Assam NRC: India can't be refugee capital of world, Centre tells SC



NEW DELHI: The Centre and the Assam government on Friday moved the Supreme Court seeking extension of the July 31 deadline for finalisation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC).


Moving the Supreme Court, solicitor general Tushar Mehta told a bench of CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justice R F Nariman that "Illegal migrants have no place in the country. India cannot be the refugee capital of the world."

副检察长塔沙尔·梅塔对最高法院首席大法官 Ranjan Gogoi和法官R F Nariman表示:“非法移民在这个国家没有立足之地。印度不能成为世界难民之都。”

The Union and state government also sought sample verification of the citizens included in the NRC, saying lakhs of people have been wrongly included in areas bordering Bangladesh due to involvement of local officers.


Assam, which had faced influx of people from Bangladesh since the early 20th century, is the only state having an NRC which was first prepared in 1951.



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pramod shetty•2 hours ago

Our 25 percent Indians stays in other country due to unemployment in India. Suppose other countries send back our people ,then what our central do?



Vijay Chib•2 hours ago

When hindus become refugees within India, like the KPs, anything is possible.



Vijay Chib•2 hours ago

Wrong inclusions in lakhs ? How? Such a tough process based on documents issued more than 50 years ago. There are complaints about Wrong Exclusions too.,The mess has to cleared. Indian citizens cannot be kicked out.



jai rawat• Vijay Chib•2 hours ago

The r no indian citizens, go nd learn the refugee crisis in India, do u hv any idea how may illegal immigrants r living in India till now. It''s to many in all parts of India.



Deepak•New Delhi•2 hours ago

similarly delhi cant be bimaru migrants state.



Woof•2 hours ago

Excellent move by the Central and Assam govts.,May I request the Ho'ble SC to take a heed of it and expel all refugees and as well strike off the CAB.



Vinod•3 hours ago

Refugees especially rohingyas are a big problem. They breed like rats and burden the economy and also may start attacking Budhists and others as their history in Burma reveals.



Vishal Kumar•3 hours ago

INDIA IS A CAPITAL OF REFUGEE.. tibat, nepali, bhutani, bangaldesi, rohingya, lankan, pakistani, afganistani,,,, see more than 25% popultaion are outsiders.



Ash D•3 hours ago

Assam is not a refugee state or else the first person to be kicked out should be Arnab Goswami since he is a Bengali and not Assamese


Krishna• Ash D•3 hours ago

You uneducated fool refugees is here termed for the people coming from other countries not state.



Kanhu Rath•Bangalore, India•3 hours ago

Put heavy cash penalty.. Don''t give any facilities to these migrants.



Mr•3 hours ago

Well said , higher the population density higher the difficulty to manage them



Woof•3 hours ago

All refugees, irrespective of religions: Hindus or Muslims must be out.



Jagdeep•3 hours ago

throw all refugees specially Rohingya Muslims out of the country who illegally entered the country and political parties using them as their votebank by proving citizenship of India with forged papers and Aadhaar cards.


Woof• Jagdeep Singh•3 hours ago

Why only the Rohingya? What about the others, e.g.,Bangladeshi and Hindu refugees?



Prince India•3 hours ago

In 1971 Indira Gandhi created and allowed Refugees.



Hiten Indie•Delhi•3 hours ago

While NRC concludes, Hon. SC should launch investigation to nab officials and politicians who helped the illegal immigrants. An example is to be set to curb future attempts.



Shaun Parker•Unknown•3 hours ago

India first. Baki sab later.



Ravindra•3 hours ago

Throw out all illegal immigrants infiltrating into India.


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