Huawei unveils its 'Harmony' operating system following the Chinese firm's dramatic Android snub earlier this year after spying allegations


Huawei has unveiled its own mobile operating system, HarmonyOS, which the Chinese company could use to power its smartphones instead of Google's Android.


Huawei currently uses Android to power its smartphones and other devices, but has admitted it was developing its own OS as a 'plan B'.


At the company's developer conference in southern China, Huawei said HarmonyOS would be first used in a new Honor smartphone - a sub-brand of Huawei - which the company will announce on Saturday.


Chief executive Richard Yu said the new operating system could be used in phones, computers, tablets and wearable devices such as smartwatches.


However, he said the Chinese firm's 'priority' is to still use Android in its devices, though it could easily switch to Harmony at any point if necessary.


Mr Yu also revealed that the new software would be open source, meaning it would be available for others to install as their device software.



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flashmacd, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

No doubt Harmony will be very similar to Android - completely coincidentally of course!

毫无疑问,“鸿蒙”会非常类似于安卓 -肯定是纯属巧合啦!


nbjs, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Trump can't stomach that Huawei is producing better phones than Iphones at a cheaper price. The whole security threat is rubbish as Huawei technologies has been in UK abd around the world for more than 15/20 (they started off as modems, routers)....so they could have been infiltrated everywhere sooner...but they are not.



mikelivingstone, Dorking, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

If Harmony is Linux based and fully Opensource I can't see any issues using it.



John Frendo, Fgura, Malta, 3 days ago

I'm sure it's better than Android.



whitewabbits, Swansea, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

I bet it looks remarkably like Android...



lustgarten, LiverpoolC, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Soon as it arrives I am buying it.



Reg Snipe, Republic of S Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Trumpet advertising for them has increased their sales in protest.



alsocurious, copenhagen, Denmark, 3 days ago

The US trying to suppress China becoming a developed nation. But - it will not work. At most postpone it.



Thomas, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Once you've visited China you'll understand just how advanced they are.



T4Fuel, Land O Lakes, United States, 3 days ago

Get a Huawei phone and you'll have no secrets on it.



ianfineartist, Own World, Hong Kong, 3 days ago

Huawei claims the new OS is 60% faster than android and the touch response is within 1~5 miliseconds. Let's see if its true



stelliano1, Atlanta, United States, 3 days ago

right... so they developed an OS entirely FROM SCRATCH in only a year?! Please... we know they stole the IP to complete such an impossible achievement....




LilleyBeau, Worksop, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Well then I definitely won't be buying a Huawei phone in the future. It's only saving grace as a handset (in my opinion) was that it operated on Android.



Oconom14, Oconom, United States, 3 days ago

Only idiots buy that garbage.



hundoblastr, Apoplectia, United States, 3 days ago

This will corner the market in India.



SafeBlues, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Trump just helped Huawei in many ways and there is nothing he can do about it now.



psychopath, one of your many reps in DC, United States, 2 days ago

Thank you Donald Trump! No sarcasm, I really mean it. It was my sincere wish for a third mobile OS which is NOT made by Silicon Valley company and gives another alternative to the Google - Apple stranglehold on devices and services.




psychopath, one of your many reps in DC, United States, 2 days ago

DO IT! Ditch Google. DO IT! I will sell my iPhone and buy your phone. All I've ever used are iPhones because I hate Google Android. Lol Huawei spies? They have nothing on Google, Facebook, N S A, Five eyes, G C H Q.




Here_we_go_again, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Just a wild guess, but by any chance would the "Harmony OS" be derived from Linux just like the Android OS is? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................



Enjoy my Bacon, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

More Chinese junk on the market, when will we learn.



censoredDMcommentor, Brit in bangkok, Thailand, 3 days ago

Its android 2.0



JimStar74, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Be weary of quality when a company produces a full OS in such a short period of time.



Tumbleweed, Le Steppe-on-Sea., United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Has Huawei committed a crime or anything been proven against them?


sedge, London, 3 days ago

Their 'crime' is to be cheaper and better than US owned telecoms and phone makers.


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