Gujarat: 959 students, same answers, same mistakes!



AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) offi als were in for a rude shock when they recently unearthed a mass copying in dent involving as many as 959 class I general stream students.


This by far is the single largest instance of mass copying in GSHSEB’s recent history. The in dent took place despite the strict measures that have been put in place to check mass copying. The results of these students have been withheld till 2020 and they have been failed in the subjects in which they have allegedly cheated.


Acting on several compnts, the board authorities closely scrutinized the answer papers of examination centres from where such instances were reported. These centres are mainly in Junagadh and Gir-Somnath districts.

委员会根据几项控诉采取行动,仔细审查了相关考点的答卷,这些考点主要集中在Junagadh和giro - somnath区。

The 959 students wre ditto answers for the same questions, in the same sequence and even committed the same mistakes, said sources in GSHSEB.


At one of these centres, as many as 200 students wre the essay “Dikri Ghar Ni Divdi (daughter is earthen lamp of the family)” in the exact same way from begng to end, said sources.

有消息称,在其中一个考点,多达200名学生写了同一篇文章《Dikri Ghar Ni Divdi(女儿是家中的瓦灯)》,从头到尾都一样。

The subjects in which the mass copying instance took place included Accounting, Economics, English Literature and Statistics.


“The board is planning to cancel examination centres at Amrapur (Gir-Somnath), Visanvel (Junagadh) and Prachi-Pipla (Gir-Somnath) for class I general stream,” said an offi al of GSHSEB.

GSHSEB的一名官员称:“委员会计划取消12年级的阿姆拉布尔 (girg - somnath)、维桑维尔(Junagadh)和prachii - pipla (girg - somnath)的考试中心。”

The board decided to withhold the results of the 959 candidates after they were summoned by the exams reforms committee to verify the cms of mass copying.


Some of the students told the committee that they were dictated answers by the teachers at the exam centres.



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Himmat Patil

Whole of India should adapt the Gujarat model so that the country produces intellectuals by mass copying.



Umesh Chinnappa

As PM wants one nation one tax..one nation one law..so as same way students of next generation from Gujarat wants one question same answer..funny worl...




Lol. Gujarat Model. This is how Chowkidar passed his MA exam. Maybe he also won ion like this only....by feeding same answer to EVM machines.



Sidvtec•19 hours ago

Funny and shameful, this state does not have discipline.



Anis Shaikh•19 hours ago

Gujarat, worst go nment worst education & the worst state to leave in.



Shivkumar Mohite•RAJKOT•20 hours ago

And we thought that such things happened only in Bihar, UP and MP.



Kailash•21 hours ago

May be they have same teacher.



Kailash•21 hours ago

What a coin dence!



Madan Mohan Siddhanthi•Mumbai•22 hours ago

Shame to the whole nation



AC Mathew•Dubai•22 hours ago

Jai Ho! Gujarat Model!




Jason•22 hours ago

that's the reason this country are producing educated nuts



abdul sami Abdullatif•India•22 hours ago

No one will understand but actually jawahar lal nehru is responsible for this



Ganesan GV•22 hours ago

The headline should be that private schools and candidates in connivance of unscrupulous teachers cheats tge sy em.



Mushtaq•23 hours ago

The matter should be investigated since how many years this is happening and how many fake degrees have been awarded by these institutions.



Pappu Pass or Fail•Unknown•23 hours ago

is Guj becoming another infamous Bihar-UP in cheating..!! hehehe



Sunil K Mehrotra•LUCKNOW•23 hours ago

Matter of shame. It is good that result of such students has been with held. Th stern action must also be taken ag inst the staff involved in the matter .



Rajesh Singhal•23 hours ago

900 students cannot write the same answer, in the same sequence making the same mistake. This is impossible. Probably, the invigilator, too is involved in this form of mass copying.. It is quite possible that the answers were not written at all. The invigilator had helped them out through a photo copying machine making 900 copies and the students were to only write their names and roll number and submit.



Vivek•23 hours ago

And this Modi wants to make all of India like Gujarat


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