Minor girl elopes with lover after ‘poisoning’ family in UP



BAREILLY: In a sensational turn of events, a minor girl eloped with her boyfriend after allegedly mixng poison in food meant for her family. At least seven members of the family reportedly consumed it and fell unconscious. The incident took place in a village under Mainather police station limits in Moradabad district on Tuesday.


The girl allegedly mixed some toxc substances in the food that was served to all the family members. Police said that after consuming the food, her mother, two sisters, two brothers, sister-in-law and nephew fell unconscious, thereafter she eloped with the accused.


Incidentally, the man, who eloped with the minor, was in jail on charges of committing alleged rape on the same girl. He is now out of jail on bail. Police said that the family was against their “relationship”.


Superintendent of police (rural) Uday Shankar Singh said that on the basis of a complaint filed by the girl’s father, an FIR had been lodged. The SP added that two family members of the girl have been discharged from the hospital while a woman and her child is still under observation.


Mainather station house officer Manoj Kumar Singh said, “Since the girl is a minor, we have registered a case against the accused Arvind Kumar under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 328 (causing hurt by means of poison) and 307 (attempt to murder) of Indian Penal Code and have started investigating the case. We are also conducting searches to locate the girl.” He added that they are trying to find out the age of the girl.

Mainather派出所警官马努基称:“由于该女孩是未成年人,我们已根据印度刑法120 B(刑事共谋),328(投毒造成伤害和307(试图谋杀)对男子阿尔温德·库马尔立案,并已经开始调查此案。我们也在寻找那个女孩。警方在确认女孩的年龄。“”

The father of the minor had earlier in December 2018, registered a case of rape against the accused. However, when he came out on bail, he had allegedly threatened the girl’s brother of dire consequences if the family opposed to their relationship.



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euresh•297•Wordsmith Member • Francis Bourne•1 hour ago

leave India



Ravi Agarwal• Francis Bourne•3 hours ago

No..he Is a child rapist..pop from vetican city



MTR•166• Mtr•2 hours ago

What is happening in yogiadityanath's UP..too many such cases



Mohan M•1454•Wordsmith Member • MTR•1 hour ago

Too many cases are being reported now, earlier everything was swept under carpet



Chowkidar Sunil Kokrady•1661•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Chowkidar Sunil Kokrady•India•1 hour ago

Will Our film industry take a note. Our films are increasing becoming vulgar and violent.It is high time The secularism will turn any nation into Cambodia.



sonu•1220•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Sonu•2 hours ago

This is the development under BJP rul



Ahmed Shaikh•3979•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Ahmed Shaikh•mumbai•2 hours ago

Good news is that no one dies all are safe



Indian•203•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Indian•2 hours ago

greed, sex runninghigh on peoples mind



Rene Fernandez•14677•Influencer Movie Buff Wordsmith • Rene Fernandez•juffair•2 hours ago

Our laws are a joke . How can any rapist get bail within 5 years ???? He will do it again and again as there will be no fear of the law . Also the minor girl must be tried as an adult for her horrible crime and punished like a adult





Ashok Kumar•9480•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Ashok•2 hours ago

It is the girl suffering from extreme Sex heat that she poisoned her own family and willingly eloped. If it was not that boy, she might have done that with another...... Nayure made Boys sexually unstable but females are stable....So medical problem might be with girl.



Priyanjan Kumar•1247•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Priyanjan Kumar•Bengaluru•1 hour ago

The girl should never be allowed inside home again. This time no one died , who knows next time she might succeed in killing everyone in family. The Girl will learn the lesson on life after getting gang raped and thrown on street by the same rapist she absconded with. And then she should be left on street to feed herself however she desires. She should be dead for the family the moment she decided to kill entire family.



Gundchedilal Parose•5291• Gundchedilal•1 hour ago

Choooodaaii ka chaska Chada diamond usne Minor ko, his /) should be chopped off



gaana usee•6047• Gaana•1 hour ago

What's going on?



Kricket•331• Kricket•2 hours ago

How come no names of the accused is mentioned?


David •556•News King Frequent Flyer Member • Kricket•Mumbai•55 mins ago

Read again



Shasti Brata•18773• Shasti Brata•2 hours ago

I do hope that this rapist will soon suffer an ''accident'' in the treacherous roads of Bareilly. The girl badly needs psychological counseling.


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