3-year-old raped, beheaded: Search on for child's head in Jharkhand



JAMSHEDPUR: Two days after they found the decapitated body of a three-year-old girl, the Go nment Railway Police (GRP) of Tatanagar is still looking for the severed head of the toddler who was kidnapped, raped and beheaded by two men last week. The cops, who have asked rag-pickers in the area to help them with their search, have also been unable to find the won that was used in executing the crime.


On the night of July 25, Rinku Sah (36) and Kailash Kumar (38) abducted the child while she was slee by the side of her mother at platform no. 1 at the Tatanagar railway station, police said, adding that the two raped the girl at Telco police station area, beheaded her and stuffed her body in a plastic bag and dumped it behind a wall in the early hours of July 26.


The victim’s mother had lodged a missing child report with the Tatanagar GRP on July 26 and police on Wednesday arrested two persons after examining CCTV footage of the station. The two accused reportedly confessed before the police during interrogation and told the cops where the headless corpse was, but they have not been able to expn where the girl’s head is.


Sources said Sah, whose mother is a police constable, has a long criminal record and was an accused in two separate cases of sexual assault and attempt to murder lodged ag inst him in 2008 and 2015. “He was in jail for two years for the 2015 case and has been out of prison on bail since last year,” Deputy SP of GRP (Tatanagar) N M Ansari said. Sah’s neighbours said his mother helped him get away lightly with previous crimes. Kailash's father is a CRPF jawan currently posted in Jammu and Kashmir.


The Tatanagar GRP is taking help of rag pickers and sanitation workers of the area to trace the missing head. Ansari added, “Our team searched for the missing head all through the day in and around the in dent site on Thursday. On Wednesday we had taken two dog squad teams to the crime scene to search for the missing head of the girl but couldn't find it,” Ansari said, adding that the girl's mother identified the body of the victim. “We will continue with our effort to trace the missing head,” he added.



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Raghupathy P•3 hours ago

Such criminals should be finished off urgently in encounters rather feeding them in jail



Hindustani•3 hours ago

why bail all the time???? Bail mdrch000dddd rndddd corrupt stupidddd indian law.,Abolish those bail sy emm.



Tompok•3 hours ago

Repeat offenders should be shot while trying to escape from police custody but then what one saw in the film gangajal and singham are enough to understand the mentality of Indians



M•3 hours ago

Moshk ji,this is kind of Respect to women in ur house,Its seems Remedy is to open Brothels so any one can go up there n check



Shanu Pande•New Delhi•3 hours ago

Gruesome and inhumane....better to be mob lynched rather than jailing the culprit again and releasing him to commit one more heinous crime.,Shame on us and our judiciary!


Deepak•3 hours ago

Once they caught they should not punished capital punishment instead they should very very severely by cutting their main thing, cut their fingers, one leg and left them in desert place where it can be eaten by eagles , rats and ants....Good option let it be eaten rats and ants so that what they have done should not be done by anybody...



Dattatray•3 hours ago

Just can't imagine what misery and pain the girl child must have suffered. Death sentence would be nothing for these animals. I urge the gt to hand over these kind of butchers to public. Let people decide their punishment. Just hanging them would be a easy death. Their death should be slow torture.



Dharmendra•4 hours ago

only death punishment for both



Alex• Syed Sajid•3 hours ago

Baby girls are not cows.



Strong Voice•4 hours ago

Lethargic judciary is responsible for such henious repeat offences. These animals are caught but get bail and roam around free for decades committing ever more crimes. Justice delayed is justice denied and breeding ground for serious repeat offenders



Shree K•4 hours ago

Shame on us that we r living in this kind of society where rapiest got bail



Vikram•4 hours ago

My heart bleeds for the little one... police. go nment, judiciary and society has failed yet another little angel... please boil these monsters alive... shame on India.



Yelnik•5 hours ago

hand them over to public.. I hv never hurt anyone in my life but I wish I could kill these monsters. poor 3 year old baby, my heart breaks thinking about you.



Citizenwelfareforum•Unknown•5 hours ago

I cannt tolerate this.



Citizenwelfareforum•Unknown•5 hours ago

oh my god



Citizenwelfareforum•Unknown•5 hours ago

what the legislatures are doing and what a hell judiciary sy em in India not able to deliver justice?

印度的司法机构在做什么? 怎么不伸张正义?

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