Russia to select & train 4 of 12 Indian astronauts for Gaganyaan mission



NEW DELHI/MOSCOW: Russia will select and train four Indian astronauts out of the 12 India will send to the country for an intense training in order to prepare them for India’s maiden human spaceflight programme or Gaganyaan mission, scheduled for launch by early 2022, the deadline fixed by PM Narendra Modi during his I-Day speech last year. Under the Rs 10,000 crore manned space mission, India will send at least three Indians to space for 5-7 days, where they will conduct various micro-gravity tests.

新德里/莫斯科: 俄罗斯将从12名印度宇航员中选出4名加以培训。这4名印度宇航员将赴俄罗斯进行强化培训,为印度2022年初的首次载人航天计划“Gaganyaan”任做准备,2022年这是莫迪总理在去年的“独立日”演讲中确定的最后期限。在这个耗资1000亿卢比的载人航天任务中,印度将至少派3名印度宇航员进入太空5-7天,进行各种微重力试验。

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) chairman K Sivan told TOI that "India will send 12 astronauts to Russia. Of them, Russia will select and train four for the advanced training".

印度空间研究组织(Isro)主席K Sivan告诉《印度时报》:“印度将送12名宇航员赴俄罗斯,俄罗斯将从中选出四名进行高级培训。”

During a recent meeting between Russian space agency Roscosmos director general Dmitry Rogozin and national security adviser Ajit Doval in Moscow, the two sides had discussed on selection and training of four Indian astronauts at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City of Moscow Oblast to prepare them for the space mission, a Roscosmos statement said. After the Russian training, the four astronauts will be prepared for the mission back in India in the remaining months before the launch by December 2021 or early 2022.


If India’s Gaganyaan mission is successful, it will become the fourth country in the world after Russia, the US and to be capable of sending astronauts to space.



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Dipak Bhatt•2 hours ago

All the very best to would be selected space suttle passengers.



Pankaj Patel•2 hours ago

Thanks Russia



Balachandramenon Vengasserry•Alappuzha•3 hours ago

At every critical juncture there is this good old friend Russia to help us. Long live Indo-Russia friendship.



Laxmi Narayan Sharma•Ahmedabad•3 hours ago

Indian Government need to spend the public money carefully, our economy is in very poor condition. SO many people losing jobs, Industries are sacking employees, We are unable to face trailer of Recession, recession yet to start.



Sanjoy•3 hours ago

Thanks Russia.



Ayub Ali Khan•N R MOHALLA MYSORE•4 hours ago

again its useless mission, simply wasting time and money, why not understanding our government. instead of spennding money such useless mission spend on pouerty and poor poeple



Kamalika Pandey•4 hours ago

Best wishes for success of the Gangayan Mission.



RVK 2012•4 hours ago

We should train these Russians. We have been to space some thousand years back so we should share the experiences with the world so the world can come par with us. Jai Hind



Partha Banerjee•4 hours ago

Thats very good decision taken by Russian govt. and also good wishes to them who will be trained by Russian. Congrats once again.



Sankaranarayanan Parasuraman•4 hours ago

Russia could not do Chandraayan lander even after taking years of extended time and finally we created our own lander successfully. We have to believe on ourselves. We are much better than other countries.



Anubhav Agarwal•5 hours ago

All the best to the team!!!



nkgopal•Mumbai•5 hours ago

I understand that there is a Indo - Russian cooperation in space programme.



Indian•5 hours ago

Russia is good friend of India unlike US



Ashwani Kumar•Unknown•5 hours ago

Good collaboration with Russia. This also shows that though India has achieved great success in Space science but India lags in many advanced technologies for which it is dependent on other countries.



Rahul Saha•Unknown•5 hours ago

Its really a proud moment for india and we already showed the world that we are now one of the frontrunners in this sector.



Hons•INDIA•5 hours ago

Hats off to Indian Leadership



Ramesh Sachdev•5 hours ago

India must help Bangladesh Sri Lanka Afghanistan also and take them to space before pak goes there.



Sunny Mavi•5 hours ago

Russia is our true n time tested friend. It''s proved again.



PSR•5 hours ago

Good. Russia is always the friend country for India compared to United states.,



r K•sydney•5 hours ago

Does reservation rule applies here


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