, where he will be joined by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia for a tour of a new, Australian-owned manufacturing facility. Trump’s presence at the events are aimed at underscoring the important partnerships between the United States and India, and Australia, the White House statement added.


The Houston rally, the third such event by Prime Minister Modi in the US after a breakthrough public meeting in New York at the Madison Square Gardens, New York in 2014 and in Silicon Valley in 2017, is expected to surpass anything hosted for or by a foreign leader on American soil. Organisers of the event, to be held at the 50,000-capacity NRG Stadium say it is already sold out.


But organisers of the event say they have no problem attracting people for the event in America’s fourth-largest city, which along with surrounding areas and nearby cities, has an Indian-origin population of more than 150,000. Many enthusiastic Modi supporters are expected to fly in or drive in from different parts of the country.



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S K•2 hours ago •Follow

Show of Indian Soft power which Pakistan, and many worried and jealous about



Desh•2 hours ago

Last ions Modiji appealed to all Indians plz ve for Trump, after ions hate crimes ag inst Indians increased, US started telling what to do, when to do. who to buy from.



Abhijet Singh•DUBAI•2 hours ago

Modi is the biggest influence of current global po itics.......even Trump is well aware of this fact



Desh•2 hours ago

Trump like last time will take advantage of Modi's visit and after getting re ed, he will increase tariffs on Indian goods, make life miserable for Indians living there and bully us like he did in his current tenure.



Balinder•2 hours ago

It will be good script for a comedy movie



Shapoor Bomanjee•2 hours ago

Trump is joining purely to get Indian resi nts in U S , ves for his next ions. Very smart move by the U S A.



Ashish• Shapoor Bomanjee•2 hours ago

both with gain , only looser is beggar imran and Rahul Gandhi who can never match Modi till he is there in indian po itics



Shahid Qadri•kashmir•2 hours ago

Mr. Presi nt will definitely talk about Kashmir issue, Indians will start abusing him again.



Somnath DasGupta•Calcutta, India•2 hours ago

Good to see convergence of interests and see nothing beyond it. Mr.Modi needs to keep Mr.Trump off "mediation" and seek US support (including its pet corgi UK''s) in UNSC while Mr. Trump needs the support of the Indian diaspora in his presi ntial re-ion bid. Dimran khan Niazi should be invited along with leaders of Baloch liberation army, Altaf Hussien and PTM leader and seated together in the front row.



santosh•2 hours ago

One flight give to public also so taht we can also enjoy holidays with you. Who said that modiji is never holiday, foreign tour is holiday or not. 24 hour meeting is not happening anywhere. Foreign drink, foreign food. India is poor but PM is rich.


Raja• santosh•2 hours ago

India is not poor you rat...



Balinder• pradeep iyengar•2 hours ago

America ruined many of its friends in Asia now it's India's turn



cartoon life•2 hours ago

That''s a great news I will be proud of a Indian



Vihin•Nihiv•2 hours ago

With 3 decade of experience, Modi ji is available to prome, publicize, compaign, advertise anybody in India or outside India.


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