Man bets his WIFE after running out of money while gambling before allowing a friend and a relative to gang-rape her when he loses his stake in India


An Indian man bet his wife after running out of money while gambling before allowing a friend and a relative to gang-rape her when he lost his stake, it has been cmed.


The woman, whose name is not known, lived near to the Zafarabad police station in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India.


She cmed that her husband had been drinking at the time and that his friend Arun and relative Anil would come to their home often, reports NDTV.


Local reports said that after the gang-rape the woman went to her uncle's house. It is not known when the alleged crime took place.


However the husband followed her to the new address and admitted he had made a mistake by betting her.


The woman is said to have agreed to return home with her husband after hearing his apology.


She alleged that while on the drive home he stopped their car and let his friends gang-rape her once more.


At first officers would not file a report of the rape, but they did eventually register a First Information Report after she went to a local court.


When the woman approached the court it is said to have ordered officers to register a case of gang-rape.



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Bo_Jangles, Belfast, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

It's genuinely sad that the headlines that come out of India daily are the most consistently shocking you will read and yet every time I see one i'm not even shocked anymore. Violent sex crimes in India are almost treated with the same nonchnce of not paying your TV licence.



A Regular Person, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Some husband. He should be prosecuted as well



TruthGirl18, Warrington, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Poor woman, but why would you take him back after the first time he allowed it to happen? A husband doesn't love you if he gives permission for anyone to gang rape you.



B-truth, Dublin, Ireland, 7 days ago

Poor woman. Gambling destroys more lives than drugs



Tnoble1, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

The stories from india seem to be getting more and more violent seems to be getting out of control



Flynns, Zummerzet, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Doesn't surprise me any more



Say_It_How_It_Is, WINDSOR, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Just breaks my heart and saddens me how these men have such little respect for women. If they were given the appropriate sentences it may be some deterrent.



Antonia, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Think I would rather be dead, than a woman alive in India.



ToffeeCat, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

String them up they don't deserve to breath the same air as us.



Vintage rose, Manchester, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

And yet idiots holiday and pump money into this country



bentonshawn, durham, United States, 7 days ago

These stories are just getting more and more out of control.



Dwayne Johnson , London Irish , United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Why did the woman have to pay the price? Why not the man who made the bet


Mrs Brush, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Because she is his property just as his personal items are. Beneath contempt.


Dontyathink, Andover, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Because women aren't respected in India.



CastawayKate, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Only way to stop them is the chop!



shortandblunt28, Norfolk, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Just goes to show yet again, women are viewed as property, are not respected, were basically just something to take advantage off



Timelord, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Perhaps tourists ought to boycott India, it is obviously not safe there, perhaps the authorities might take some action.



Anntimney, Fife, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Can't believe I'm reading this !



Caz, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

They are raised from birth being told that they are superior to women. Boys have more power than their mothers or sisters and this is the result of these types of upbringings. Disgusting men who treat women worse than animals. It won't change overnight but it must change.



bonotime, marbella, Spain, 7 days ago

How much money does UK give to India every year..



Yogo, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago




JD, North Yorkshire., 7 days ago

Who would like to live in India?



Jhunt1998, barry, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

I hope the monsters get what they deserve



sjalbo, Cumbria, United Kingdom, 7 days ago




ijy, malta, Malta, 7 days ago

What are the go nment doing ? That's what I don't understand. This animals act as if it's not a woman gave birth to them



LAZ, BARNSLEY SOUTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

This country needs to get a grip on its laws in relation to such offences . Absolutely disgusting.



AliML, HCMC, Vietnam, 7 days ago

The ignorance and barbarity is astonishing. I hope this poor lady can heal and move on with her life.



Bengit, Blackpool, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Life is ch there...



BodieCI5, London, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

WTF have I just read?



Tina Malessan, Montréal, Canada, 7 days ago

What did I just read? Why are women still treated as property in the 21st century. Hope that all three perpetrators get the harshest possible sentence for their crimes.



Kitty_Kat_, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Horrendous. India is in the dark ages.



jsf, Leeds, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

Just knew it was going to be INdia from the headline



TruthfulTim, UK, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

We send this "civilised" country millions in aid each year and they put it towards a space program. Maybe we should reconsider our spending allocation if they aren't going to spend it on improving the basic society.



mdbs, Aylesbury. England, 7 days ago

And we let them move here



coastman, Mombasa, Kenya, 7 days ago




passiveobserver, london, United Kingdom, 7 days ago

: ........ : no words for this insanity.


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