Young girl is kidnapped and gang-raped by six men... then has her head shaved and is paraded through the streets as PUNISHMENT by her village in India


A young girl has been gang-raped until she lost consciousness, before having her head shaved and being paraded through her village as punishment.


Six men kidnapped the child when she went to the toilet and dragged her to the roof of a Panchayat building - a local self-go nment system in place in India.


Police said the girl was repeatedly raped by the men until she passed out in Gaya district of Bihar, east India, on August 14.


A villager saw her a day after the attack and told her family - who took her home.


But the Panchayat, which is reportedly under the influence of the accused's family, called for the girl to be punished.


She had her head shaved and was marched through the village.


A first information report was made at the local police station on Monday, 11 days after the rape.


Police reportedly only stepped in after the victim and her mother contacted the top officer in the district on Saturday.


Officer Niranjana Kumari said six people have been arrested.



She said: 'All the five panchayat members, who held the meeting and ordered the punishment, have been named as accused in the case under the POCSO [Protection of Children from Sexual Offence] Act and have been detained.


'Besides, Devlal Yadav, who was identified by the survivor as one of the six accused of the gangrape, has also been detained.'


But Ravibhusan, who is Officer-Incharge at Mohanpur police station, added: 'The survivor has so far not been able to identify the rest of the accused in the gangrape case.'



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Errol Gunn, Pretoria, South Africa, 7 days ago

So a child is punished but her rapists detained? And they'll probably get off and blame the child for being on the toilet which turned them on and led to her being raped by them! Indian men should be ashamed of themselves and bring an end to their thinking that it's always the child, girl or woman who's at fault but never them and their sick minds! May the next monsoon drown those responsible for this barbarity!





Kalou, Quebec, Canada, 6 days ago

Well said !



dallas lady, staffs, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

The death penalty for raping a young girl under 12, this should be the penalty for rape of anyone any age.



Joe Francis, Wells, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

So, a child gets attacked, abducted and raped by six grown men, and somehow, that's HER fault? Would anybody from the village care to explain this one?



Poppy, E Anglia, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

How can a society of human beings believe that this behaviour by men is in any way acceptable. To extremely sexually abuse a chid of six years old and then for the abusers to have the power to further mistreat a child in this way beggars belief. I hope that these rapists will get the severest of punishments.



Judge, Geneva, Switzerland, 7 days ago

Earth is hell



sivvyb, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Unbelievable. Poor girl. What's wrong wih these people to then blame her.l



azeri lady, North east UK Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Poor little girl. My heart goes out to her. This story is so heartbreaking.



butterfly, London, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

The Indian go nment need to do something now!!!! Rather than creating war.




chris, manchester, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

These men and the people that allow them to continue with their utterly vile behaviour and then punish somebody's child make my skin crawl with disgust.



Name Pending, City, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

I wish I could adopt that child and help her



Gp, Sydney, Australia, 7 days ago

I can't imagine what that poor child has been through. I hope she gets some kind of justice now.



mcgl, norwich, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

I wonder how this rape culture has affected tourism? I know that I will never take my family to India.



mrmingly, Croydon, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

And the UK sends AID to this country ?..... beggars belief



RaONE, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Death penalty isn't good enough. They need to suffer in excruciating pain before their life is ended.



midnightrider1963, Windy City, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Only read the first line to know it would be India. What is wrong with these people.



Bactine, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

You hear all the time about girls only going to the bathroom once a day because of the danger.



Unanchored, Florida, United States, 7 days ago

That whole country is full of trash men. All the women should just leave the area and leave them to it.



Arjayem, East of the Sun, 7 days ago

Poor little girl



Tru-Observer, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

kick the corrupt prime minster out and hang these vile creatures!



abid123, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

There it must be scary being a female



Aztec, Under-a-Rock, Finland, 7 days ago

Can't find the words to describe how disgusted I am by this story.



Live in Somerset, Taunton, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

What is wrong with some men? That poor baby.



fiftynotout, Solihull, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Is this 2019?



Evil One, Wallasey, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Punished for what?



abid123, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Its becoming every day thing there it needs to stop for god sake modiii



Minky, New York, United States, 7 days ago

I just have no words...my god



wendy, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Sick society when you punish the victim.



kasiacakes, surrey, 7 days ago

Did I just read that right?



Heidi babes, Manchester, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

What a ridiculous world we live in ?



PROUD_AND_LOUD, BRITANNIA, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

There are just NO WORDS..........Pure EVIL



Frenchcake, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

This case is going to cause outcry. Those men are good as dead


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