Industrial production growth slips to 2% in June



NEW DELHI: Industrial production growth dropped to 2 per cent in June, mainly on account of poor show by mining and manufacturing sectors, according to official data released on Friday.


Factory output, as measured by the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), had expanded by 7 per cent in June 2018.


There was a slowdown in the manufacturing sector, which grew at 1.2 per cent in June as compared to 6.9 per cent a year ago.


The expansion in power generation sector stood at 8.2 per cent, compared to 8.5 per cent earlier.


Mining growth dropped to 1.6 per cent in June from 6.5 per cent in the corresponding month of the last fiscal.



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Arun•5 hours ago •Follow

This way countries economy will reach 5 trillion.I think Ruling people will give fake figures to people who no doubt r illiterate.,All and hbhakt will start celebrating though economy is going down the days r not far off competing Pakistan.,All illiterate r handling economy by selling huge companies and pocketing money won't help. Air India is on sale NTPC is on sale.,No international house have come to bid for. À little state of Haryana have accumulated debt of 80 thousand crores by present ruling dispensation.,All mighty save my country



Sarma V S•8 hours ago

Ha ha ha.,What happened to " Make in India" slogan?,Gas bag Modi.



Zabar Dust•jaipur•9 hours ago

Just wait till end August for GDP data - this is the start.



Jay•12 hours ago

Govt has plenty of money to spend billions in Kashmir but no money for several flood affected states of Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala, NE etc..



Galaxy•16 hours ago

another master stroke by modi goverment...



Sarma V S•16 hours ago

This isnt a surprise news.



Tarun•16 hours ago

Government is doing nothing to boost up Industrialisation. Only focusing on looting people from Jobless people in the name of taxes



Vijayendra Kumar•Washington DC•19 hours ago

The economy is the decisive issue of Modi’s success or failure. Political stunts such as the one in Kashmir will give a temporary boost. Modi has so far failed to provide the needed jobs or economic growth. He is very much like India’s Trump equivalent. A Hindu Nationalist vs. a White Nationalist. Both have the same DNA.



Swapnil•20 hours ago




Rajiv Khekar•Location•20 hours ago

Ache din coming out slowly slowly even though powerful ones trying hush up all actual figures by diverting people short sighted sentiments to unnecessary issues .



L R Nathan•20 hours ago

People who have voted for him will soon be laid off or sacked or given pinkslips.



Megainfrastructure•Unknown•21 hours ago

Build more cities and lift all markets!!



Voice•21 hours ago

This is false news by media. Actually the growth rate is above 10 % under our esteemed leaders who are actually God's.



Prakash R•Unknown•21 hours ago

India will slowly go into recession due to banking scams, curruption, taxes, unemployment eyc. Due to GST/taxes., tax paying people reduced their purchases. Real estate gone into tail spin. . Brace for slowdown in coming years.



Another View•Unknown•21 hours ago

J&K will make up the losses.



Aishvaraya Gupta1216  Aishvaraya-19 hours ago -Follow

economic recession is starting in India, bad days are coming from economic perspective



Babloo Sharma1355 Babloo Sharma-21 hours ago

I dont think people who go for voting really know what this means or care since as a nation we are selfish and care only if we are getting our salaries or not.


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