Govt's intention is to save lives, not earn revenue through fines: Nitin Gadkari on new traffic rules



NEW DELHI: Union minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said the government's intention behind bringing the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act (MV Act) was not to collect revenues through fines but to save lives of people.


The minister pointed out that the number of deaths caused by road accidents is highest in India.


"First of all, the MV Act comes under the Concurrent List. Both state and central governments have a right to make laws on it. As for the fines, there is a gap like from Rs 10 to 100. So, the state government can take a decision in this regard. It is not the government's intention to earn revenues through fines," he said while talking to reporters at an event here.


His remarks came as a response to a question on some state governments reportedly planning to dilute the act by reducing the fines.


The minister said saving lives of people is a priority for the government.


"The problem is they neither have fear nor respect for laws. Aren't the lives of people more important than fines? If you don't break the laws, you won't be fined. And I want to thank you for your (media) reporting. Now, people are getting their driving licenses and other documents. Accidents will reduce. The lives of people will be saved, that is our priority," he said.



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When Indians go abroad and return they keep on lecturing for hours together as to how strict the police and traffic system in those countries. But when it is introduced in India the same people curs...



Ramesh•delhi•19 hours ago •Follow

Why no give helmet, insurance, puc if found driving without them. Drivers can pay



Anand•22 hours ago

The rickshaws have left my city due to potholes.



Indian•Bangalore•1 day ago

If the intention is to save people life , strengthen the driving license issuing process first(Most of the corruption is done here), set up proper infrastructure & keep the roads clean . Hefty fine are not the solution . Only drink & drive should be fined heavily others should be economic . Now police are looting public with this policy. Use your brain to strengthen the system & not to bash people always .



Raj Mohan•Chennai•1 day ago

this is daylight robbery. ill advised move.



Joe Ranjith•1 day ago

@Natraj: Do the same Indians also talk about well paved and maintained roads, cops who doesn''t harass people and smooth traffic system that does not change overnight? First get them done and no one will oppose fines.



Mannu•1 day ago

just make all documents ready why so afraid



Vineet•New Delhi•1 day ago

If people respect everyone''s life, follow rules then why he/she would pay a single penny as fine.



aaaa bbbb•1 day ago

Hi, of course intentions of the govt is clear. But, are they not responsible to improve the conditions of the roads as well. Foreign countries have a well maintained roads as well to facilitate the commuters. One can not only copy the laws and leave other things. Don''t know about other places, but in Punjab, conditions of roads are poor.



Sanjay Kanal•1 day ago




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi•Mumbai•1 day ago

Yes ! laudable objective .But we all know the credibility of the police -which is zero .They will book till their target is reached rest is in pocket .i knowat one time Home Minister in Maharashtra collects Rs 5000/ way back in 1980 from each police station every month the scoudrel is still live and looting with his sons



Sarada P•1 day ago

if that is really your intention then give good road first.



Gurunathan•1 day ago

The problem is not the quantum of fine but the harassment by the cops who demand bribe in lieu of fines.



Harshul•1 day ago

If your intention is to save lives then hand over helmets to them rather then imposing fines



Jewan Alemao•Keysborough•1 day ago

Follow the rules and you will never pay a fine. The measures put in place are for your own good.



Mohan•1 day ago

such a lie.



kko•India•1 day ago

If the intention is to save lifes, then instead of issuing challans to traffic violators announce incentives like rewarding 100 rupees for wearing helmet or providing 1 litre petrol for driving carefully...blah..bla



Kapil•1 day ago

if the intention is not to earn revenue then u can do one thing. sent him directly to Jain for a period of 7 days, 14 days so on..



Vivek•1 day ago

we are alright with the fines but can we just have better roads? if u r so concerned about lives u should know that bike and rickshaw drivers have died due to portholes.

我们接受罚款,但政府能不能把路修好点吗? 真关心生命,路上坑洞太多,很多自行车和人力车司机出事故而丧命。

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