Facing heat, TikTok removes 60 lakh clips over rule violations



NEW DELHI: Chinese video app TikTok has removed over 60 lakh videos for violating content guidelines in India as it works to strengthen mechanisms to guard against the carriage of unlawful and obscene content on the platform, a top official has said.


The move comes at a time when the company is facing regulatory heat in India, and has been served with a notice by the go nment, seeking answers to two dozen questions that centre around unlawful usage by children to carriage of content which is obscene and allegedly anti-national. "At TikTok, we are committed to maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment for our users to showcase their creativity and talent. TikTok in no way endorses or promotes content that is in violation of our community guidelines," Sachin Sharma, Director (Sales and Partnerships) at TikTok India told TOI.


TikTok's parent Beijing Bytedance Technology Co. has said the app has over 20 crore users (downloads) in India, and is growing - both in terms of new user addition and also in terms of the content-traffic that they generate.


Sharma said that TikTok - which is available in 10 major Indian languages - is taking steps to ensure that unlawful content gets blocked before being released on the app. "As part of commitment towards providing a positive in-app environment, we have removed over 60 lakh videos since July 2018 for violating our 'community guidelines'."



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Hopeless•3 hours ago

Just let ppl live and do what they want! Just have age restrictions like netflix instead of banning and deleting



Prashant Bhushan Tyagi•New Delhi•3 hours ago

Finally, Tik Tok has started taking steps to curb the spread of videos that violets its term. it helps in assuaging the concern of parents.

最终,Tik Tok开始采取措施遏制违规视频的传播。此举能缓解印度家长的担忧。


Sachin M658 Sachin-6 hours ago

this app needs to be banned



Upnorth4016 Upnorth -USA-2 hours ago

Who uses Tik Tok in India? Lower middle class youth, men without jobs. They while hours wasting their youth watching this junk. Ban Tik Tok.

都是哪些印度人在用抖音 ?

中下层产阶级年轻人,没有工作的男人。他们把青春浪费在看这些垃圾视频上。封杀Tik Tok吧。


Neha229 Neha-4 hours ago

This app has become a new platform for many Indian youth to make explicit bold videos ( in another words vamp/seductive videos) like no other platform. In their thrust to get more likes or comments or popularity young guys are going to any extend.



Sanmesh P4019 Sanmesh p-vadodara-4 hours ago -Follow

Its a Chinese app TikTok.. Should be banned..



Sanjoy Pandey9771  Sanjoy Pandey-Kolkata-3 hours ago -Follow

Tik Tok should be banned all over India.

全印度应封杀Tik Tok


John Tulip242 John Tulip-Pune-3 hours ago -Follow

Indomesia , voietnam , USA , Australia even Balgladesh has banned this App. In India we have not . Ban it app immediately



Rajesh Pillai•Qatar•3 hours ago

Tik Tok should be banned completely.



Abhee N•3 hours ago

Modi destroying India, can''t even ban tik tok, Tom Pakistan will attack what will we do

莫迪将会毁了印度,都不敢封杀tik tok。要是巴基斯坦发起攻击,我们要怎么办?


Andrew•3 hours ago

This app is a dangerous addiction and a curse to society.



Bala subramanian•Unknown•3 hours ago

Such apps spread more bad than good things.



Jaswinder Kaur•Mumbai•4 hours ago

Tiktok gives employment to most of the jobless people of our country why ban it then ? Even Pappu might join it in the future.

Tik tok为我们国家的失业者提供了大量就业机会,为什么要封杀它呢?就连拉胡尔将来也可能加入这个平台。


Common Man•India•5 hours ago

People are using their Chinese phone to message it must be banned bcoz its chinese.



Common Man• Upnorth•India•5 hours ago

Many celebrities joined it, sehwag just joined


Chinmaya P• Common Man•Bengaluru•5 hours ago

He is jobless btw


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